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Name: Christina Wetherspoon Sutherland

Birth: 5 AUG 1894 Monfieth, Forfar, Scotland

Death: 30 NOV 1978 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Rose Sutherland

Mother: Isabella Bisset Amess

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 27 Jan 1862 Bruces Creek, Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia

Death: 05 Apr 1938 Fremantle, Western Australia

Father: William SUTHERLAND

Mother: Amelia Louisa Gardiner

Name: Christina SUTHERLAND

Birth: 11 Sep 1859 Braemore, Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 19 May 1911 Badrinsary, Berridale, Latheron, Caithness Scotland

Father: Robert Sutherland

Mother: Janet McCaulay

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 04 Sep 1833 East Clyth, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 22 Jan 1910 Tignish, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Father: Donald Sutherland

Mother: Elizabeth Miller

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 21 AUG 1858 Caithness, Dounreay, Scotland

Death: 2 Apr 1940 Gisborne, Poverty Bay, New Zealand

Father: Thomas Sutherland

Mother: Janet (Jessie) Mary Telford

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 29 Apr 1886 Greenock, Renfrewshire

Death: 8 Apr 1945 Greenock, Renfewshire, Scotland

Father: Peter Sutherland

Mother: Mary Maxwell

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 1853 Clyne, Sutherlandshire

Death: 3 February 1934 Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia

Father: John Sutherland

Mother: Isabella Mcmaster

Name: Christina Cecilia Sutherland

Birth: 18/02/1859 Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Death: 12 Oct 1938 Grey, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Sutherland

Mother: Christina MacPhail

Name: Christina Cameron Sutherland

Birth: 11 Jan 1878 Marylebone, London, England

Death: 25 May 1961 Bedford RD, Bedfordshire

Father: Robert Sutherland

Mother: Elizabeth Cameron

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 25 Aug 1830 Upper Halcomb, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: 22 APR 1901 St Phillip's, Whitney, NB

Father: Alexander SUTHERLAND (MP)

Mother: Jane Matheson

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 1843 Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 12 Jan 1905 Barton West near Moyston, Victoria, Australia

Father: Isaac Sutherland

Mother: Margaret Buchanan

Name: Christina (Christian) Sutherland

Birth: 17 Jul 1797 Rogart, Sutherland, Scotland

Death: 07 Apr 1875 Acheille (Acheilidh), Sutherlandshire, Scotland

Father: Hugh Sutherland

Mother: Mary McLeod

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 1778 Halkirk, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 26 Nov 1860 Caithness, Scotland

Father: William Sutherland

Mother: Barbara Gunn

Name: Christina Annie Sutherland

Birth: 27 Sep 1895 Malvern, Victoria, Australia

Death: 31 May 1991 Noble Park

Father: John Carstairs Bruce Sutherland

Mother: Margaret Hincks Barber

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: July 1888 Blue Spur, Otago, New Zealand

Death: 15 Jun 1962 Ferndale, Otago, New Zealand

Father: Joseph Sutherland

Mother: Susan Ann Harris

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 13 Mar 1867 Wick, Caithness

Death: 18 March 1936 Perth, Scotland

Father: David Sutherland

Mother: Ann Gow

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 07 Jul 1798 Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland

Death: 24 Mar 1893 Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland

Father: John Sutherland

Mother: Margaret Gilbertson

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 19 Jun 1774 Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 26 May 1854 Bibster, Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Father: JOHN Sutherland

Mother: Janet Cormac

Name: Christina(Teenie) Sutherland

Birth: 7 Oct 1904 Golspie , Sutherland, Scotland

Death: Aug 1977 Arcadia, Manistee, Michigan, USA

Father: Donald Alexander Sutherland

Mother: Janet(Jessie) Macdonald(Ross)

Name: Christina Johnstone Sutherland

Birth: March 1, 1853 Dunnett, Caithness, Scotland

Death: July 7, 1929 Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Father: George Sutherland

Mother: Margaret Galleitch

Name: Christina McIntosh Sutherland

Birth: 21 Mar 1827 Latheron, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 11 Dec 1919 Binscarth, Russell, Manitoba, Canada

Father: Angus Sutherland

Mother: Catherine McIntosh

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 1798 Latheron, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 08 Jul 1872 Rangag Forse, Latheron, Caithness, Scotland

Father: William SUTHERLAND

Mother: Kathrean (Catherine) Sutherland

Name: Christina Sutherland

Birth: 1797 Whitburn, W. Lothian, Scot

Death: 1 Sep 1870 Whitburn, West Lothian, , Scotland

Father: Kenneth Sutherland

Mother: Christian Russel

Name: christina tait sutherland

Birth: 16 Dec 1893 Caithness, pueleneytown

Death: 12 Apr 1972 Wick, Caithness, Scotland

Father: James Sutherland

Mother: Christina Tait

Name: Christina Christeann Sutherland

Birth: 23 September 1869 The Falls Colchester County Nova Scotia Canada

Death: 15 September 1949 New Glasgow Pictou County Nova Scotia Canada

Father: George J. Sutherland Sr.

Mother: Margaret Baillie

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