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Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 20 Sep 1872 Skelmersdale, Lancashire, England

Death: Mar 1944 Croydon, Surrey, England



Name: Elizabeth Mary Draper

Birth: 7 Sep 1877 Odiham, Hampshire, England

Death: Dec 1960 Croydon, Surrey, England

Father: David Draper

Mother: Mary Margaret Tarrant

Name: Elizabeth Lydia Draper

Birth: 29 Oct 1840 Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Death: 28 Feb 1916 Blackduck, Beltrami, Minnesota, United States


Mother: Martha Ann Young

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 22 Apr 1812 Union, South Carolina, United States

Death: 25 Dec 1894 Wellington, Calhoun, Alabama, United States

Father: Joshua Draper

Mother: Nancy Wilkins (Draper)

Name: Elizabeth 'Betty' Draper

Birth: 10 Dec 1879 Bickerstaffe, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England

Death: 28 DEC 1969

Father: William Draper

Mother: Deborah Draper (nee Birchall)

Name: Elizabeth Ellen Draper

Birth: 31 aug 1891 kettering northamptonshire

Death: 01 Oct 1964 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England

Father: John George Draper

Mother: Mary Elizabeth York

Name: Elizabeth Maud Draper

Birth: 3 Apr 1877 Milford, Sussex, Delaware, USA

Death: 28 Aug 1967 Laramie, Albany, Wyoming, USA

Father: Nehemiah Davis Draper

Mother: Laura S Dawson

Name: Elizabeth Kelsey Draper

Birth: 3 May 1886 New York

Death: JAN 1968 De Ruyter, Madison Co., NY

Father: Col Thomas Waln-Morgan Draper

Mother: Jeanne Louise Graham Kelsey

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 13 Nov 1880 Aughton, Lancashire, England

Death: 28 Feb 1952 Aughton, Lancashire, England

Father: Daniel Draper

Mother: Rachael Allen

Name: Elizabeth Jane Draper

Birth: 12 Mar 1864 Duxford off Glenmore Rd Paddington, New South Wales, Australia

Death: 16 DEC 1944 5 Chaple St Rockdale, NSW

Father: Thomas Draper

Mother: Susan Higgins

Name: Elizabeth J. Draper

Birth: 5 Feb 1841 Exeter, Scott, Illinois, USA

Death: July 1919 Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America

Father: Private Samual Healy Draper

Mother: Abigail Young

Name: Elizabeth DRAPER

Birth: 26 Mar 1744 Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 24 Sep 1830 Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA---(Death at age 19

Father: Thomas Jackson Draper

Mother: Relief Hyde

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 1849 Staffordshire, England

Death: 5 Aug 1924 Staffordshire, England

Father: William Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Spearman

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 22 Aug 1878 3 Homerton Terrace, Hackney, Middlesex, England

Death: 30 Aug 1931 73a Devons Road, Bow, London

Father: Alfred Draper

Mother: Eliza Bannister Maynard

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 11 Apr 1886 Lathom, Lancashire, England

Death: MAR 1965 Ormskirk, Lancashire, England

Father: Richard Draper

Mother: Catharine Pemberton

Name: Elizabeth Catherine Draper

Birth: 30 Oct 1859 Northfield, Wright, Quebec, Canada

Death: 18 June 1959 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Father: John DRAPER

Mother: Mary Louisa Stanley

Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Draper

Birth: 4 June 1842 Smith, Tennessee, USA

Death: 20 Dec 1924 Smith County, Tennessee

Father: Davidson J. Draper

Mother: Mary "Polly" Williamson Glover

Name: Elizabeth Cecilia Draper

Birth: 1876 Hadnall, Hertfordshire

Death: 19 May 1964 North Bucks, Buckinghamshire, England

Father: Charles Draper

Mother: Julia Matthews

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 24 Sep 1814 Ohio, United States

Death: 30 March 1887 Warsaw, Kosciusko, Indiana, USA

Father: Jacob Draper

Mother: Mary J. Durbin

Name: Elizabeth Colquhoun Draper

Birth: 17 Jun 1894 19 Mansfield St, Partick, Lanark, Scotland

Death: Aug 1986 Leicestershire Central, Leicestershire, England

Father: Robert Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Adams

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 1 Apr 1823 Eccleston, Lancashire, England

Death: January 1888 Eccleston, Lancashire, England

Father: Henry Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Wright

Name: Elizabeth "Betty" "Bessie" Kavanaugh Draper

Birth: 19 Apr 1871 Chestnut Mound, Smith, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1 APR 1944 Ada Co., ID

Father: James Ward Draper

Mother: Lucy Ann Kavanaugh

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 24 Oct 1853 31 Batty St, St George in the East, MDX, England

Death: 28 JUN 1946 Cutler, Perry Co, Illinois, USA

Father: Samuel Draper

Mother: Elizabeth Muir

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: July 1853 Castle Donnington, Leicestershire, England

Death: Sep 1938 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Father: William Aulton

Mother: Ruth Draper

Name: Elizabeth Draper

Birth: 1823 Alvaston, Derbyshire, England

Death: 2 Feb 1906 1231 South Salina Street, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United States of America

Father: John Draper

Mother: Mary Beadman

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