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NAME: Charles William Plummer

BIRTH: 11 Oct 1895 Indianapolis city, Marion, Indiana

DEATH: 1 Mar 1960 Nineveh Hamblen, Brown County, Indiana, United States

FATHER: William Frederick Plummer

MOTHER: Minnie Ravenne Lepper

NAME: Charles Plummer

BIRTH: 27 Jun 1901 Columbia, Tuolumne County, California

DEATH: 31 Jan 1979 Oakdale, Stanislaus County, California

FATHER: Edward Plummer

MOTHER: Mattie Jackson

NAME: Charles Leigh Plummer

BIRTH: 24 Nov. 1887 Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska, USA

DEATH: 16 May 1979 Huntington Beach, Orange, California, United States of America

FATHER: Thomas Gilbert Plummer

MOTHER: Sarah Alice Beezley

NAME: Charles E Plummer

BIRTH: 6 Mar 1889 Winfield, Lake County, Indiana

DEATH: 31 May 1954 Chicago, Illinois

FATHER: William Carson Plummer

MOTHER: Louise Geistfield

NAME: Charles Howard Plummer

BIRTH: 6 May 1882 Gilead, Calhoun, Illinois, United States

DEATH: 28 MAR 1961 Illinois

FATHER: William Henry Plummer


NAME: Charles Plummer

BIRTH: 19 Dec 1852 Newick, Sussex, England

DEATH: 7 October 1924 Chailey, Sussex, England

FATHER: Thomas Plummer

MOTHER: Martha Grover

NAME: Charles E Plummer

BIRTH: 14 April 1904 Whitehouse, Johnson, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 5 Dec 1978 Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia, USA

FATHER: Charles S Plummer

MOTHER: Lydia Mae Pack

NAME: Charles Plummer

BIRTH: 20 Nov 1896 Leigh, Kent, England

DEATH: Sep 1969 Thanet, Kent, England

FATHER: James Plummer

MOTHER: Ann Sherlock

NAME: Charles Theodore Plummer

BIRTH: 16 Oct 1927 Cumberland, Allegany, Maryland

DEATH: 18 February 1998 Cumberland, Allegany, Maryland, USA

FATHER: Charles Harrison Plummer II

MOTHER: Nola Mae Shelley

NAME: Charles Edwin Plummer

BIRTH: 09 Feb 1881 Wayne, Adams, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 19 Mar 1966 Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio, USA

FATHER: James Henry Plummer

MOTHER: Sarah J Crissman

NAME: Charles Edward Plummer

BIRTH: 22 Feb 1839 Michigan

DEATH: 14 Oct 1920 Of, Maine Prairie, CA

FATHER: Daniel A. Plummer

MOTHER: Jane Ely Giddings or Mary Jane Geddrom

NAME: Charles William Sheppard Plummer

BIRTH: April 1896 Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England

DEATH: 27 Aug 1981 Sleaford Lincs

FATHER: Walter William Plummer

MOTHER: Sarah Jane Harlock

NAME: Charles Aretas Plummer

BIRTH: 20 Apr 1883 Michigan

DEATH: Apr 1967 Olivet, Eaton, Michigan, United States of America


MOTHER: Mary Eliza Smith


BIRTH: 03 FEB 1836 Durham, Androscoggin, Maine

DEATH: 14 October 1910 Lisbon Falls, Androscoggin, Maine

FATHER: Henry Plummer

MOTHER: Martha Lancaster

NAME: Charles Green Plummer

BIRTH: 13 Jan 1856 Dales Creek, near Blackwood, Victoria, Australia

DEATH: 23 Jun 1947 Lincolnshire, England

FATHER: Charles Green Plummer

MOTHER: Maria Leggett

NAME: Charles Cazenove Plummer

BIRTH: 27 Apr 1899 West River, Anne Arundel, MD

DEATH: 13 Mar 1967 Arlington, Arlington, VA

FATHER: James Fitts Plummer

MOTHER: Fanny Ansley Minor

NAME: Charles Milton Plummer

BIRTH: 30 Mar 1865 Meigs, Adams, Ohio, USA

DEATH: 02 Apr 1909 Bellefontaine, Logan, Onio, USA

FATHER: Conrad Plummer

MOTHER: Margaret Catherine FOSTER

NAME: Charles William Plummer

BIRTH: 13 Mar 1858 Washington County, Maryland, USA

DEATH: 7 March 1927 Bridgeport (Washington County), Washington County, Maryland, USA

FATHER: John Plummer

MOTHER: Anna Nancy Hose

NAME: Charles F. Plummer

BIRTH: 10 Aug 1894 Cleveland Township, Quebec, Canada

DEATH: 28 Jul 1974 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

FATHER: Fredrick George Plummer

MOTHER: Victoria Ener


BIRTH: 8/30/1927 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 10/13/2005 Chevy Chase, Montgomery, Maryland, USA



NAME: Charles Myron Plummer

BIRTH: 6 Nov 1878 Virginia, Cass, Illinois, United States

DEATH: 9 Dez 1981 Rock Island, Rock Island, Illinois, United States

FATHER: Elijah Smith Plummer

MOTHER: Susannah Waterhouse Beach

NAME: Charles Francis Plummer

BIRTH: 23 May 1880 Summerhill, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 17 March 1962 Summerhill Borough, Cambria, Pennsylvania

FATHER: James D. Plummer

MOTHER: Eunice Unity Haney

NAME: Charles Plummer

BIRTH: 12 Apr 1878 East Feliciana, Louisiana, United States

DEATH: 15 Sep 1964 East Feliciana, Louisiana, United States

FATHER: Jerome Plummer

MOTHER: Pamelia or Amelia or Armelia Williams

NAME: Charles Bernard PLUMMER

BIRTH: 10 January 1869 Kaipara, New Zealand

DEATH: 8 January 1944 New Zealand

FATHER: Charles Plummer


NAME: Charles Thomas Plummer

BIRTH: 26 Apr 1910 Metamora, Franklin County, Indiana, United States of America

DEATH: 19 Jun 1975 Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana, United States of America

FATHER: James Plummer

MOTHER: Private