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Name: Emily Green Plummer

Birth: 04 NOV 1823 Fleming Co., Kentucky

Death: 11 SEP 1917 De Kalb Village, Bloomington Twp, Buchanan Co., MO

Father: George Plummer

Mother: Hannah Seevers

Name: Emily Helen Plummer

Birth: 20 Aug 1919 Knapp, Dunn, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 12feb1970 minneapolis, henn co., mn

Father: Royal Addison Plummer

Mother: Euna M Cole

Name: Emily Abigail Plummer

Birth: 13 May 1801 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States of America

Death: 16 March 1845 Peter Creek, Aaron, Bates County, Missouri, USA

Father: Samuel Flummer

Mother: Nancy Ann Higgins

Name: Emily S Plummer

Birth: 26 Dec 1872 Indiana, United States

Death: 11 August 1962 Seattle, King County, Washington, USA

Father: James Peirce Plummer

Mother: Margaret Ann Moore

Name: Emily Elizabeth Plummer

Birth: 28 Jan 1899 Sussex, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Death: Apr 1985 Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Father: George Thomas Plummer

Mother: Emily Elizabeth Wallis

Name: Emily H. Plummer

Birth: 04 Dec 1839 Bangor, Penobscot, ME

Death: 06 JUL 1903 Cherokee, cherokee, Iowa

Father: David Plummer

Mother: Betsey Jane Brookins

Name: Emily Angeline Plummer

Birth: 30 June 1857 Adams, Indiana, USA

Death: 21 Dec 1937 North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Father: William R Plummer

Mother: Martha Ann Jones

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: Jan 1839 Plummerville, Conway, AR

Death: Feb 1913 Plummerville, Conway, AR

Father: Samuel 1800-1876 VA PLUMMER

Mother: Henrietta Ellis

Name: Emily Frances Emma Plummer

Birth: Feb 1858 Virginia, USA

Death: 2 Oct 1937 State Hospital, Fort Wayne, North Carolina, USA

Father: Wiley William Plummer

Mother: Amy Plummer

Name: Emily Mary Plummer

Birth: 26 September 1905 Tarrant Crawford, Dorset

Death: Jun 1995 Woking, Surrey, England

Father: Sidney Albert Plummer

Mother: Charlotte Carter

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: Jun 1838 Attlebridge, Norfolk, England

Death: 1917 Stockton, Durham, England

Father: Michael Plummer

Mother: Emily Allen

Name: Emily Molly PLUMMER

Birth: 25 Jun 1830 Bristol, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States

Death: 13 Apr 1907 Mator, Buffalo, Nebraska, United States

Father: John PLUMMER

Mother: Huldah Sandborn GEORGE

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: 1868 Radstock, Somerset

Death: 1935 Camerton, Somerset

Father: James PLUMMER

Mother: Hannah Moon

Name: Emily Maud Plummer

Birth: 03 Jun 1891 Brighton, Sussex

Death: Mar 1970 Brighton, Sussex, England

Father: Wille Plummer

Mother: Fanny Scrase

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: 24 Oct 1876 Ixworth, Suffolk, England

Death: Sep 1943 Bury St edmunds, Suffolk, England

Father: Araunah Plummer

Mother: Blanche Crick

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: 4 Apr 1907 Willington, Durham, England

Death: Jun 1999 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

Father: Walter Plummer

Mother: Maria Ann Smith

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: 1885 Clutton, Somerset, England

Death: 14 March 1978 Keynsham, Somerset, England

Father: Alfred Plummer

Mother: Susan Padfield

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: 25 Mar 1861 Groton, Caledonia, Vermont, United States

Death: 8 Apr 1933 Windsor, Weld, Colorado, USA

Father: John Weston PLUMMER

Mother: Emily ROBERTS

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: Abt 07/1844 Luton, Bedfordshire, England

Death: 25/02/1908 Chelsea, London, Middlesex, England

Father: Joseph Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth (Eliza) Tuffnall

Name: Emily Grace Plummer

Birth: 24 Sep 1884 Aintree, Lancashire, England

Death: 30 Aug 1952 Ludlow, Shropshire, England

Father: Francis Bowes Plummer

Mother: Edith Mary Barker

Name: Emily Constance Plummer

Birth: 30 April 1859 St Pancras, Middlesex, England

Death: July 1897 St Saviour Southwark, London

Father: Henry Plummer

Mother: (Ann) Fanny Hopkins

Name: Emily Mary Plummer

Birth: April 1884 New Zealand

Death: 7 Jul 1915 Otaika

Father: Robert Armstrong Plummer

Mother: Matilda Bennett

Name: Emily Mary Plummer

Birth: 10 Jul 1867 Alexandra, New Zealand

Death: 8 Sep 1938 Auckland, New Zealand

Father: John James Plummer

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Armstrong

Name: Emily Sarah Plummer

Birth: 28 July 1881 Bethnal Green, London, England

Death: Jan 1979 Redbridge, Greater London, England

Father: Henry William Plummer

Mother: Louisa Plummer

Name: Emily Plummer

Birth: abt 1892 Timsbury, Somerset, England

Death: Dec 1966 Norton, Somerset, England

Father: David Plummer

Mother: Annie Parfitt

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