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Name: Floyd Adams

Birth: 1 Oct 1895 Letcher, Kentucky

Death: 18 Feb 1980 Woodford, Kentucky

Father: David Maggard Adams

Mother: Matilda B Gibson

Name: Floyd Samuel Adams

Birth: 8 Oct 1888 Kouts, Indiana

Death: 26 May 1966 Berrien, Berrien, Michigan

Father: Samuel Adams

Mother: Sarah M Douglas

Name: Floyd Adams

Birth: 6 Apr 1914 Gale, Illinois, United States

Death: 14 Jun 1976 Thebes, Alexander, Illinois, United States

Father: Walter Thedor Adams

Mother: Florence Emily Malone

Name: Floyd Francis ADAMS

Birth: 17 Aug 1914 Gosport, Owen County, Indiana, USA

Death: 29 October 2000 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA

Father: Clyde Adams

Mother: Belvia May Martin

Name: Floyd Malgie Adams

Birth: 2 Feb 1895 Alabama, USA

Death: 24 February 1984 Pell City, Saint Clair, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Franklin Marshall Jackson "Frank" Adams

Mother: Mahala "Ellen" Isbell

Name: Floyd Henry Adams

Birth: 1 Apr 1891 Piney Creek, Alleghany County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 22 Aug 1957 Jefferson, Ashe, North Carolina, United States

Father: William James Adams

Mother: Talitha Cumi Reeves

Name: Floyd Daniel Adams

Birth: 8 Mar 1892 Skiddy, Morris, Kansas, USA

Death: 28 Jun 1971 Council Grove, Morris, Kansas, United States

Father: George W Adams

Mother: Nancy Jane Williams

Name: Floyd Leonard Adams

Birth: 15 Aug 1894 Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois, USA

Death: 28 Jan 1972 Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois, USA

Father: Cyrus Robert Adams

Mother: Lulu May Lehman

Name: Floyd Preston Adams

Birth: Apr 1836 Mo

Death: 1916

Father: Jesse Adams

Mother: Rhoda Martin

Name: Floyd William Adams

Birth: 20 Oct 1912 Thatcher, Box Elder, Utah

Death: 6 Jan 1972 Tremonton, Box Elder, Utah, USA

Father: Dennis Elias Adams

Mother: Catherine Priscilla Harris

Name: Floyd Gus Adams

Birth: 30 Jul 1914 Hiawatha, Carbon, Utah, USA

Death: 07 Nov 1989 Price, Carbon County, Utah, United States of America

Father: Augustus Adams

Mother: Emeline Anderson

Name: Floyd Cecil "Bud" Adams

Birth: 13 August 1903 Brookland, Craighead, Arkansas, USA

Death: 8 March 1970 Bay, Craighead, Arkansas, USA

Father: William Harley Adams

Mother: Annie Adams

Name: Floyd Ardell Adams

Birth: 4 OCT 1904 Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah

Death: 11 Dec 1985 Yuba City, Sutter, California, USA

Father: Delos Edgar Adams

Mother: Hannah Christine Peterson

Name: Floyd Wilber ADAMS

Birth: 11 May 1892 Flemington, Taylor, West Virginia

Death: 02 Dec 1970 Collegeville, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA


Mother: Harriet L. Clevenger

Name: Floyd Travis (Shy) Adams

Birth: 2 Dec 1915 Ocampo, Chilton, Alabama, USA

Death: 9 Oct 1997 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Father: Elliot Nathan Adams

Mother: Eulah Carrie Whitener

Name: Floyd B "Floyie" Adams

Birth: 12 January 1906 Falls County, Texas

Death: 26 Apr 1983 McLennan, Texas, USA


Mother: Rebecca Louise Myers

Name: Floyd George Adams

Birth: 01 July 1923 Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi, USA

Death: 19 December 2014 Ohio, United States

Father: James Rolin Codocious Adams

Mother: Nellie Littlejohn

Name: Floyd Elmer Adams

Birth: 1 Jan 1923 Kentucky

Death: 5 Feb 2010 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: James Wesley Adams

Mother: Lenora Cummins

Name: Floyd Jennings Adams

Birth: 05 Apr 1900 Rosebud, Gasconade County, Missouri, United States

Death: 2/08/1972 Rosebud, Gasconade County, Missouri, USA

Father: George Elmer Adams

Mother: Virginia Louella Rodgers

Name: Floyd Jack Adams

Birth: 27 Sep 1920 Duchesne, Duchesne, Utah, United States

Death: 7 Jan 1951 Butte, Silver Bow, Montana, USA

Father: Robert Daniel Adams

Mother: Emma Louisa Brundage

Name: Floyd Thomas Adams

Birth: 29 Oct 1875 Nora Springs, Floyd Co., Iowa

Death: 15 Sep 1953 What Cheer, Keokuk Co., Iowa

Father: Samuel Adams

Mother: Eve Brolliar

Name: Floyd Jerome Adams

Birth: 1 Dec 1900 Marinette, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 3 Aug 1984 Port Orchard, Kitsap, Washington, USA

Father: Frank Adams

Mother: Lydia Howe Wisner

Name: Floyd Tilley Adams

Birth: 24 September 1896 Watertown, Jefferson, New York, United States

Death: 08 January 1963 Buffalo New York/ Veteran's Hospital

Father: Tilley Mantle Adams

Mother: Lona M. Gregg

Name: Floyd (Lockman) Adams

Birth: 21 May 1903 Kentucky, USA

Death: 3 Sep 1969 Grant, Kentucky, USA

Father: George W. Adams

Mother: Sarah Ellen (George W. Adams) Robinson


Birth: 13 Apr 1905 Chesterfield County, South Carolina, USA

Death: 16 Sep 1964 Morven, Anson, North Carolina, USA


Mother: Flora Griggs

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