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Name: Carrie May Bailey

Birth: 30 Dec 1878 New York

Death: Jun 1970 Delevan, Cattaraugus, New York, United States of America

Father: George Levi Bailey

Mother: Harriet Hattie F Turner

Name: Carrie May Bailey

Birth: 30 Dec 1878 New York

Death: Jun 1970 Delevan, Cattaraugus, New York, United States of America

Father: George Levi Bailey

Mother: Harriet Hattie F Turner

Name: Carrie Henrietta Bailey

Birth: 28 Jun 1887 Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Death: 20 June 1974 Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Father: William Henry Bailey

Mother: Margaret Rachel (Emma) West

Name: Carrie Bailey

Birth: 21 April 1893 Alabama

Death: 13 August 1962 Chambers County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Dan Bailey

Mother: Harriet Burton

Name: Carrie Bailey

Birth: 1894 MA

Death: 1966 Pinellas, Florida, United States

Father: Marshall A. Bailey

Mother: Carrie E Frost

Name: Carrie Mary Bailey

Birth: 04/12/1916 Wallington Sh, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Herefordshire

Death: 09/27/1987 Shropshire, England

Father: William Edward "Ted" Bailey

Mother: Sarah "Biddy" Caulfield

Name: Carrie Eva Bailey

Birth: 7 Aug 1887 Washington, Upshur, West Virginia, USA

Death: 08 Sep 1963 Leonard Memorial Hospital,Buckhannon,Upshur County,West Virginia

Father: John Wesley Bailey

Mother: Sarah Ann Brooks

Name: Carrie B Bailey

Birth: 21 Mar 1874 Somerset County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 19 07 1938 Central City, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John W Bailey

Mother: Charlotte Manges

Name: Carrie Francis (Ma) Bailey

Birth: 5 Apr 1891 Fayette, West Virginia, United States

Death: 1 Jul 1972 Rocky Ford, Otero, Colorado, USA

Father: Charles Lewis Bailey

Mother: Mary Harriett (Hattie) McCoy

Name: Carrie Bailey

Birth: 3 Jun 1875 Broome County, New York, USA

Death: 31 Dec 1950 Binghamton, Broome, New York, USA

Father: Frederick Eugene Bailey

Mother: Estella L Mallory

Name: Carrie A. Bailey



Father: Francis Silas "Frank" Bailey

Mother: Anna Marie Field

Name: Carrie Nettie Bailey

Birth: 13 APR 1874 Rock, Mercer, West Virginia, USA

Death: 18 APR 1941 Athens, Mercer, West Virginia, USA

Father: Cornelius White Bailey

Mother: Susan Ann Neal

Name: Carrie L Bailey

Birth: 28 Jun 1870 California Branch Michigan

Death: 11 Jan 1915 Sterling Illinois

Father: Herman J Thacher

Mother: Mary Jane VanEtten

Name: Carrie Eva Bailey

Birth: 1 Nov 1880 Lawrence, Ohio, United States

Death: 15 Nov 1936 Flint, Genesee County, Michigan

Father: Charles "Chas" H Bailey

Mother: Penina Ellen Wray

Name: Carrie Emmer Bailey

Birth: 15 Jan 1874 Alabama

Death: 10 Apr 1955 Elmore Co., AL, USA

Father: John W BAILEY

Mother: Elizabeth Lake

Name: Carrie S. Bailey

Birth: 13 Nov 1874 Michigan, USA

Death: 24 Jan 1959 Ferris, Montcalm, Michgan, USA

Father: Samuel J Bailey

Mother: Esther Tissue

Name: Carrie Mae Bailey

Birth: 23 Feb 1912 Texas

Death: 17 Nov 2004 Munday, Knox, Texas, USA

Father: Bloom L Baily

Mother: Carrie C. Goff

Name: Carrie Delia Bailey

Birth: 20 May 1860 Washington, Knox, Maine, USA

Death: 11 Feb 1940 Riverside, California

Father: Abner Bailey

Mother: Priscilla Speed

Name: Carrie Elizabeth Bailey

Birth: 2 Sep 1900 Luray, Page County, Virginia, USA

Death: 5 Jun 1940 Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Virginia, USA

Father: William Robert Edwards

Mother: Mary Russell Knott

Name: Carrie Mary Bailey

Birth: 18 Feb 1913 Blossom, Lamar, Texas, USA

Death: 8 OCT 1989 Altus, Jackson, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Daniel William Bailey

Mother: Vera Margaret Dickey

Name: Carrie Rachel Bailey

Birth: 22 Sep 1919 Edgefield, South Carolina, USA

Death: 10 Jan 2015 Edgefield, South Carolina, USA

Father: McKie P. Bailey

Mother: Velma J. W. Dorn

Name: Carrie Ann Bailey

Birth: 14 NOV 1854 Morgan Co, Kentucky

Death: 4 Apr 1931 Burton Fork, Magoffin, Kentucky, United States

Father: Elisha Bailey

Mother: Lucinda stacy

Name: Carrie May Bailey

Birth: 18 Aug 1867 Evansville, Rock, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 9 Apr 1933 Davenport, Scott, Iowa, USA

Father: Marshall Andrew Bailey

Mother: Hattie Harriet Elizabeth Earle

Name: Carrie Ellen Bailey

Birth: 16 Feb 1876 Fetterman, Taylor Co., West Virginia, USA

Death: 29 Dec 1957 Grafton, Taylor, West Virginia, United States

Father: John W. Bailey

Mother: Cyrene (Serena) Luvena Ford

Name: Carrie Louise Bailey

Birth: 28 Aug 1868 Pekin, Tazewell County, IL

Death: JUNE 12 1896 Delavan, Tazewell County, IL

Father: David Gilman Bailey

Mother: Frances Elizabeth Crabb

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