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Name: Donald Paterson

Birth: 1837 South Carolina

Death: 10 Apr 1935 Gadsden County, Florida

Father: Hector Paterson

Mother: Catherine LOVE/MACKINVEN

Name: Donald PATERSON

Birth: June 4 1819 Greenock, Scotland

Death: June 21 1881 Santa Ana, Orange, California, USA

Father: David Paterson

Mother: Jean McLean

Name: Donald Paterson

Birth: 20 Apr 1786 Greenland, Caithness, Scotland

Death: 23 Jan 1883 Dunnet, Caithness, , Scotland

Father: john paterson

Mother: Jean Quoys

Name: Donald J Paterson

Birth: Abt 1933 Providence RI

Death: 2004 AZ

Father: James McPhee Paterson

Mother: Margaret 'Peggy' Borland

Name: Donald R Paterson

Birth: 19 Oct 1901 New York

Death: May 1976 Waterloo, Seneca, New York, USA

Father: Frank Robert PATTERSON

Mother: Lena Adella Hovencamp

Name: Donald Daniel PATERSON

Birth: 31 Mar 1856 Rodney, Aldborough Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario

Death: 26 DEC 1942 Rodney, Aldborough Twp, Elgin Co, Ontario, Canada

Father: Lachlan Paterson

Mother: Jean “Jane” McLean

Name: Donald James Paterson

Birth: 20 Sep 1921 Lashburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

Death: 09 Nov 1997 Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

Father: Charles Henry Paterson

Mother: Edith Euphemia Murley

Name: Donald Campbell Paterson

Birth: 28 Sep 1915 Saskatoon, , Saskatchewan, Canada

Death: 14 Apr 1994 Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Father: Samuel Campbell Paterson

Mother: Mary Keith

Name: Donald Paterson

Birth: abt 1818 Inverness

Death: 1898 South Uist, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Father: Archibald Paterson

Mother: Widow Paterson nee?

Name: Donald Rose Paterson

Birth: abt 1903 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Death: 25 Apr 1979 New Forest, Hampshire, England

Father: Donald Rose Paterson

Mother: Constance Mary Baker Gabb

Name: Donald PATERSON

Birth: Abt. 1805 South Knapdale, Argyll, Scotland

Death: 09 May 1883 Bridgend Cottage, Achahoish

Father: Alexander Paterson

Mother: Isobell (Isabella) McPhail

Name: Donald Bryce Paterson

Birth: 29 Jan 1915 Montreal,CANADA

Death: 19 Feb 1973 Montreal,CANADA

Father: James Bryce Paterson

Mother: Sarah (Sadie) Donaldson

Name: Donald Campbell Paterson

Birth: 1 Nov 1882 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada

Death: 1 Mar 1970 Vancouver, Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia, Canada

Father: John Campbell Paterson

Mother: Sibella Maclean

Name: Donald Paterson

Birth: 2 Jul 1851 Saddell, Argyll, Scotland

Death: 14 Dec 1936 West Ham, Essex, England

Father: Donald Paterson

Mother: Isabella McConochie

Name: Donald Paterson

Birth: Nov 1785 South Knapdale, Argyll, Scotland

Death: 26 Jul 1859 South Knapdale, Argyll, Scotland

Father: Archibald Paterson

Mother: Catherine Graham

Name: Donald Paterson

Birth: 14 Mar 1832 Aldborough Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada

Death: 5 May 1869 Aldborough, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

Father: Archibald Paterson

Mother: Christine McNaught

Name: Donald Paterson

Birth: 28 FEB 1817 Skarfskerry Dunnet Parish

Death: 16 Apr 1878 Mey Canisbay

Father: Donald Paterson

Mother: Isabella LYALL

Name: Donald W Paterson

Birth: 1918 Pennsylvania

Death: 1986

Father: William George Paterson

Mother: Addie Johnson (Svensdotter)

Name: Donald Cameron Paterson

Birth: 1916 Glasgow, Scotland

Death: 16 OCT 1987 Glasgow, Scotland

Father: Donald Cameron Paterson

Mother: Elizabeth Richardson

Name: Donald Paterson

Birth: 1851 Dall of Inshes, Invss Shire

Death: 7 Oct 1895 Inverness-shire, Scotland

Father: James Paterson

Mother: Mary Munro

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