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Name: Charles Lewis PETTIGREW

Birth: 06 August 1799 South Carolina


Father: James Montgomery Pettigrew

Mother: Anna Craig

Name: Charles Wesley Pettigrew

Birth: 4 May 1832 Brown County, Illinois, United States of America

Death: 14 January 1913 Spearfish, Lawrence County, South Dakota, United States of America

Father: Moses Waddell Pettigrew

Mother: Rebecca Jane Evans

Name: Charles Henry Pettigrew

Birth: 25 OCT 1867 West Brook, Cumberland, NS

Death: 21 MAY 1952 Springhill, Nova Scotia

Father: Jeremiah Pettigrew

Mother: Mary Molly Spence

Name: Charles E. Pettigrew

Birth: 6 Aug 1860 Farmington, Strafford Co., New Hampshire

Death: 1943 Brockton, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts

Father: Charles H. Pettigrew

Mother: Susan Ellen Card

Name: Charles Wilson Pettigrew

Birth: 12 Apr 1891 Tennessee, USA

Death: 14 Jul 1974 Wellington, Sumner, Kansas, USA

Father: Charles Wilson Pettigrew

Mother: Sarah C Rich

Name: Charles S Pettigrew

Birth: Aug 1833 Machiasport, Washington, Maine, United States

Death: 9 November 1905 Machiasport, Washington, Maine, USA

Father: Moses Pettigrew

Mother: Mary Libby

Name: Charles Bingley PETTIGREW

Birth: 22 OCT 1823 Moniteau, MO

Death: 14 Apr 1890 probably Arkansas, USA

Father: Matthew L. Pettigrew

Mother: Cynthia Vivion

Name: Charles Ivan Pettigrew

Birth: 28 Dec 1922 Union, Whitley, Indiana

Death: 9 Dec 2008 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana

Father: Charles Alverl Pettigrew

Mother: Alta Jane Kissell

Name: Charles Robert Pettigrew

Birth: 31 Jan 1917 Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Death: 30 May 1969 Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

Father: Charles Oscar Pettigrew

Mother: Goldie Lurena DeShazer

Name: Charles Ray Pettigrew

Birth: 19 May 1922 Lynn, Texas, USA

Death: 14 Mar 1978 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorada, USA

Father: Silas Neal Pettigrew

Mother: Ellie Lee Swaim

Name: charles Pettigrew

Birth: 4th February, 1844 New Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Death: after 1910 Evanston, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: John Pettigrew

Mother: Agnes HISLOP

Name: Charles Alpheus Pettigrew

Birth: 20 Aug 1892 Petrolia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 7 Jul 1949 Salem, Columbiana, Ohio, USA

Father: George Brinton Pettigrew

Mother: Rebecca Ann Parker

Name: Charles Allen Cunningham Pettigrew

Birth: 26 Jan 1897 47 Addaide Ave,Hampstad, London, England

Death: 13 08 1962 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Father: Gavin Pettigrew

Mother: Jane Landers Cunningham

Name: Charles A Pettigrew

Birth: 26 Sep 1867 West Virginia

Death: 28 Apr 1955 Monroe, West Virginia, United States

Father: Andrew Jackson Pettigrew

Mother: Sarah Jane Stephenson

Name: Charles William Pettigrew

Birth: 10 Apr 1892 Parkersburg, Wood, West Virginia, USA

Death: 13 Oct 1963 Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina, USA

Father: Thos. P. Pettigrew

Mother: Mary Tomazine "Mamie" Bailey

Name: Charles Eldon Pettigrew

Birth: 3 Dec 1889 Texas, United States

Death: 1 November 1978 Tecumseh, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, USA

Father: John Thomas Pettigrew

Mother: Mary E Molly Smith

Name: Charles Edgar Pettigrew

Birth: 7 Feb 1891 Haldimand, Ontario, Canada

Death: 2 Nov 1929 Wentworth

Father: John M Pettigrew

Mother: Bridget Annie Stephenson

Name: Charles Septimus Pettigrew

Birth: abt 1861 Chirton (Churton), Northumberland, England

Death: Jul 1894 Northumberland, United Kingdom

Father: John Pettigrew

Mother: Ann Pettigrew

Name: Charles Wilson Pettigrew

Birth: 3 September 1858 Tennessee

Death: 19 August 1898 Morristown, Hamblen County, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: William A Pettigrew

Mother: Elizabeth Frances Smith

Name: Charles Francis Pettigrew

Birth: 16 Apr 1859 New Hampshire, USA

Death: 5 Dec 1900 Manchester, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire

Father: James William Pettigrew

Mother: Sarah A Knight

Name: Charles Sumner Pettigrew

Birth: 10 Oct 1905 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Death: 5 Jan 1984 Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Daniel Pettigrew

Mother: Sarah Sherman Farnham

Name: Charles Oscar Pettigrew

Birth: 9 Jul 1893 Maryville, Nodaway, Missouri, USA

Death: 30 Sep 1988 Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: Robert James Pettigrew

Mother: Mary Ella Harper

Name: Charles Lockhart PETTIGREW

Birth: 21 Feb 1816 New Bern, Craven, North Carolina, USA

Death: 20 Nov 1873 Tyrell, North Carolina, USA

Father: Ebenezer Pettigrew

Mother: Ann Blount Shepard Pettigrew

Name: Charles Lemuel Pettigrew

Birth: 1832 Orange County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1890 Rockingham, North Carolina, United States

Father: Charles Pettigrew

Mother: Elizabeth Cash

Name: Charles Pettigrew

Birth: 3 Apr 1833 Tyrone, Ireland, United Kingdom

Death: 15 Apr 1895 Bolchow, Andrew, Missouri,USA

Father: William Pettigrew

Mother: Margaret Aiken

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