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NAME: Catherine Kate Fagan

BIRTH: 7 May 1868 Chicago Cook County, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 17 April 1902 Reading, Lyon County, Kansas, USA

FATHER: John Fagan

MOTHER: Margaret Smith

NAME: Catherine Xavier Fagan

BIRTH: 04 Dec 1888 Newport, RI

DEATH: 3 OCT 1947 Newport Rhode Island

FATHER: Patrick J Fagan

MOTHER: Catherine A Dempsey

NAME: Catherine Kate Fagan

BIRTH: 05 May 1872 Deerfield Township, Highwood City, Lake, Illinois

DEATH: 22 JUN 1945 Highwood, Lake Illinois

FATHER: James Christopher Fagan

MOTHER: Mary Cawley

NAME: Catherine J Kate Fagan

BIRTH: 26 Sep 1859 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

DEATH: 11 February 1945 Weatherly, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

FATHER: Patrick Fagan

MOTHER: Rose Simons

NAME: Catherine (Kitty) Fagan

BIRTH: Oct 1831 Castlepollard, 5322, Ireland

DEATH: 1901 Argentine, Lyon County, Kansas

FATHER: James Fagans

MOTHER: Ann murry

NAME: Catherine (Kit) Nora Fagan

BIRTH: 29 May 1918 Rakaia, Canterbury, New Zealand

DEATH: 29 Jan 2010 St Winifred's Rest Home, Ilam, Christchurch, New Zealand

FATHER: Robert Henry Fagan

MOTHER: Ellen Margaret Carney

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 10 May 1868 New South Wales

DEATH: 31 Oct 1932 Auburn, New South Wales

FATHER: Matthew Fagan

MOTHER: Mary Ann Robinson Fagan

NAME: Catherine Mary Fagan

BIRTH: 22 Jun 1891 New York, New York

DEATH: 2 Jan 1983 Doylestown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Edward Fagan

MOTHER: Catherine Mary Bonner

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 05 January 1858 3 Clarkston Row, New Monkland, Scotland

DEATH: 10 January 1914 180 Craigneuk St. Wishaw, Scotland

FATHER: Hugh Fagan

MOTHER: Mary Hanratty

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 1857 Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland

DEATH: 2 Oct 1946 Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland

FATHER: Edward Fagan

MOTHER: Alice Murphy

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: abt Jan 1860 Kentucky

DEATH: 16 Feb 1889 Norwood, Massachusetts

FATHER: Michael Fagan

MOTHER: Margaret Gaynor

NAME: Catherine Helen Fagan

BIRTH: 9 Oct 1868 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

DEATH: 24 Nov 1905 581 E 63rd St, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

FATHER: Eugene (Owen) Fagan

MOTHER: Annie E. McGaughran

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: abt 1866 Coole Co Westmeath

DEATH: 17 November 1921 The Quay Westport Co Mayo

FATHER: Thomas Fagan

MOTHER: Mary Murray

NAME: Catherine "Kate" Fagan

BIRTH: 6 Oct 1856 South Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 3 Apr 1926 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

FATHER: Daniel Fagan

MOTHER: Mary Ann

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 20 MAR 1826 New Brunswick, Canada

DEATH: 12 Mar 1902 Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: Patrick Fagan

MOTHER: Olive Jonah

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 14 Jul 1860 County Meath, Ireland

DEATH: 26 Feb 1909 Tyrone, Blair, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Thomas Dosler

MOTHER: Ann Henry

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 31 Dec 1880 Whitehaven, Cumberland, England

DEATH: 01 Oct 1956 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

FATHER: John Fagan

MOTHER: Sophia Hodges

NAME: Catherine M. Fagan

BIRTH: abt Apr 1870 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

DEATH: 14 Aug 1919 Bellevue Hosp., Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

FATHER: John Fagan

MOTHER: Johanna Cahill

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 4 Sep 1866 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

DEATH: 4 Oct 1902 89 W 103 St, Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

FATHER: Laurence Fagan

MOTHER: Catharine Gallagher

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 27 August 1870 Glasson, County Westmeath, Ireland

DEATH: 18 March 1951 Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland

FATHER: James Fagan

MOTHER: Judith Igo

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 8 September 1842 Perry, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 28 September 1919 Ohio, United States of America

FATHER: Patrick Fagan

MOTHER: Mary Mitchell

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: 12 May 1884 Manchester, Lancashire, England

DEATH: 30 APR 1960 Manchester, Lancashire, England

FATHER: John Fagan

MOTHER: Maria Murphy

NAME: Catherine Winifred Fagan

BIRTH: 1885 Stockton, Durham, England

DEATH: 13 Jan 1960 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

FATHER: Charles Fagan

MOTHER: Agnes Doleman

NAME: Catherine(Katie) Fagan

BIRTH: 10 Feb 1899 Workington, Cumberland, England

DEATH: Sep 1966 Wigton, Cumberland, England

FATHER: James Fagan

MOTHER: Sarah Anne Murphy

NAME: Catherine Fagan

BIRTH: abt 1825 Ireland

DEATH: 25 Aug 1892 Brooklyn New York

FATHER: Petri Fagan

MOTHER: Private