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Name: Edgar Smith

Birth: 11 Oct 1881 Gans, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 01 Dec 1936 Gans, Sequoyah, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Larkin Smith

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Ross

Name: Edgar Smith

Birth: 08/01/1846 Glastonbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Death: 5/28/1912 Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Father: Andrew Smith

Mother: Julia Risley

Name: Edgar C Smith

Birth: 26 Jan 1896 Missouri

Death: 17 May 1976 Memorial Hospital, Carrollton, Carroll County, MO

Father: Benjamin Smith

Mother: Amanda E. Smith

Name: Edgar C SMITH

Birth: 28 Apr 1905 Mississippi

Death: 11 Sep 1993 Leakesville, Greene, Mississippi

Father: William George SMITH

Mother: Ida Lucille ROBERTS Smith

Name: Edgar Smith

Birth: 16 Jan 1907 Willis Point, Van Zandt, TX, USA

Death: 27Jan1964 Edgewood Van Zandt, Texas, USA

Father: Lieucian D. Smith

Mother: Minnie Pearl Canant


Birth: December 1881 North Carolina

Death: 26 March 1923 Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: George Smith

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Name: Edgar W. Smith

Birth: Abt 1871 Iowa

Death: 24 Feb 1933 Wyoming, USA

Father: Jordan Latham SMITH

Mother: Mary Lavinia COLYER

Name: Edgar H Smith

Birth: 1932 United States of America

Death: 1993 United States of America

Father: Edgar Hamilton Smith

Mother: Dorothy H Torian

Name: Edgar W Smith

Birth: 1868 Indiana USA

Death: 21 Jan 1946 Kokomo, Howard, IN, USA

Father: George Smith


Name: Edgar Allen Smith

Birth: 1 Nov 1901 Boone County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 26 Aug 1980 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: James Smith

Mother: Elizabeth Johnson

Name: Edgar L Smith

Birth: 23 Oct 1885 Pennsville (Northampton County), Northampton County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 3 Mar 1949 Northampton, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Richard A Smith

Mother: Christiana Bachman

Name: Edgar Smith

Birth: abt 1903 Georgia

Death: August 8, 1994 Jefferson County, AL

Father: Edgar Smith

Mother: Elizabeth Cooper

Name: Edgar SMITH

Birth: May 1892 Lincoln county Kentucky

Death: Aug 17 1949 Lincoln county Kentucky

Father: Charles Eberlee Smith

Mother: Anna Eliza Estes

Name: Edgar T. Smith

Birth: Apr 6 1878 Virginia

Death: Jul 11 1936 Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Virginia, USA

Father: Americus Jennings Smith

Mother: Mary Frances Williams

Name: Edgar J Smith

Birth: Oct 1852 Missouri

Death: 10 Sep 1929 Bentonville, AR

Father: James Monroe Smith

Mother: Cyntha Ann Morris

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