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Name: David F Ayers

Birth: 11 June 1843 Somerset, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Death: 4 October 1934 Sabetha, Nemaha County, Kansas, United States of America

Father: Benjamin Taylor Ayers

Mother: Mary Hannah Young

Name: David Ayers

Birth: 10 Aug 1793 Morristown, Morris, New Jersey, United States

Death: 25 Oct 1881 Galveston, Galveston Co, TX

Father: Silas Ayers

Mother: Mary Byram

Name: David Ayers

Birth: 11 August 1796 Pennsylvania

Death: 30 Dec 1883 Phillipsburg, Warren, New Jersey

Father: Moses Ayers

Mother: Mary Brittain

Name: David M AYERS

Birth: Oct 1834 Wayne, Ohio, United States

Death: 1920 Placerville, El Dorado, California

Father: William Francis Ayers

Mother: Delilah Kirkbride

Name: David Leroy AYERS

Birth: 29 Feb 1880 Knox, Ohio, USA

Death: 28 Jan 1975 Braymer, Caldwell, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Corrington Gabot Ayers

Mother: Alice Alwilda Thayer

Name: David Pearl Ayers

Birth: 04 Feb 1918 Texas, USA

Death: 21 Feb 1969 Nueces, Texas, USA

Father: Andrew Jackson Ayers

Mother: Lula Pearl Carter

Name: David Ayers

Birth: 20 SEP 1856 Hope Furnace, Vinton, Ohio, USA

Death: 19 JUL 1916 Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio, USA

Father: Isaac H Ayers

Mother: Samantha Anderson

Name: David Lawson Ayers

Birth: 27 Jan 1905 Haralson County, Georgia

Death: 28 Jan 1969 Floyd County, Georgia

Father: Stokes Chapel Ayers

Mother: Ida Louise Kelley

Name: David Ayers

Birth: 8 Apr 1744 Basking Ridge, Somerset, New Jersey, United States

Death: 25 Jan 1835 Mt Bethel, Northhampton Co, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Moses Ayers

Mother: Jane Chambers

Name: David Ball Ayers

Birth: 21 Nov 1798 Newark, Essex, New Jersey, United States

Death: 26 Sep 1850 Jacksonville, Morgan, Illinois, United States

Father: David Ayers

Mother: Abigail Ball

Name: David Ayers

Birth: 16 Jul 1780 Northampton, Pennar, New Jersey, USA

Death: 20 Jul 1849 Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, USA

Father: David Ayers

Mother: Elizabeth McDowell-Ayers-McCollum

Name: David Russell Ayers

Birth: 20 FEB 1803 Wantage, Sussex, NEW JERSEY

Death: 16 May 1862 Beemerville, Sussex, New Jersey, USA

Father: Levi Ayers

Mother: Phebe Russell

Name: David Ayers

Birth: 1741 Liberty Corner, Somerset, New Jersey, United States

Death: 16 January 1814 Liberty Corner, Somerset, New Jersey, United States

Father: Nathaniel Ayers

Mother: Elizabeth Worth

Name: David Ball Ayers

Birth: 9 May 1852 Jacksonville, Illinois, USA

Death: 28 Jul 1901 Springfield, Illinois

Father: Marshall Paul Ayers

Mother: Laura Allan

Name: David Ayers

Birth: 03 Jun 1834 Wayne Co., Ohio, USA

Death: 12 Apr 1896 Union Township, Mercer County, Ohio

Father: James Martin Ayres

Mother: Losila Jane Richey

Name: David B Ayers

Birth: 12 January 1832 New Jersey

Death: 4 April 1889 Sussex, New Jersey

Father: Isaac Ayers

Mother: Mary Beamer

Name: David Shirrell Ayers

Birth: 23 July 1947 Buena Vista, Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA

Death: March 28, 2013 Merritt Island, Fla

Father: John Shirel Ayers

Mother: Elsie May Lawhorne

Name: David Ayers

Birth: 1784 Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA

Death: 6 Nov 1820 Hart, Georgia, USA

Father: Moses Ayers

Mother: Anne Payne

Name: David Fillmore Ayers

Birth: 26 Feb 1908 Oak Grove, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA

Death: 29 Dec 1980 Fredericksburg, Independent Cities, Virginia, USA

Father: William Henry Ayers

Mother: Irene Emma Marders

Name: David Woodrow Ayers

Birth: 19 August 1923 Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Death: 22 Jun 1991 Moncks Corner, Berkeley, South Carolina, USA

Father: John Wesley Ayers

Mother: Innis Irene Murray

Name: David Bennett Ayers

Birth: 29 August 1883 Morgantown, Butler County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 13 Sep 1947 Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas, USA

Father: James E Ayers

Mother: Cornelia Davis

Name: David Monroe Ayers

Birth: 20 Jun 1923 Ismay, Custer, Montana, USA

Death: 19 March 1997 Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana, USA

Father: Carroll Christmas Ayers

Mother: Edith Trafton Mc Cormick

Name: David Alonzo Ayers

Birth: Aug 1870 Pennsylvania

Death: 1961 Salem, Columbiana, Ohio, USA

Father: David B. Ayres

Mother: Jemima Martin

Name: David Isaac Ayers

Birth: abt 1810 Mercer, KY

Death: 1842 Gibson, Indiana, United States

Father: Azariah AYERS

Mother: Mary VanArsdale

Name: David D. Ayers

Birth: 11 Nov 1827 Donegal, Ireland

Death: 30 June 1912 Santa Rosa, Sonoma, California, United States

Father: William Ayers

Mother: Elizabeth Montgomery

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