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NAME: Charles Augustus Armstrong

BIRTH: 24 Sept 1844 Richmond, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 03 Feb 1923 Richmond, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Robert P. Armstrong

MOTHER: Mary W. Bethell

NAME: Charles William Armstrong

BIRTH: 27 MAY 1850 In Ship, Straits Of Malacca

DEATH: 12 Nov 1919 Prahran, Victoria, Australia

FATHER: Col. Edward Armstrong

MOTHER: Isabella Catherine Delavand Pierce

NAME: Charles Mitchell "Charlie" ARMSTRONG

BIRTH: 8 November 1886 Manor, Travis County, Texas, USA

DEATH: 13 Sep 1941 Kleberg, Texas

FATHER: John Barkley Armstrong

MOTHER: Mary Helena "Mollie" Durst

NAME: Charles Walton Armstrong

BIRTH: 12 Jun 1885 Louisa County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 26 MAY 1934 Richmond, Va

FATHER: Luther Rice Armstrong

MOTHER: Martina Hamilton Lacy

NAME: Charles H Armstrong

BIRTH: 21 Feb 1863 Indiana, United States

DEATH: 29 Jul 1943 Union City, Jasper, Indiana, United States


MOTHER: Julia A. Hunt

NAME: Charles Foster Armstrong

BIRTH: 21 Oct 1865 Harmar, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 4 Feb 1934 Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, United States

FATHER: James Armstrong

MOTHER: Mary Ellen/ Eleanora Smith Alexander White


BIRTH: 11 Jan 1815 Old Lyme, New London County, Connecticut, United States of America

DEATH: 16 Jul 1891 Woodstock, McHenry County, Illinois, United States of America


MOTHER: Hannah Maria Minor

NAME: Charles Leo Armstrong

BIRTH: 14 Jun 1897 Great Bend, Barton, Kansas, United States

DEATH: 30 Dec 1988 Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada

FATHER: James Lee Armstrong

MOTHER: Effie Lucas Armstrong

NAME: Charles "Charlie"Listus Armstrong

BIRTH: 3 Apr 1884 Nemaha, Nebraska

DEATH: 11 Nov 1962 Torrington, Goshen, Wyoming, USA

FATHER: James Hazelett Armstrong

MOTHER: Martha Emma Vice

NAME: Charles William Armstrong

BIRTH: 12 Jun 1916 Madison, Indiana

DEATH: Feb 05 1944 Sicily, Peastum, & Rome, Italy

FATHER: William Armstrong

MOTHER: Callie Williams

NAME: Charles Alfred Armstrong

BIRTH: 5 Oct 1924 Ingham County, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 4 Jan 2002 Gaines, Genesee, Michigan, United States of America

FATHER: Alfred George Robert Fryer Armstrong

MOTHER: Celia May Slater

NAME: Charles Edward 'Charlie' Armstrong

BIRTH: 23 Sep 1905 Stephenville, Stephen County, Texas

DEATH: 08 Apr 1962 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas

FATHER: Thomas Odie Armstrong

MOTHER: Mittie Melissa "Janie" Miller

NAME: Charles Walter Armstrong

BIRTH: 28 Apr 1919 Manila, Manila, Philippines

DEATH: 13 Dec 1993 Jacksonville, St Johns, Florida, USA

FATHER: Charles Walter Grant/Armstrong

MOTHER: Maria Magdelena Rosario "Rose" Castro

NAME: Charles Trusdell Armstrong

BIRTH: 30 May 1890 Farley, Dubuque, Iowa, USA

DEATH: 9 Sept. 1960 Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa, USA

FATHER: James Armstrong

MOTHER: Jessie Louraine Husted

NAME: Charles Armstrong

BIRTH: 6 Mar 1878 Blue Hill, Webster, Nebraska

DEATH: 11 Dec 1959 Hastings, Adams, Nebraska

FATHER: Renzo Armstrong

MOTHER: Eliza Livingston

NAME: (Charles) Allan Armstrong

BIRTH: June 22 1886 Waweig, Charlotte Co, New Brunswick, Canada

DEATH: May 1969 Waweig, Charlotte Co, New Brunswick, Canada

FATHER: (William) Edwin Armstrong

MOTHER: Mary Jane Simpson

NAME: Charles C Armstrong

BIRTH: 2 jan 1861 Kenton, Kenton, Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 4 Oct 1939 Kenton, Kentucky

FATHER: Charles (Zerberry) Armstrong

MOTHER: Susan Ragan

NAME: Charles Erroll Armstrong

BIRTH: 26 Jan 1891 Quebec, Canada

DEATH: 11 APR 1964 Edmonton, Alberta

FATHER: Charles Martin Armstrong

MOTHER: Mary Ann Wilson

NAME: Charles Allen Armstrong

BIRTH: 06 Aug 1875 Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa

DEATH: Oct 1975 unknown would like to find


MOTHER: Sarah Goodrich

NAME: Charles Elvis Armstrong

BIRTH: 11 Dec 1926 Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas

DEATH: 02 Apr 1992 Reddick, Marion, Florida, USA

FATHER: William Harmon Armstrong

MOTHER: Mattie Jane Haskins

NAME: Charles Edward Armstrong

BIRTH: 9 April 1909 Adephi OH

DEATH: 21 Sep 1980 Livingston, Essex, New Jersey, USA

FATHER: Orland Benner Armstrong

MOTHER: Elsie G Combs

NAME: Charles Clifford Armstrong

BIRTH: June 20 1903 3 12 18 West Elton, 1st Justice Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

DEATH: 11 Nov 1947 Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

FATHER: Henry Armstrong

MOTHER: Martha Ann Mansfield


BIRTH: 1873 New York, New York, USA

DEATH: 27 August 1898 Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida

FATHER: Francis Asbury Armstrong

MOTHER: Adelaide Thompson Lounsbury

NAME: Charles Emory Armstrong

BIRTH: 02 Apr 1873 Jefferson, Carroll, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 6 Oct 1943 Jefferson, Carroll, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Lanty Armstrong

MOTHER: Charity Chapman Ellis

NAME: Charles J. Armstrong

BIRTH: 15 Sep 1852 Milford, Otsego, NY

DEATH: 5 Feb 1934 Milford, Otsego, NY

FATHER: Samuel John Armstrong

MOTHER: Marcia Brownell