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Name: George Lee Haney

Birth: 12 Mar 1887 Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee, United States

Death: 17 March 1959 Athens, Mcminn, Tennessee, USA. Cedar Grove Cemetery

Father: Isaac Robert Haney

Mother: Hulda Parlee Dixon Haney

Name: George M. Haney

Birth: Sep 1859 Michigan

Death: 12/05/1926 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: Elijah HANEY

Mother: Harrietta Lane Joslin

Name: George Washington Haney

Birth: 25 Nov 1846 Tennessee

Death: 7 Jul 1922 Charleston, Bradley, Tennessee, United States

Father: William Haney

Mother: Jane Parr

Name: George Washington Haney

Birth: 19 May 1859 Marietta, Cobb, Georgia, USA

Death: 1/21/1937 Hemet,CA

Father: Daniel Haney

Mother: Sarah Ann Haynes

Name: George C Haney

Birth: 1 Dec 1877 Urbana, Illinois

Death: May 1, 1951 Great Falls, Cascade Co, Montana

Father: James Haney

Mother: Martha Belle Davis

Name: George Herbert Haney

Birth: 28 Sep 1894 Erwinna, Pennsylvania, USA,

Death: 28 Feb 1944 Phillipsburg, Warren, New Jersey

Father: William Henry Haney

Mother: Anna Nicholas

Name: George Elwin Haney

Birth: 14 November 1908 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States

Death: april 1974 Culver City, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Father: Oliver Alfred Haney

Mother: Hattie Mary Reynolds

Name: George W Haney

Birth: 7 Mar 1914 Texas

Death: 3 Jan 1975 Hunt, Texas

Father: WilliamThimothy Haney


Name: George W Haney

Birth: 26 Apr 1901 Oklahoma

Death: Feb 1977 Big Cabin, Craig, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: James Taylor Haney

Mother: Lucy Epperson

Name: George Redmond Haney

Birth: 1908 Arkansas, USA

Death: 31 January 1963 Arkansas, USA

Father: George Redman Haney


Name: George Willie Haney

Birth: 8 Sep 1904 KY, Kenton Co.

Death: 5 Sep 1979 Kenton, Kentucky

Father: Henry B Haney

Mother: Minnie Mae Hoffman

Name: George R. Haney

Birth: 11 DEC 1879 Marion County, Alabama

Death: 14 May 1965 Winfield, Marion County, Alabama, USA

Father: William Ransom Haney

Mother: Mary Ann Cockrell

Name: George W Haney

Birth: 18 December 1879 Arkansas

Death: 26 Dec 1917 Mexia, Limestone Co, Texas, USA

Father: Reuben Haney

Mother: Emma Caroline Murray

Name: George Allen Haney

Birth: 12/22/1892 West Virginia

Death: 22 Mar 1951 Taylor, West Virginia, United States

Father: William Walter Haney

Mother: Malissa Evelyn Snyder

Name: George D Haney

Birth: 1846 Perry County-Tennessee

Death: 7 Dec 1915 Perry, Tennessee, United States

Father: Salathiel Haney

Mother: Winnie Laxson * Coble * Haney

Name: George N. Haney

Birth: 5 Apr 1864 Greene, Virginia, USA

Death: 26 Dec 1940 Virginia, United States

Father: William Haney

Mother: Sarah Haney

Name: George H Haney

Birth: 23 Jan 1911 Indiana

Death: Jan 1986 New Haven, Allen County, Indiana, USA

Father: John William Haney

Mother: Anna Luella Enders

Name: George Haney

Birth: 17 Jul 1788 Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 04/18/1863 Brown, Miami Co, Ohio, USA

Father: Erasmus N. Henig (Haney)

Mother: Margaretha Nicholson Rinehart

Name: George Haney

Birth: 1 Jun 1875 North Carolina

Death: 28 Oct 1957 Nebo, McDowell County, North Carolina

Father: Daniel Wesley Haney

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Allred

Name: george Haney

Birth: 1839 White Rock, Carroll, Missouri, United States

Death: 23 Dec 1908 Holliday, Johnson, Kansas, United States

Father: William I Haney

Mother: Mary Bailey

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