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Name: Eva Willoughby

Birth: 20 Apr 1911 Lincolnshire, England

Death: 29 Jan 2000 Saxilby

Father: David Green Willoughby

Mother: Harriet Russell

Name: Eva Ann Willoughby

Birth: 11 May 1909 Hornsey

Death: 01/06/1990 London, London, England, United Kingdom

Father: Frank Henry Willoughby

Mother: Beatrice Victoria Coleman

Name: Eva Willoughby

Birth: 4 Dec 1883 Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire West Riding

Death: Jun 1974 Rotherham, Yorkshire West Riding, South Yorkshire, England

Father: George Willoughby

Mother: Martha Ellen Lowe

Name: Eva Beecher Willoughby

Birth: 29 Apr 1890 Appling County, Georgia, USA

Death: Feb. 4, 1978 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

Father: Thomas Howard Willoughby

Mother: Harriet Lucinda Beecher

Name: Eva Pauline Willoughby

Birth: Jul 1923 Texas

Death: 1982

Father: James Madison Willoughby

Mother: Nellie Willoughby

Name: Eva Lee Willoughby

Birth: 29 Apr 1890 Appling County, Georgia, USA

Death: 4 Feb 1978 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

Father: Thomas Howard Willoughby

Mother: Harriet Lucinda Beecher

Name: Eva Louise Willoughby

Birth: 28 Sep 1884 Lucas County, Iowa, USA

Death: 1 Mar 1951 Lucas County, Iowa, USA

Father: Daniel Willoughby

Mother: Annabelle Pinkerton

Name: Eva Willoughby

Birth: 2 October 1894 Tennessee, United States of America

Death: 4 Jan 1991 Smith County, Tennessee, USA

Father: John Monroe Willoughby

Mother: Elizabeth Parkerson

Name: Eva Willoughby

Birth: 4 Nov 1891 Montgomery, Kentucky, USA

Death: 15 Jul 1969 Stanton, Powell, Kentucky, USA

Father: Albert B. Willoughby

Mother: Martha C. Long

Name: Eva Louise Willoughby

Birth: 22 Nov 1918 Scott, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1998 Clark County, Indiana, USA

Father: James W Willoughby

Mother: Lydia Louise Lillian Brownfield Willoughby

Name: Eva Elmira Willoughby

Birth: 15 November 1891 Delaware

Death: 19 October 1935

Father: James Andrew Willoughby

Mother: Rebecca A. Williams

Name: Eva M Willoughby

Birth: 11 Feb 1913 Boone, Arkansas, USA

Death: 22 Sep 1997 Pleasant Hope, Polk, Missouri, USA

Father: Tom Wilson Willoughby

Mother: Arminta Lee Hunt

Name: Eva Margarate Willoughby

Birth: 12/31/1882 London, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Louis Willoughby

Mother: Margaret Baxter

Name: Eva Ellen Willoughby

Birth: 27 Jun 1891 Pomona, Jackson, Illinois, United States

Death: 22 Jul 1914

Father: Jesse Mc Caslin Willoughby

Mother: Mary Jane James

Name: Eva Gray Willoughby

Birth: 2 Oct 1923 Fairmont, Robeson, North Carolina, USA

Death: 25 Apr 1994 Lumberton, Robeson, North Carolina, USA

Father: Edward Willoughby

Mother: Flossie Eva Parker Willoughby

Name: Eva Jane Willoughby

Birth: 19 Jul 1891 Garrett, Ellis, Texas, USA

Death: Mar 1973 Tucumcari, Quay, New Mexico, USA

Father: James Madison Willoughby

Mother: Mary E Brothers

Name: Eva Christine Willoughby

Birth: 31 Jan 1930 Bevier Muhle, Kentucky

Death: 22 Nov 1994 Portage, Porter, Indiana, USA

Father: Lawton Granville Willoughby

Mother: Susan McElwain

Name: Eva L Willoughby

Birth: 11 JUL 1903 Legate, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 02 MAY 1977 Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA

Father: Lonzo Talley Willoughby

Mother: Mary Magdalene Spicer

Name: Eva Gertrude Willoughby

Birth: 11 May 1896 Napperby, South Australia

Death: 1978

Father: Joseph Willoughby

Mother: Maria Theresa Burns


Birth: 25.10.1912 Manchester Lancashire England

Death: 1998 Manchester Lancashire England



Name: Eva Evelyn Willoughby

Birth: 6 Nov 1919 Louth, Lincolnshire, England

Death: abt Jan 2000 North East Lincolnshire

Father: Frank Overton Willoughby

Mother: Annie Maria Silvester

Name: Eva May Willoughby

Birth: 28 Feb 1921 Southampton, Hampshire

Death: 5 March 2016 Kiama Hospital , Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Father: Alfred Ernest Willoughby

Mother: Bythia Rosetta Pember

Name: Eva Willoughby

Birth: 1893 Cerencastle, Gloucestershire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Richard Willoughby

Mother: Annie Cheffers

Name: Eva May willoughby

Birth: 15 Jan 1896 Tasmania

Death: 16 September 1968 Tasmania, Australia

Father: Private

Mother: Mary Willoughby

Name: Eva Bella Willoughby

Birth: 24 Dec 1895 Butler County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 13 Oct 1960 Muskegon, Muskegon Co., MI

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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