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NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: Aug 1840 Coffee, Alabama, United States

DEATH: 1902 Geneva, Geneva, Alabama, United States

FATHER: Bryant Anderson

MOTHER: Rachel Silkie Goff

NAME: Emeline Morland Anderson

BIRTH: 8 Jul 1846 New York City, New York, USA

DEATH: 10 Nov 1920 San Francisco, California, USA

FATHER: Edvard Anders Schealstrand Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Ann Atthowe

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 10 Aug 1838 Greensburg, Decatur, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 20 Jan 1923 Stroud, Lincoln, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Nicholas Anderson

MOTHER: Elizabeth Emerson

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 10 January 1887 Castle Dale, Emery County, Utah, United States of America

DEATH: 3 Apr 1961 Castle Dale, Emery, Utah, USA

FATHER: Frederick Wilhelm Andersen

MOTHER: Ana Johana Jensen

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 27 Jun 1863 Wisconsin

DEATH: 17 Dec 1941 Sturgeon Bay, Door, Wisconsin, USA

FATHER: Joseph Anderson

MOTHER: Jane Elizabeth Cornell

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 7 February 1837 White County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 20 Jun 1909 Dekalb, Alabama

FATHER: John C. Anderson

MOTHER: Chirena Carter

NAME: Emeline "Emma" L. Anderson

BIRTH: 14 May 1859 Perrineville, Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA

DEATH: 5 February 1952 Asbury Park, Monmouth, New Jersey

FATHER: Washington W. Anderson

MOTHER: Eliza Ann Hutchinson Matthews


BIRTH: 3 Dec 1839 Wetzel, West Virginia, United States

DEATH: 24 July 1915 Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia, United States of America

FATHER: William Anderson

MOTHER: Martha Gilly E Hays

NAME: Emeline L Anderson

BIRTH: 12 April 1834 Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, USA

DEATH: 17 Nov 1917

FATHER: Levi McFarland Anderson

MOTHER: Martha Sampson Powers

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 27 Jun 1890 Garrard

DEATH: 28 May 1916 Garrard, Kentucky, United States

FATHER: Terrill A Anderson

MOTHER: Lucy A. Lane

NAME: Emeline Athalinda Anderson

BIRTH: 25 Oct 1875 Bealton, Townsend Tp Norfolk Co, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 17 Feb 1929 Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Marshall Eddy Anderson

MOTHER: Amy Haviland

NAME: Emeline Malissa Anderson

BIRTH: 7 May 1885 Buchanan, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 22 Dec 1968 Wyoming, West Virginia, United States


MOTHER: Lydia Margaret Elswick

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 18 May 1830 Fairbanks, Sullivan, In

DEATH: 6 MAR 1900 Fairbanks Twp, Sullivan, Indiana, United States

FATHER: Robert Anderson

MOTHER: Syntha Cinthia Drake

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 15 October 1846 Breckinridge County, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 19 Jun 1899 Daviess, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: William Harvey Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Ann Pate

NAME: Emeline Imbree Anderson

BIRTH: 5 June 1837 Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 17 Apr 1916 New London Twp., Henry, Iowa

FATHER: Robert Anderson

MOTHER: Agnes Jane Mercer

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: June 3, 1832 Pennsylvania

DEATH: 3 September 1910 Auburn, Crawford, Ohio, USA

FATHER: William Barber Anderson

MOTHER: Jane King

NAME: Emeline Nancy Anderson

BIRTH: 11 May 1846 Greene, Greene, Pennsylvania, United States

DEATH: 2 August 1900 Waukomis, Garfield, Oklahoma, United States

FATHER: Col. Levi Anderson


NAME: Emeline B. Anderson

BIRTH: 29 Apr 1838 Charlotteville Twp, Norfolk Co, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 8 Jan 1896 Walsh, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Jeremiah Nelson Anderson

MOTHER: Sarah Lodor

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: ABT 1819 Union, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: Aft. 1870 Missouri USA

FATHER: William Anderson

MOTHER: Esther Lacy

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 16 Jun 1830 Jackson, Washington, Indiana, United States

DEATH: 24 Dec 1912 Washington, Indiana, United States

FATHER: Lindsay "Linza" Anderson

MOTHER: M Zelpha Williams

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 22 Feb 1830 New York, USA

DEATH: 6 Oct 1875 Ray, Macomb, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Isaac Anderson

MOTHER: Maria Powell

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 18 Aug 1844 Cloverport, Breckinridge, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 24 January 1918 Easton, Hancock County, Kentucky, United States of America

FATHER: William Harvey Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Ann Pate

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 1846 Fayette County, Indiana, USA

DEATH: 1877 Wabash County, Indiana, USA

FATHER: Eli Anderson

MOTHER: Margaret Ann Spaits

NAME: Emeline Anderson

BIRTH: 2 Oct 1900 Missouri

DEATH: Oct 1973 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado, USA

FATHER: Henry Robertson Anderson

MOTHER: Clara Hansen

NAME: Emeline Karoline ( Emily) Anderson

BIRTH: 21 Dec 1897 Garfield, Polk, Wisconsin, United States

DEATH: 20 Jun 1974 Multnomah, Oregon, United States

FATHER: Sakkaus Abel Anderson

MOTHER: Marianna Edrikka Johnson