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Results for "elmer willoughby"

Name: Elmer Lee Willoughby

Birth: 12 Nov 1929 Dugger, Sullivan, Indiana

Death: 10 Feb 2008 New Mexico

Father: Claty Lee Willoughby

Mother: Janet Ringer

Name: Elmer Willoughby

Birth: 25 Sep 1921 Powell, Kentucky, United States

Death: 1 May 1999 Long-Term Care Facilities Middletown, OH

Father: Walker Willoughby

Mother: Polly Jane Pelfrey

Name: Elmer Gordon Willoughby

Birth: May 26/1916 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Death: Feb. 25/2007 Manitowaning, Ontario, Canada

Father: William George Willoughby

Mother: Mable Beatrice Lundy

Name: Elmer Willoughby

Birth: 5 JUN 1917 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. USA.

Death: 4 DEC 1987 Encino, Los Angeles County, California. USA.

Father: Elmer Willoughby

Mother: Alice Elizabeth Peavey

Name: Elmer Willoughby

Birth: 26 Nov 1927 Montgomery, Kentucky, USA

Death: 4 Dec 1984 Montgomery, Kentucky, USA

Father: Luther WILLOUGHBY

Mother: Golda Goldie Willoughby Willoughby Haney

Name: Elmer George Willoughby

Birth: 27 April 1923 Winter Park, Orange County, Florida, United States of America

Death: 22 April 1987 Orlando, Orange County, Florida, United States of America

Father: Joseph Millage Willoughby

Mother: Bessie Frances Harrell

Name: Elmer Smith Willoughby

Birth: 28 Sep 1902 Pitt County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 18 Apr 1967 Greenville, Pitt, North Carolina, USA

Father: Benjamin Payton Willoughby

Mother: Fannie A. Smith

Name: Elmer Roy Cliffton Willoughby

Birth: 30 SEP 1892 Drayton, Wellington County, Ontario. Canada

Death: 1 JUN 1950 Silverlake, Kenosha County, Wisconsin. USA

Father: John Edward Willoughby

Mother: Eveline Veroque Gamsby

Name: Elmer E Willoughby

Birth: 1866 NY

Death: 1866 NY

Father: William Willoughby

Mother: Martha Minerva Terry

Name: Elmer Deatherage Willoughby

Birth: 23 Apr 1911 Madison County, Ky

Death: 14 May 2003 Richmond, Madison, Kentucky USA

Father: Carl Carroll Willoughby

Mother: Maude Cruse

Name: Elmer Willoughby

Birth: 09 AUG 1934 Grimesland, N.C

Death: 15 JAN 1999 Ayden, N.C

Father: Elmer Smith Willoughby

Mother: Polly Roberson

Name: Elmer Edsen Willoughby

Birth: 9 Mar 1865 Holderness, Grafton, New Hampshire

Death: 4 Jan 1932 Plymouth, Grafton, Grafton County, New Hampshire

Father: Benjamin Burnham Willoughby

Mother: Hannah Willoughby

Name: Elmer Willoughby

Birth: 21 Apr 1924 Montgomery County, Kentucky

Death: 2 Dec 1980 Fayette County, Kentucky

Father: Sherman Willoughby

Mother: Dora Ann Willoughby

Name: Elmer Dayton willoughby

Birth: 3 July 1925

Death: 10/1962 Jacksonville, Morgan, Illinois, USA

Father: George Elmer Willoughby

Mother: Ruby Irene Mullen

Name: Elmer Willoughby

Birth: 30 Oct 1908 York, Ontario, Canada

Death: 2 Jul 1911 toronto, York, Ontario, Canada

Father: Charles Willoughby

Mother: Margaret Greer

Name: Elmer Clyde Willoughby

Birth: 27 Aug 1911 Jefferson, Greene, Iowa, USA

Death: 9 Mar 1991 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska

Father: Ralph Hasting Willoughby

Mother: Margaret E Knight

Name: Elmer J Willoughby

Birth: 29 September 1902 Colorado, USA

Death: 25 September 1972 Arapahoe County, Colorado, USA

Father: Robert Soloman Willoughby

Mother: Lillian McQuilkin


Birth: 01 Aug 1904 Arkansas

Death: 27 Jan 1989 Parsons, Labette, Kansas

Father: John Moses Willoughby

Mother: Melissa Jane "Liss" COLLINS

Name: Elmer Wayne Willoughby

Birth: 5 June 1917 Eugene, Lane County, United States of America

Death: 4 November 1995 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, United States of America

Father: Reason Wayne Willoughby

Mother: Anna T, Schnorenberg

Name: Elmer M Willoughby

Birth: 23 JUN 1923 Montgomery, Tennessee, United States

Death: 27 June 1986 Montgomery County ,Tennessee, USA

Father: Andrew Jackson Willoughby

Mother: Eugenia McPherson

Name: Elmer Gene Willoughby

Birth: 25 Apr 1932 Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming, USA

Death: 13 Jun 2010 Cove, Utah, USA

Father: Shirley Blanford Willoughby

Mother: Ann Irene Nazaryk

Name: Elmer Oscar Willoughby

Birth: 25 August 1880 Iowa

Death: 16 Mar 1932

Father: Daniel Willoughby

Mother: Annabelle Pinkerton

Name: Elmer Willoughby

Birth: 25 Sep 1921 Powell, Kentucky, United States

Death: 1 May 1999 Long-Term Care Facilities Middletown, OH

Father: Walker :Andy" Willoughby

Mother: Polly Pelfrey

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