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NAME: Charles Harrison Plummer

BIRTH: 25 Nov 1879 Frostburg, Allegany, Maryland, USA

DEATH: 15 Dec 1970 Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland

FATHER: David Hezekiah Plummer

MOTHER: Caroline Isabel Seaton

NAME: Charles Andrew Plummer

BIRTH: Nov 1879 Iowa

DEATH: 7 Jan 1965 Santa Clara, California

FATHER: Jabez Chester Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Frances "Fanny" Fox

NAME: Charles "Charlie" Carl Plummer

BIRTH: 06 Jul 1887 Ashe County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 15 Apr 1957 Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, United States of America

FATHER: Samuel W Plummer

MOTHER: Debby Elizabeth Gregory

NAME: Charles Oliver Plummer

BIRTH: 27 SEP 1893 Forest City, Holt, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 2 Dec 1971 Forest City, Holt, Missouri, United States of America

FATHER: Albert Arden Plummer

MOTHER: Polly Ann Worley

NAME: Charles W Plummer

BIRTH: Nov. 3, 1870 Grant County, Indiana, USA

DEATH: April 16, 1947 Wells County, Indiana, Jones Cemetery

FATHER: Benjamin J H Plummer

MOTHER: Harriet A J Conrad

NAME: Charles Owen Plummer

BIRTH: 15 Jul 1888 Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA

DEATH: 1944 Blaine County, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Benjamin Franklin Plummer

MOTHER: Mary Catherine Swihart

NAME: Charles Francis Plummer

BIRTH: 1926/01/02 Tilton, NH

DEATH: 7 May 2010 Hospice House, Concord, NH


MOTHER: Cassie Mae Griffin

NAME: Charles Herman Plummer

BIRTH: 29 Feb 1848 Warner, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA

DEATH: 27 Jan 1912 Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA

FATHER: Charles Plummer

MOTHER: Sarah Spaulding Powers

NAME: Charles Plummer

BIRTH: 1795 Hutson,Suffolk, England

DEATH: abt 1888 Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada


MOTHER: Elizabeth Reeve

NAME: Charles Franklin "Frank" Plummer

BIRTH: 6 Jul 1851 Manchester, Dearborn, Indiana

DEATH: 30 May 1943 Raymond, Montgomery, Illinois

FATHER: Simeon Bolivar Plummer

MOTHER: Emma Elizabeth Freeman

NAME: Charles Bernard Plummer

BIRTH: 9 May 1871 Kansas, United States of America

DEATH: 17 Aug 1948 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah

FATHER: William L Plummer

MOTHER: Julia A. Haws

NAME: Charles Fremont Plummer

BIRTH: 26 Feb 1862 Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 29 Sep 1925 Missoula, Missoula, Montana, United States

FATHER: George W Frazier

MOTHER: Loretta Fleming

NAME: Charles M Plummer

BIRTH: Jun 1868 Kentucky

DEATH: 15 Jul 1940 Scioto, Ohio, USA

FATHER: James Lewis Plummer

MOTHER: Harriet Jane Riley

NAME: Charles Plummer

BIRTH: 12 Sept 1906 Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA

DEATH: 24 May 1976 Middleburg, Clay, Florida, USA

FATHER: Charles Edward Plummer

MOTHER: Clara S. Davis

NAME: Charles A. Plummer

BIRTH: 18 Oct 1922 Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co., Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 09 Oct 1961 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio, USA



NAME: Charles Boynton Plummer

BIRTH: 7 January 1893 Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, United States of America

DEATH: 20 June 1943 Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire, United States of America

FATHER: Albert Clinton Plumer


NAME: Charles Plummer

BIRTH: Abt. 1805 Sandwich, Carroll, New Hampshire, USA

DEATH: 25 Jun 1878 Maine, USA

FATHER: Richard Plummer

MOTHER: Anna Hoag

NAME: Charles S. Plummer

BIRTH: 2 DEC 1839 Sharptown, Salem County, NJ

DEATH: 10 May 1898 Salem Co, New Jersey, USA

FATHER: Samuel Plummer

MOTHER: Keziah Zerviah Woodruff

NAME: Charles Edward Plummer

BIRTH: Dec 1884 Barnoldswick, Yorkshire, England

DEATH: 30 Sep 1955 1 James Street, Salterforth, Yorkshire, England

FATHER: Alfred Plummer

MOTHER: Lettice Green

NAME: Charles Herbert Plummer

BIRTH: 5 OCT 1902 Hunwick Village Co. Durham

DEATH: 5 JUL 1982 Geelong, Victoria

FATHER: John Walter Plummer

MOTHER: Sarah Francis Etherington

NAME: Charles Earnest Plummer

BIRTH: 13 August 1920 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 31 October 2001 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Nicholas W. Plummer

MOTHER: Agnes Marie Mullen

NAME: Charles Franklin (Charlie) Plummer

BIRTH: 20 Apr 1894 Longview, Gregg, Texas, United States

DEATH: 26 Jul 1949 Hancock Hospital, Gladewater, Gregg Co, Texas, USA

FATHER: Charles Eli (Charley) Plummer

MOTHER: Nancy Jane (Nannie) Gill

NAME: Charles Edward Plummer

BIRTH: 25 Oct 1876 Whitley, IN

DEATH: 20 Apr 1934 Whitley, IN

FATHER: David Linvill Plummer

MOTHER: Judith "Judy" Olinger

NAME: Charles Alma Plummer

BIRTH: 3 Jan 1885 Blackburn, Lancashire, England

DEATH: Feb 1967 Blackburn, Lancashire

FATHER: Robert Plummer

MOTHER: Ann Hayhurst (Hirst)

NAME: Charles B Plummer

BIRTH: 29 Jan 1840 Maine, United States of America

DEATH: 4 Apr 1904 Clay County, Minnesota, United States of America

FATHER: Acton S Plummer

MOTHER: Martha Jane TIDD Plummer Maddocks