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Name: Florence E WESTBROOK

Birth: abt 1886 Mississippi

Death: 12 Apr 1974 Guin, Marion, Alabama, United States of America

Father: John D. Westbrook

Mother: Henrietta ALFORD

Name: Florence Elizabeth WESTBROOK

Birth: 6 Mar 1876 Hutton Gate, Yorkshire, England

Death: Jun 1954 Cleveland, Yorkshire North Riding, England

Father: Henry WESTBROOK

Mother: Elizabeth HOLLAND

Name: Florence Penelope Westbrook

Birth: 6 Jul 1898 Bolton, Columbus, North Carolina, USA

Death: 22 SEP 1955 Lancaster,, Lancaster, South Carolina, USA

Father: James Westbrook

Mother: Mary Ellen Inman

Name: Florence Roseta Westbrook

Birth: 18 Jun 1894 St. Pancras, London, England

Death: Oct/Nov/Dec 1969 Enfield, Greater, London, England

Father: William George WESTBROOK

Mother: Ada STEWART

Name: Florence Henry“Flonnie” Westbrook

Birth: 22 Oct 1904 North Carolina, USA

Death: 3 January 1992 Wayne County, North Carolina, USA

Father: W Henry Westbrook

Mother: Phariba J Johnson

Name: Florence Emily Westbrook

Birth: July 1874 Holborn, London

Death: 1960 Rochford, Essex, England

Father: John James Westbrook

Mother: Maria Goodman

Name: Florence Jane Westbrook

Birth: 20 Mar 1870 Greater London, UK

Death: 02 Jul 1939 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

Father: William John Westbrook

Mother: Hannah Chant

Name: Florence Gertrude Westbrook

Birth: 06 Mar 1891 New Hanover, Natal, South Africa

Death: 1969 Natal, South Africa

Father: William Henry Westbrook

Mother: Alice Mary Mayne

Name: Florence Jane Westbrook

Birth: 1881 approx. West Dean, Sussex, England

Death: 1940 approx. Ireland

Father: Henry James Westbrook

Mother: Eleanor Ann Pennycook

Name: Florence Westbrook

Birth: 30 Apr 1900 Bourne, Surrey, England

Death: Feb 1985 Surrey North-western, Surrey, England

Father: Herbert George Westbrook

Mother: Laura Jane Budd

Name: Florence Evelyn Westbrook

Birth: 15 March 1931 Georgia

Death: 2014/09/24

Father: Gildy Roy Westbrook


Name: Florence Lucy WESTBROOK

Birth: 17 MAR 1888 Chertsey, Surrey, England




Name: Florence Emma Westbrook

Birth: 1923 Ontario, Canada

Death: 12 January 2011 Kitchener, Waterloo Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada

Father: Horrace Westbrook

Mother: Florence Maud Tolhurst

Name: Florence Westbrook

Birth: 10 Feb 1881 Alabama

Death: 23 Oct 1943 Winfield, Titus, Texas, USA

Father: George Washington Westbrook

Mother: Sibby Rollins

Name: Florence Westbrook

Birth: 13 Nov 1921 Jakin, Early, Georgia, United States

Death: 1930

Father: Lemuel Wyatt Westbrook

Mother: Ethel Corbitt

Name: Florence J. Westbrook

Birth: May 1876 New Jersey, USA

Death: 29 Dec 1911

Father: Hyman Westbrook

Mother: Bethia K. Buckley

Name: Florence Queenie Westbrook

Birth: July 1889 Norwood, Surrey, England

Death: Not Available Kettering

Father: Alfred William Westbrook

Mother: Sarah Kate Billingham

Name: Florence Ethel Westbrook

Birth: Mar 1911 Hereford, Herefordshire, England

Death: Sep 1991 New Milton, Hampshire, England

Father: William Lewis Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Florence Tremelling

Name: Florence Westbrook

Birth: 4 Jan 1858 Beat 4, Henderson, Texas, United States

Death: 1 Aug 1886 Navarro County, Texas

Father: John Wesley Westbrook

Mother: Drucilla Bess Sanders

Name: Florence E Westbrook

Birth: 1863 Manchester Lancashire England

Death: Not Available

Father: Thomas Westbrook

Mother: Mary Ellen Shields

Name: Florence Lillian Westbrook

Birth: Sep 29 1879 Lee County, Texas

Death: Aug 22 1945 Houston, Harris, Texas

Father: Joseph Warren Westbrook

Mother: Mary Phillips

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