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Results for "elizabeth sloan"

Name: Elizabeth Eliza Sloan

Birth: Abt. 1834 Ohio

Death: 28 March 1928 Viola, Mercer County, Illinois, USA

Father: Robert Tate Sloan

Mother: Amanda Trusler

Name: Elizabeth C. Sloan

Birth: Abt. 1873 Ireland

Death: 11 Feb 1954 Marcy NY

Father: Samuel Sloan

Mother: Eliza ?

Name: Elizabeth Ann Sloan

Birth: 10 Dec 1922 Durham, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Death: 12 Oct 2001 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

Father: Alexander Sloan

Mother: Casandra Ellington

Name: Elizabeth Sloan

Birth: Jun 1861 Lawrence, Ohio, USA

Death: 4 Sep 1912 Hewlett, Wayne County, West Virginia, USA

Father: John Henry Slone

Mother: Elizabeth Higgins

Name: Elizabeth Sloan

Birth: 04 Oct 1852 ,MACON, TN

Death: 8 Oct 1914 TN, Macon, Alabama, United States

Father: Joseph Sloan

Mother: Izbel Parthena Boyd

Name: Elizabeth Lizzie Sloan

Birth: Abt. 1839 Jackson County, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1881 Jackson, Tennessee, United States

Father: Isaac Sloan

Mother: MARGARET Huffines Sloan

Name: Elizabeth Jane Sloan

Birth: 11 Mar 1836 Teachey Mac House, Duplin County, North Carolina

Death: 29 September 1885 Teachey, Duplin, North Carolina, USA

Father: David Sloan

Mother: Susan Boney

Name: Elizabeth Sloan

Birth: 15 Dec 1880 English, Jefferson, Arkansas

Death: 24 DEC 1923 English, AR

Father: Samuel Allen Sloan

Mother: Bettie Looney

Name: Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Sloan

Birth: 16 Nov 1845 Newberry County, SC

Death: 20 Apr 1915 Newberry County, SC

Father: Archibald Sloan

Mother: Martha Caldwell

Name: Elizabeth Sloan

Birth: 07 Mar 1891 North Carolina

Death: 24 Jan 1981 Broadway, Lee, North Carolina, USA

Father: James Walter Sloan

Mother: Nancy McNeill

Name: Elizabeth Jane Sloan

Birth: 19 Dec 1852 Latrobe, Derry twp., Westmoreland co., Pa.

Death: 30 Sep 1918 Licking Cemetery, Clarion Co., PA

Father: Robert Sloan

Mother: Margaret Jane Sloan

Name: Elizabeth Sloan

Birth: 1859 Moore, North Carolina, USA

Death: 29 Jun 1934 Durham, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Father: Green Hornsby Sloan

Mother: Sophia Catharin Dye

Name: Elizabeth F Sloan

Birth: 20 Dec 1904 Hermitage, Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 27 Sep 1985 Jonesboro, Craighead County, Arkansas

Father: Frank Darwin Fuller

Mother: Agnes Elizabeth Dodson

Name: Elizabeth M Sloan

Birth: abt 1878 Scotland

Death: 2 Jul 1960 Middle Hope,Newburgh, Orange Co. N.Y.

Father: James Allison Sloan

Mother: Christina Allison

Name: Elizabeth A Sloan

Birth: 2 Feb 1874 McHenry, Garrett County, Maryland

Death: BET 1920 AND 1930 Garrett County, Maryland

Father: Zachariah Taylor Sloan

Mother: Adaline Miller

Name: Elizabeth SLOAN

Birth: 23 Jun 1831 Knox Co., OH

Death: 21 Dec 1911 Henry, Ohio, USA

Father: Martin Sloan

Mother: Mary Ann Welty

Name: Elizabeth Jane Sloan

Birth: 12 Sep 1824 Columbiana, Ohio, USA

Death: 11 Dec 1910 Missouri, USA

Father: Robert Sloan

Mother: Elizabeth Sloan

Name: Elizabeth Sloan

Birth: 9 Mar 1817 North Carolina

Death: 3 Jun 1883 Sac City, Sac, Iowa

Father: William Sloan

Mother: Mary Koontz

Name: Elizabeth "Eliza" Sloan

Birth: 1845 Ontario

Death: 7 Apr 1929 Grey, Ontario, Canada

Father: John William Sloan

Mother: Mary Wiggins

Name: Elizabeth Jane Sloan

Birth: 13 May 1878 Belfast, Ireland

Death: 29 Jan 1955 Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: John Sloan

Mother: Sarah Ann Gilpin

Name: Elizabeth Sloan

Birth: 1849 Washington, Ohio, United States

Death: 27 Feb 1922 East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., Ohio, United States

Father: Mathias Sloan

Mother: Margaret Ann Coen

Name: elizabeth sloan

Birth: 26 Aug 1798 Kentucky, USA

Death: 12 Feb 1872 Indiana, USA

Father: Thomas Sloan

Mother: Temperance "Tempy" Crafton

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