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Name: Edgar Grant Gregg

Birth: 22 July 1868 Warren County, Indiana, United States of America

Death: 21 Aug 1945 Parsons, Labette, Kansas, United States

Father: John Gregg

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Sohn

Name: Edgar Hoyt Gregg

Birth: 18 January 1892 Marion County, Alabama, United States of America

Death: 12 Jul 1966 Bernie, Stoddard, Missouri, USA

Father: James D Gregg

Mother: Emma Yates

Name: Edgar F Gregg

Birth: 3 Apr 1914 Hayes Store, Virginia

Death: 19 Mar 1997 Gloucester County, VA

Father: Montague Daniel Gregg

Mother: Destimonia Booker

Name: Edgar Gregg

Birth: 10 Mar 1915 South Carolina

Death: 17 Oct 1997

Father: Willie James Gregg

Mother: Iola Alston

Name: Edgar F Gregg

Birth: 12 Aug 1870 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 28 Apr 1919 Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Henry Gregg

Mother: Jane Forsythe

Name: Edgar Pusey Gregg

Birth: 27 May 1872 Wilmington Delaware

Death: 8 Jan 1944 Dallastown, York, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: George Washington Gregg

Mother: Anna Elizabeth Law

Name: Edgar Leroy Gregg

Birth: 13 February 1886 Sherman, Cass, Missouri, USA

Death: 21 July 1945 Creighton, Cass, Missouri, USA

Father: William Nathan Gregg

Mother: Sarah Abigail Lightle

Name: Edgar Eddie Martin Gregg

Birth: 05 Dec 1908 Missouri City, Fort Bend, Texas, USA

Death: 13 Jul 1974 Creighton, Cass, Missouri, USA

Father: Edgar Leroy Gregg

Mother: Ethel Pearl Martin

Name: Edgar C GREGG

Birth: 26 January 1844 Dayton, Cattaraugus County, New York, USA

Death: 24 April 1911 Linneus, Linn County, Missouri, United States of America

Father: Jonathan Gregg

Mother: Philinda Adgate

Name: Edgar Bentley Gregg

Birth: 4 Oct 1845 Loudoun, Virginia, USA

Death: 20 Feb 1931 Indiana, United States

Father: Armistead M. Gregg

Mother: Lydia N Wilson

Name: Edgar Edd Gregg

Birth: 25 Jul 1890 Newport, Cocke, Tennessee, USA

Death: 23 Sep 1963 Cocke, Tennessee

Father: Samuel Gregg

Mother: Ollie Malinda Johnson

Name: Edgar Ernest Gregg

Birth: 23 November 1898 Park Mills, Frederick County, Maryland, USA

Death: 6 June 1988 Dickerson, Montgomery County, Maryland, USA

Father: George E Gregg

Mother: Sadie A Gregg

Name: Edgar William Gregg

Birth: 27 Jun 1930 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Jun 1997 Washington, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Harry A. Gregg

Mother: Margaret Anna Shadle

Name: Edgar M Gregg

Birth: Oct 1915 Aston, Warwickshire

Death: Oct 1915 Aston, Warwickshire

Father: Henry Norman Gregg

Mother: Ada Louisa GREGG (Conway)

Name: Edgar E Gregg

Birth: Oct 1873 Jefferson Co, IA

Death: October 1944

Father: George Washington Gregg

Mother: Mary J McCullough

Name: Edgar Lewis Gregg

Birth: 21 Jun 1910 Berry, Wayne, Illinois, USA

Death: 8 Jun 1956 Fairfield, Wayne, Illinois, USA

Father: Marion Alonzo (Lonnie) Gregg

Mother: Bertha May (Pike) Gregg

Name: Edgar Gregg

Birth: 1 Jan 1908 Travis, Texas

Death: 10 May 1984 Austin, Travis, Texas, United States of America

Father: Lee Gregg

Mother: Evelyn Jane BANKS

Name: Edgar Northcott Gregg

Birth: 16 Jan 1903 Oklahoma

Death: 25 Feb 1995 Los Angeles, California

Father: Vern E Gregg

Mother: Annabel Northcott

Name: Edgar Dale Gregg

Birth: Abt. 1952 Alabama, United States

Death: 23 August 2015

Father: Emory Owen Gregg

Mother: Nettie Mae Walker

Name: Edgar Ell Gregg

Birth: 16 Oct 1892 Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, Texas, USA

Death: 7 Mar 1947

Father: Louis Herbert Gregg

Mother: Coryell "Coral" Mary Jordan

Name: Edgar Gregg

Birth: 22 Jul 1902 Newport, Cocke, Tennessee

Death: 29 Nov 1979 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio

Father: John Wade Gregg

Mother: Dessie Green

Name: Edgar Martin Gregg

Birth: 05 Dec 1908 Missouri City, Fort Bend, Texas, USA

Death: 13 Jul 1974 Creighton, Cass, Missouri, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Edgar Leroy Gregg

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