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Name: George Washington Bailey

Birth: 5 Dec 1859 De Kalb, Georgia, United States

Death: 09 Oct 1935 Texas, Titus County

Father: William BAILEY

Mother: Sarah Ann Stone

Name: George (W. K.) Washington Kelly Bailey

Birth: 23Dec1823 Clarksville, Pike, Missouri

Death: 25 May 1907 Eureka, Rice, Kansas, United States

Father: Bensen John BAILEY

Mother: Eva Elizabeth KELLY

Name: George M Bailey

Birth: 28 Aug 1864 Wiscasset, Lincoln, Maine, USA

Death: 4 July 1927 Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA

Father: Marcellus H Bailey

Mother: Margaret Norfleet Wynne

Name: George McClellan Bailey

Birth: Jan 20, 1866 Adams, Green, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 25 Mar 1947 Presho, Lyman, South Dakota, USA

Father: William Lee Bailey

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Blair

Name: George Thomas Bailey

Birth: 7 Nov 1894 Benton County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 3 November 1959 Ontario, San Bernardino, California, United States

Father: Benjamin Arnold Bailey

Mother: Orlena Virginia Gholson

Name: George Bailey

Birth: 5 Mar 1842 South Petherton, Somerset, England

Death: 07 Nov 1937 Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia

Father: Jonah Bailey

Mother: Maria Matthews

Name: George Herbert Bailey

Birth: 1 Jan 1858 Colombo, Western Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Death: 10 Oct 1926 Hobart, Tasmania

Father: Joseph Brooke Halliley Bailey

Mother: Georgina Simons

Name: George William Bailey

Birth: 5 Aug 1886 Shamokin, Pennsylvania

Death: 14 August 1958 Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Elwood Baily

Mother: Catherine "Alverta" "Mabel" Haas

Name: George Bailey

Birth: 17 Dec 1859 Mt. Gilead, Morrow, Ohio, United States

Death: 17 January 1920 Marion, Marion County, Ohio, USA

Father: David Bailey

Mother: Sarah B Weaver

Name: George Lewis Bailey

Birth: 28 Mar 1906 Ohio, United States

Death: 4 Nov 1982 Russells Point, Logan, Ohio, United States

Father: William Frank Bailey

Mother: Amelia Alice Seeley

Name: George Lemely Newton Bailey

Birth: 26 October 1859 Augusta County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 4 April 1924 Rockport, Allen Co, Ohio

Father: George Lemely Newton Bailey

Mother: Elizabeth Kiracofe

Name: George Bailey

Birth: 23 May 1895 Hartford, Van Buren, Michigan

Death: 3 June 1981 St Joseph, Berrien, Michigan

Father: George Henry Bailey

Mother: Edna Van Auken

Name: George Edwin Bailey

Birth: 24 JAN 1863 Aston; Manor, Warwickshire, England

Death: 5 Sept 1941 Pocatello, Bannock, ID, USA

Father: William Bailey

Mother: Ellen Morris Foster

Name: George curtis Bailey

Birth: 6 Nov 1913 Deatsville, Alabama

Death: 8 Aug 1997 Asheville, Buncombe, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: James George Washington Bailey

Mother: Mary Bell Herring

Name: George Lincoln Bailey

Birth: 2 Nov 1862 Wilton Junction, Muscatine, Iowa, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1945 Edgar, Nebraska, USA

Father: Joseph Bailey

Mother: Eliza Harrison

Name: George Nelson Bailey

Birth: 01 JAN 1855 Houston, Tennessee, USA

Death: 4 Nov 1928 TN, USA

Father: John Calvin Bailey

Mother: Elizabeth F 'Bettie' Cooley

Name: George Bailey

Birth: 7 Jan 1773 Shenandoah, Virginia, United States

Death: 24 Jul 1848 Sugar Creek, Hancock, Indiana, United States

Father: John Joseph Bailey

Mother: Susan House

Name: George Washington Bailey

Birth: 21 Jan 1870 Alton, Oregon, Missouri

Death: 3 Dec 1958 Alton, Oregon, Missouri

Father: Harvey Bailey

Mother: Mary Jane "Aunt Polly" Warren

Name: George Malcolm Bailey.

Birth: 1 May 1894 St Albans, , New South Wales, Australia

Death: 1 Sep 1923 Mine, disarster bellbird

Father: david BAILEY

Mother: Ann Elizabeth FERNANCE

Name: George Andrew Bailey

Birth: abt 1872 Montgomery County, Iowa, USA

Death: 19 March 1953 Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, United States of America

Father: Henry Fraley Bailey

Mother: Minerva Jane Cook

Name: George W Bailey

Birth: 29 Jul 1859 Missouri, USA

Death: 07 Jun 1931 Umapine, Umatilla, Oregon, USA

Father: George W Bailey

Mother: Perneta Mae O'Donald

Name: George Edward Bailey

Birth: 18 June 1859 Whitefield, Lincoln County, Maine, USA

Death: 8 October 1900 Saugus, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA


Mother: Harriet Jane Palmer

Name: George Perry Bailey

Birth: 20 Mar 1816 Lancaster, Lancaster, South Carolina, United States

Death: 1886 Oxford, Sumter County, Florida, USA

Father: Kennedy William BAILEY

Mother: Mary Polly Ann Perry

Name: George Lewis Bailey

Birth: 15 Apr 1867 Carter, Carter, Kentucky, USA

Death: 3 Sep 1955 Hays, Rowan, Kentucky, United States

Father: Elijah Everette Bailey

Mother: Susan Jane McBrayer

Name: George Bailey

Birth: 7 Aug 1868 Greensboro, Choctaw, Mississippi, United States

Death: 10 Nov 1955 Fannin, Texas, United States

Father: William David BAILEY

Mother: Matilda Mahon ADKINS

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