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Results for "fred mccoy"

Name: Fred James McCoy

Birth: 12 May 1893 Boone, Boone, Iowa, United States

Death: 14 August, 1957 Hastings, Dakota, Minnesota, USA

Father: William James McCoy

Mother: Louise A Yegge

Name: Fred Lee McCoy

Birth: 5 November 1894 Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky, United States of America

Death: 24 Nov 1977 Flushing, Queens County, New York

Father: James Redman McCoy

Mother: Martha Elizabeth Perry

Name: Fred Montgomery McCoy

Birth: 22 May 1894 Highlands, Macon, North Carolina, United States

Death: 16 Jul 1962 Sylva, Jackson, North Carolina, USA

Father: John W McCoy

Mother: Drucilla Holland

Name: Fred McCoy

Birth: 2 Apr 1924 Statesville, Iredell, North Carolina, USA

Death: 12 May 2011 Statesville, Iredell, North Carolina, USA

Father: Fred David McCoy

Mother: Margaret Leona McCoy

Name: Fred Douglas McCoy

Birth: abt 1891 Arkansas

Death: 15 Dec 1971 Center Ridge, Conway, Arkansas, USA

Father: William McCoy

Mother: Nancy Ann Bartlett

Name: Fred Garfield McCoy

Birth: 15 Apr 1885 Wesley, Arkansas

Death: 27 Dec 1977 Wesley, Madison, Arkansas, United States of America

Father: James McCoy

Mother: Rachel Elizabeth Boyd

Name: Fred McCoy

Birth: 04 Sep 1904 Cleveland, North Carolina

Death: July 24, 1948 North Carolina, USA

Father: John William McCoy

Mother: Mary Ann Toney

Name: Fred W McCoy

Birth: 10 Apr 1877 Michigan

Death: 1960 Birch Run, Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Father: James H. McCOY

Mother: Rachel Ett Sackett

Name: Fred Thomas McCoy

Birth: 18 Jan 1901 West Virginia, USA

Death: 23 Oct 1973 Madison, Jefferson, Indiana, USA

Father: William J. McCoy

Mother: Sarah Barnes

Name: Fred McCoy

Birth: 28 Feb 1882 Rockville, Parke, Indiana

Death: August 1957 Rockville, Parke County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Garnet E Mccoy

Mother: Jesse H MCCOY

Name: Fred A. McCoy

Birth: November 1896 Tishomingo County, Mississippi, United States

Death: 24 SEP 1961 Mississippi USA

Father: William A Mc Coy

Mother: Rachel Barnes

Name: Fred Bernard Mccoy

Birth: 18 Mar 1892 Melville Twp., Audubon, Iowa

Death: Apr 1983 Carroll, Carroll, Iowa, USA

Father: Charles Edgar McCoy

Mother: Margaret Coleman

Name: Fred McCoy

Birth: 14 Aug 1865 Belvidere, Boone County, IL

Death: 09 Mar 1947 Belvidere, Boone, IL

Father: Isaac Newton Mc Coy

Mother: Cynthia Ann Penwell

Name: Fred J McCoy

Birth: 2 Nov 1904 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Death: 10 October 1976 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States of America

Father: Robert Legrand McCOY


Name: Fred Mccoy

Birth: 26 Dec 1890 Florida,United States of America

Death: 4 Nov 1970 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

Father: James McCoy

Mother: Hannah E. McCoy

Name: Fred Lansing MCCOY

Birth: 22 Aug 1915 Goodwins Ferry, Giles County, Virginia

Death: 18 Dec 2007 Gainesville, Ga

Father: James McCoy

Mother: Maude Lou Vaught

Name: Fred Bruce McCoy

Birth: 21 Dec 1928 Petersburg, Virginia

Death: 9 Nov 2002 Princeton, Johnston, North Carolina

Father: Walter McCoy

Mother: Mary Johnson

Name: Fred McCoy

Birth: Abt. 1937 Pennsylvania

Death: 1989 Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Lawrence McCoy

Mother: Margaret Ellen Walker

Name: Fred C McCoy

Birth: 6/Dec/1905 Illinois

Death: 10 June 1983 Chicago Il

Father: Fred C Brinkman

Mother: Mary Radke

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