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Results for "florence truax"

Name: Florence Truax

Birth: 21 Apr 1922 Dalton, Livingston, New York, USA

Death: 19 Jun 2011 Dansville, Livingston, New York, USA

Father: Arthur Ray Truax

Mother: Ruby Mae Everingham

Name: Florence Julia Truax

Birth: Oct 1893 Michigan

Death: 29 Jul 1985 Goodrich, Genesee, Michigan, USA

Father: William Garrett Truax

Mother: Emila Julia Place

Name: Florence Leonora Truax

Birth: 03 Apr 1892 Binghamton, Broome County, New York, USA

Death: 17 Nov 1961 Carbondale, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Henry Lovell Truax

Mother: Roxana Randall

Name: Florence A Truax

Birth: abt 1902 United States

Death: Feb 1982

Father: William Henry Truax

Mother: Bertha Louise Marsh

Name: Florence J Truax

Birth: Jun 1872 Ohio

Death: 4 March 1955 Martins Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: William Truax

Mother: Mary Ellen Gray

Name: Florence Birney Truax

Birth: 16 Aug 1850 Cazenovia, Madison, New York

Death: 23 December 1903 Cazenovia, Madison County, New York, United States of America

Father: James Truax

Mother: Lovina Loomis

Name: Florence Truax

Birth: 20 Jan 1913 Eagle Mills, Rensselaer, New York

Death: 4 Nov 1970 Troy, Rensselaer, New York

Father: Earl L Truax

Mother: Charlotte E "Lottie" Feathers

Name: Florence Downs Truax

Birth: 24 Apr 1867 New York

Death: 1961 New York

Father: James Cleveland Truax

Mother: Mary Adelaide Downs

Name: Florence Truax

Birth: 09 May 1880 Woodsfield, Monroe County, Ohio

Death: 27 Mar 1950 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, USA

Father: George Waterman Truex

Mother: Margaret Ellen Howell

Name: Florence Emile Truax

Birth: 17 Sep 1898 Minnesota

Death: 12 Mar 1982 Los Angeles

Father: Albert Henry Powers

Mother: Johanna Elizabeth Hogan

Name: Florence Lillian Truax

Birth: 12 Mar 1910 Somerville, Fenelon, Victoria, Ontario, Canada

Death: Apr 2, 1910 Kawartha Lakes, Victoria, Ontario, Canada

Father: Edward Truax

Mother: Melissa Henritta Fountain

Name: Florence Truax

Birth: 16 Nov 1885 Florence, Oneida, New York, USA

Death: 17 Aug 1964 New Berlin, Chenango, New York, USA

Father: Albert Truax

Mother: Hattie Rose Truax

Name: Florence J Truax

Birth: abt 1913 Michigan, USA

Death: Not Available USA

Father: Milton Ross Truax

Mother: Lena Fellenz

Name: Florence E. Truax

Birth: 26 NOV 1851 Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY

Death: 13 MAR 1929 Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY

Father: Nelson H Truax

Mother: Sarah Whitney

Name: Florence Elizabeth Truax

Birth: 02 Mar 1870 Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa, United States

Death: 08 Dec 1900 Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa, United States

Father: Elijah P. Truax

Mother: Priscilla E Dalrymple

Name: Florence Truax

Birth: 3 Jan 1905 Dover, Kent, Delaware, USA

Death: 2 Apr 1996 Dover, Kent, Delaware, USA

Father: Frank Victor Truax

Mother: Avis Griffin

Name: Florence V. TRUAX

Birth: 8 January 1899 Bethel Twp, Fulton Co, Pennsylvania

Death: 14 Feb 1974 Everett, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Albert Truax

Mother: Mary E Carnell

Name: Florence Truax

Birth: abt 1904 Massachusetts

Death: Not Available

Father: Freeman E Truax

Mother: Minnie Unknown

Name: Florence I Truax

Birth: 10 Feb 1909 Fulton County, Pennsylvania

Death: 07 Apr 1937 Bedford, Bedford, Pennsylvania

Father: Thomas R Truax

Mother: Nellie A Mellott

Name: Florence Klingharding Truax

Birth: 8 Nov 1920 Calhoun County, MI

Death: 19 NOV 2007 Laurels Rest Home, Coldwater, Branch County, MI

Father: Emanuel Sylvester Truax


Name: Florence A Truax

Birth: 1923 Connecticut

Death: Not Available

Father: Albert G Truax

Mother: Alice C Truax

Name: Florence Malvina Truax

Birth: 23 May 1851 Dunham, Quebec, Canada

Death: 21 Oct 1921 Franklin, Vermont, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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