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Results for "florence purvis"

Name: Florence Purvis

Birth: 30 AUG 1873 Ohio

Death: 5 Aug 1933 Campbell, Kentucky, United States

Father: Edward J. Wilson

Mother: Mary Rhyne

Name: Florence Irena Purvis

Birth: 1 OCT 1886 Ohio

Death: 2 Sep 1974 Mount Gilead, Morrow, Ohio, United States of America

Father: Sherman Asel Purvis

Mother: Ruth Arrella Sherman

Name: Florence Frances Purvis

Birth: 13 Apr 1937 Pembroke, Ontario

Death: 16 Nov 2007 Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Father: James Talmage Purvis

Mother: Adeline Fischer


Birth: abt 1864 North Woolwich, Kent

Death: Mar 1948 Colchester, Essex, England

Father: Benjamin Baker Pankhurst

Mother: Maria Pankhurst

Name: Florence Pansy Purvis

Birth: 24 Jun 1897 Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Death: 14 Jul 1986 Burnaby, British Columbia

Father: David Andrew Purvis

Mother: Margaret (Maggie) Cole

Name: Florence Winifred Purvis

Birth: 12 August 1887 Pt Adelaide

Death: 1961 South Australia, Australia

Father: Henry Purvis

Mother: Margaret George

Name: Florence Purvis

Birth: 1900 NORTH SHIELDS Tyne and Wear England

Death: Feb 1987 Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Father: William Henry Purvis

Mother: Hannah Miller

Name: Florence Fowler Purvis

Birth: 11 Dec 1905 Newcastle-On-Tyne

Death: 16 Jul 1977 Newcastle upon Tyne

Father: Adamson Purvis

Mother: Florence Fowler

Name: Florence Purvis

Birth: 1915 St Pancras

Death: Feb 1 1957 Romford, Essex, England

Father: Charles Purvis

Mother: Ada Woodcock

Name: Florence Purvis

Birth: 1908 Jarrow

Death: 1992 Jarrow

Father: William Fittis Purvis

Mother: Mary Florence Reddy

Name: Florence Willis Purvis

Birth: 1876 New South Wales

Death: 18 Jul 1916 Hamilton, New South Wales Australia

Father: John Henry Purvis

Mother: Jane Willis

Name: Florence Purvis

Birth: 11 Sep 1925 Co durham, England

Death: Jan 2003 Gateshead, Durham, England

Father: Stephen Purvis

Mother: elizabeth purvis

Name: Florence E. Purvis

Birth: 1901 Green Island, Albany, New York, USA

Death: 1965

Father: Thomas H Purvis

Mother: Mary Purvis

Name: florence purvis

Birth: 18 Jan 1880 St Luke, London, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Francis William Purvis*

Mother: Mary Ann Dunn

Name: Florence purvis

Birth: 27 Feb 1891 Queensland, Australia

Death: 1977

Father: Henry William Purvis

Mother: Florence Pollard

Name: Florence Purvis

Birth: 1907 Newtown, New South Wales

Death: 1978 Sydney New South Wales

Father: Charles Allen Purvis

Mother: Sylvania Muriel Rohm

Name: Florence Mozelle Purvis

Birth: 28 December 1878 Alabama, United States of America

Death: 27 March 1974 Atmore, Escambia County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: James Franklin Ledkins

Mother: Elvira Watts

Name: Florence Purvis

Birth: Abt. 1910 South Shields, Durham, England

Death: 2003

Father: Joseph Purvis

Mother: Edith Purvis

Name: Florence Edith Purvis

Birth: 1896 Hornsey, London, England

Death: 1964 Edmonton, London, England

Father: Ernest John Marriott Purvis

Mother: Jeanette DURANT

Name: Florence V Lough Purvis

Birth: 25 Dec 1899 Alton, Osborne, Kansas, USA

Death: 3 Feb 1983 Grapeview, Mason, Washington, United States

Father: Wirt Gaddis Collier

Mother: Azalea May Danner Tener Tomer

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