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Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: 15 Apr 1898 Arkansaw, Pepin, WI

Death: 28 Dec 1992 Mondovi, Buffalo, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Samuel Forest Plummer

Mother: Anna Mary Billeter

Name: Florence Olive Plummer

Birth: abt 1890 Kansas

Death: Jul 1986 Tescott, Ottawa, Kansas, USA

Father: Ulysses Grant Plummer

Mother: Erminda Quincy Plummer

Name: Florence Marion Plummer

Birth: 30 Jul 1911 Ohio

Death: 01 Aug 1991 Sun City, Maricopa, Arizona

Father: Francis Marion Plummer

Mother: Cora Elizabeth Berry

Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: 23 December 1877 Kentucky, USA

Death: 4 November 1950 Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: King Plummer

Mother: Allison

Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: Sep 1889 Minnesota

Death: Oct 1967 San Jose, Santa Clara, California, United States of America

Father: George Andrew Carnegie

Mother: Nellie Applen

Name: Florence Louise Plummer

Birth: 21 August 1917 Hardin County, Ohio, USA

Death: 3 January 2001 Lima, Allen County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: Robert Elmer Plummer

Mother: Laura LaDema NEWLAND

Name: Florence M Plummer

Birth: Sep 1866 Mile End old town, London, England

Death: Mar 1942 Rochford, Essex, England

Father: William Pealling

Mother: Elizabeth Draper

Name: Florence M. Plummer

Birth: Oct 1888 California

Death: 09 NOV 1991 Alameda, California, USA

Father: George Elliott Plummer

Mother: Jennie F. Tennent

Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: 1 Aug 1903 Casey Township, Guthrie County, Iowa, United States

Death: 15 Feb 1994 Saratoga, Santa Clara, California, USA

Father: Dennis E Plummer

Mother: Ellen A Plummer

Name: Florence Elizabeth Plummer

Birth: Oct 1863 Cottonwood Falls, Chase, Kansas

Death: 04 Jun 1947 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington

Father: Solomon Plummer

Mother: Nancy Jane Davis

Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: 12 Mar 1928 Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington

Death: 16 Jun 2003 Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon

Father: George Marion Plummer

Mother: Helen Cathrine Eyle

Name: Florence Mabel Plummer

Birth: 14 Sep 1875 Presque Isle, Aroostook, Maine, USA

Death: 23 Sep 1952

Father: Julius Augustus Plummer

Mother: Ida May Sprague

Name: Florence Gertrude Plummer

Birth: 03 Dec 1889 Cedar Creek, Scott, Arkansas, United States

Death: 7 1968 Cedar Creek, Scott, Arkansas, United States

Father: James Edward Plummer

Mother: Martha Pearson

Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: 18 Aug 1902 Openshaw, Greater Manchester, England

Death: Jun 1975 Stockport, Greater Manchester, England

Father: John Henry Plummer

Mother: Martha Moores Kay

Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: 01 SEP 1883 New Hampshire

Death: 24 Oct 1970 Washington, Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Father: George Washington Plumer

Mother: Abbie Collins

Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: 27 Jul 1941 Dade City, Pasco, Florida, USA

Death: 14 Feb 2017 Dade City, Pasco, Florida, USA

Father: Revolie Plummer

Mother: Olaza Z Leslie

Name: Florence J Plummer

Birth: 12 Mar 1928 Vancouver, Clark, Washington, USA

Death: 16 Jun 2003 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

Father: George Marion Plummer

Mother: Helen Cathrine Eyle

Name: Florence Plummer

Birth: abt 1897 New York, USA

Death: 1928 New York, USA

Father: Joseph E Plummer

Mother: Mary Emma Brigham

Name: Florence Marian Plummer

Birth: abt 1875 St Pancras, London, England

Death: 1951 Hartley, Kent, England, United Kingdom

Father: Richard Plummer

Mother: Clara Maria Pickering

Name: Florence A PLUMMER

Birth: 22 Dec 1890 Tooting, Surrey, England

Death: Sep 1970 Lewisham, London, England

Father: George Plummer

Mother: Susan Emma Vickers

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