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Results for "cyril plummer"

Name: Cyril Gair Plummer

Birth: 9 Nov 1900 Luton, Bedfordshire

Death: Feb 1986 Luton, Bedfordshire

Father: Horace William Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Simpson

Name: Cyril E Plummer

Birth: 25 February 1920 Wandsworth, Greater London

Death: Nov 2000 West Surrey, Surrey, England

Father: Ernest James Plummer

Mother: Elsie Burrell

Name: Cyril Jack Plummer

Birth: 14 Nov 1921 Docking, Norfolk

Death: 11 Oct 2000 Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Father: Sidney E Plummer

Mother: Harriet Elizabeth Rout

Name: Cyril Plummer

Birth: 9//9//1925 Hartshorne, Leicestershire, England

Death: 28 Nov 1986 Perth, Western Australia

Father: Francis Albert Plummer

Mother: Annie Wood

Name: Cyril Alfred Plummer

Birth: 11 Jun1910 Sunderland

Death: 10 Nov 1993 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England

Father: Alfred James Plummer

Mother: Winifred Ann Fairfoot

Name: Cyril Percy Plummer

Birth: 22 Jul 1884 Georgetown Br Guinia

Death: 5 Jan 1945 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada

Father: George Henry Plummer

Mother: Clementine Hollingsworth Plummer

Name: Cyril Plummer

Birth: 21 Jan 1910 Islington RegD, London, England

Death: Oct 2001 Croydon RegD, Surrey, England

Father: William George Plummer

Mother: Frances Webb

Name: Cyril Albert Donald Plummer

Birth: 3 Nov 1919 Bath, Somerset, England

Death: 13 January 1981 Weston

Father: Arthur Henry Edward Plummer

Mother: Winifred Elsie Derrick

Name: Cyril Horace Plummer

Birth: Jun 1905 Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire - West Riding, United Kingdom

Death: Oct/Nov/Dec 1979 Worksop Notts

Father: Charles Plummer

Mother: Annie Plummer

Name: Cyril Edward Plummer

Birth: 12 Jul 1907 Thornton Heath, Surrey, England

Death: 24 Dec 1984 Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Father: Frederick Richard Plummer

Mother: Louisa Thomas

Name: Cyril Ernest James Plummer

Birth: 21 Jul 1921 Wandsworth, Greater London

Death: 16 Feb 2010 Chichester, WestSussex, England

Father: Ernest James Plummer

Mother: Elsie Kathleen May Burrell

Name: Cyril Ernest Plummer

Birth: 30 Apr 1918 London

Death: 09 Aug 1996 North Middlesex Hospital Enfield Middlesex London

Father: George P Burtenshaw

Mother: Emily Maud Plummer

Name: cyril plummer

Birth: 20 May 1925 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Death: 1 OCT 2004 kent

Father: Joseph Henry Plummer

Mother: Rachel E Langham

Name: Cyril Plummer

Birth: 27 Jun 1938 Hull, Yorkshire, England

Death: 16 Sep 2012 Hessle, Yorkshire, England

Father: John Henry Plummer

Mother: Beatrice Maud Morton

Name: Cyril George Plummer

Birth: 1897 Pancras, London, England

Death: 30 Sep 1915 Battle of Loos

Father: John Ladbroke Plummer

Mother: Clara Josephine Brown

Name: Cyril George Plummer

Birth: 7 May 1912 Bromley, Kent, England

Death: 27 Aug 1971 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Father: George Alfred Plummer

Mother: Lavinia Alice Hedger

Name: Cyril Plummer

Birth: 07 Feb 1913 Pickering, North Yorkshire, England

Death: Jan 2004 Southport , England

Father: Percy Plummer

Mother: Evelyn Jane Coates

Name: Cyril Ernest Plummer

Birth: 3 Sep 1894 Annerley, Surrey

Death: 12 Jan 1978 Beckenham, Kent

Father: Ernest Albert Plummer

Mother: Constance 'Clara' Rodgers

Name: Cyril (Sonny) Plummer

Birth: 1 Aug 1917 Newark, Nottinghamshire

Death: 1941

Father: Francis Plummer

Mother: Winifred Elliott

Name: Cyril G Plummer

Birth: 30/03/1908 5 Sunningdale,William Street,Birmingham,West Midlands

Death: 1982 Birmingham,West Midlands

Father: Alfred George Plummer

Mother: Edith Ann FITZER

Name: Cyril Henry Edward Plummer

Birth: 24 Apr 1909 Swindon, Wiltshire, England

Death: 9 Jul 1994 North Walsham, Norfolk, England

Father: Edward John Plummer

Mother: Ellen Plummer

Name: Cyril Frank Plummer

Birth: abt 1870 Oxfordshire, England

Death: October 1886 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Ann Pollard

Name: Cyril George S Plummer

Birth: 19/01/1921 Mutford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

Death: 20/12/1995 Carlton Colville, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

Father: Albert Arthur Plummer

Mother: Private

Name: Cyril Plummer

Birth: 1922 Newark, Nottinghamshire

Death: BEF DEC 2017

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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