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NAME: Charles Neal

BIRTH: 18 May 1781 Bedford, Bedford, Virginia, United States

DEATH: 10 January 1876 Walnut, Gallia, Ohio, United States


MOTHER: Winifred Wood

NAME: Charles Lee Neal

BIRTH: 22 Nov 1899 Vernon, Lamar, Alabama, United States

DEATH: 12 Dec 1974 Mobile, Alabama, USA

FATHER: Joseph Van-Buren Neal

MOTHER: Amanda Maradis Killian

NAME: Charles King Neal

BIRTH: 7 Feb 1896 Byrdstown, Pickett, Tennessee, United States

DEATH: 09 Aug 1949 Straughn, Henry, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Solomon Sherman NEAL

MOTHER: Alice Caroline Marcum

NAME: Charles Scott Neal

BIRTH: 14 May 1862 Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 2 Sep 1932 North Mahoning, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Cortes Leroy Neal

MOTHER: Rachel Barbara Crissman


BIRTH: 1 Oct 1825 Perry, Gallia, Ohio

DEATH: 7 JAN 1908 Maryville, Nodaway Co, Missouri


MOTHER: Sally Maddy

NAME: Charles English Neal

BIRTH: 30 Nov 1894 Hoxie, Sheridan, Kansas

DEATH: 31 Dec 1979 Hoxie, Sheridan County, Kansas

FATHER: William A Neal

MOTHER: Elizabeth Catherine KIGGINS

NAME: Charles Frederick "Freddie" Neal

BIRTH: 03 Jul 1898 Balwyn. Victoria. Australia

DEATH: 08 Dec 1930 Ivanhoe, Victoria. Australia

FATHER: Walter Neal

MOTHER: Isabella Sarah Nichols

NAME: Charles Fremont Stephen Neal

BIRTH: 24 Aug 1858 Lebanon, Boone Co., IN

DEATH: 1920 Lebanon, Boone Co., IN

FATHER: Mary Henry

MOTHER: Mary Stevens

NAME: Charles Neal

BIRTH: 1825 Warren, Tennessee, (or 1835

DEATH: 1867 Madison, Arkansas, United States

FATHER: Samuel Burton NEAL

MOTHER: Elizabeth (Betsy) ... Webb

NAME: Charles Edwin Neal

BIRTH: 11 Oct 1875 Roundhead, Hardin, Ohio

DEATH: 25 Aug 1953 Hardin, Ohio, United States

FATHER: Charles Christopher Neal

MOTHER: Elizabeth Bowdle

NAME: Charles John Pearson Neal

BIRTH: 12 September 1904 Waterloo, England

DEATH: 31 October 1982 Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

FATHER: John Pearson Neal

MOTHER: Mabel Amelia Bowles

NAME: Charles Neal

BIRTH: 24 AUG 1818 Brimley, Devon, England

DEATH: 12 Sep 1898 Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: charles Neale

MOTHER: Sarah Baughan

NAME: Charles J Neal

BIRTH: 6 Apr 1843 Erie, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 24 May 1894 North Chicago, Lake, Illinois, United States

FATHER: Henry Neal

MOTHER: Elizabeth Jerome

NAME: Charles Neal

BIRTH: 25 Dec 1871 Martinsville, Morgan, Indiana, United States of America

DEATH: 22 Aug 1949 Martinsville, Morgan, Indiana, United States of America

FATHER: James M. Neal

MOTHER: Minerva Jane "Minnie" Long

NAME: Charles Albert Neal

BIRTH: 27 Mar 1823 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

DEATH: 25 Feb 1883 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

FATHER: James Edwin Neal

MOTHER: Nancy (Ann) Dockendorff

NAME: Charles Thomas Wickliff Neal

BIRTH: 01 Apr 1851 Fredericksburg, Ohio

DEATH: 17 Apr 1922 District Of Columbia

FATHER: Thomas Wickliffe G. (Rev.) Neal

MOTHER: Elizabeth Beers

NAME: Charles Southgate Neal

BIRTH: 16 Apr 1861 Oakland County, Michigan

DEATH: 12 Oct 1943 Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan

FATHER: Robert James Neal

MOTHER: Caroline Southgate

NAME: Charles Thomas Neal

BIRTH: 03 Apr 1931 Bellflower, Los Angeles, California, USA

DEATH: Jul 2016 Nuevo, Riverside, California, USA


MOTHER: Myrtle Lytle "Lila" Harris

NAME: Charles William Neal

BIRTH: 5 Nov 1903 Texas,USA

DEATH: 27 Feb 1957 Siloam Springs, Benton, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Charles Andrew Neal

MOTHER: Mary Ellen "nellie" Milton Neal

NAME: Charles Everett Neal

BIRTH: 14 Sep 1885 Brown, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 18 Jun 1961 Martinsville, Morgan, Indiana, United States

FATHER: Isaac Jacob Neal

MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth McDaniel

NAME: Charles Albert Neal

BIRTH: 6 August 1873 Carroll County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 12 July 1949 Baptist Hospital, Jackson, MS

FATHER: Andrew Donelson Neal

MOTHER: +Sarah Frances ‘Fannie’ Hovis

NAME: Charles Daniel Neal

BIRTH: 2 Aug 1856 Kilburn, Middlesex Registered Kensington

DEATH: 30 May 1938 Greenwich, London, England

FATHER: Thomas Neal

MOTHER: Jemima Charlotte Minskip Jones

NAME: Charles Edward "Alec" Neal

BIRTH: 11 Jul 1919 Washington, Morgan, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 05 Feb 2012 Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Dempsey William Neal

MOTHER: Myrtle Mae Buckner

NAME: Charles Ross Neal

BIRTH: 2 Aug 1893 Kansas, USA

DEATH: May 1968 Globe, Gila, Arizona, USA

FATHER: George W Neal

MOTHER: Clendora S Gibson

NAME: Charles Ed Neal

BIRTH: Oct 29, 1910 Wayne County, KY

DEATH: 12 Jul 1996 Muncie, In

FATHER: William Francis Neal

MOTHER: Rosa Lea Griffey/Griffie/Griffit