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Name: George Pitts

Birth: 4 Jun 1918 Golden Valley County, North Dakota, USA

Death: 4 Nov 2002 Shelton, Mason, Washington, USA

Father: George Pitts

Mother: Julia Johanna Becker

Name: George Washington Pitts

Birth: 16 January 1804 Tennessee, United States

Death: 10 Dec 1908 Menifee, Kentucky, United States

Father: Jonathan Pitts

Mother: +Winna Watkins

Name: George Robert pitts

Birth: 20 Mar 1896 Pennsylvania

Death: 24 December 1974 Philadelphia, PA

Father: John Williams Pitts

Mother: Elizabeth Downe Butler

Name: George Henry Pitts

Birth: 14 MAY 1854 Sparta, Caroline County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 30 NOV 1937 Upper Zion, Caroline County, Virginia, United States of America

Father: Andrew Jackson Pitts

Mother: Elizabeth Sarah Green

Name: George Pitts

Birth: 26 Oct 1806 Great Barford Bedfordshire

Death: 23 Sep 1846 Great Barford, Bedfordshire, England.

Father: James Pitts

Mother: Elizabeth Chapman

Name: George Albert PITTS

Birth: Jul 1878 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

Death: Apr 1951 Castleford

Father: Fred Pitts

Mother: Ann Rhodes

Name: George PITTS

Birth: 1 Dec 1864 Clophill Bedfordshire

Death: Sep 1944 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England

Father: George Pitts

Mother: Miranda Handscombe

Name: George Wilbur Pitts

Birth: 28 Nov 1927 Caroline County, VA, USA

Death: 9 Feb 2018 Ruther Glen, Caroline, Virginia, USA

Father: George Leslie Pitts

Mother: Gladys Delilah Bruce

Name: George J. Pitts

Birth: 15 June 1922 South Carolina


Father: George James Pitts

Mother: Fannie W Pitts

Name: George Pitts

Birth: Q1 1829 Gt Barrington, Gloucestershire, England

Death: Q4 1883 Evesham, Worcestershire

Father: Richard Pitts

Mother: Johanna Harris

Name: George N Pitts

Birth: abt 1914 North Carolina

Death: Oct 1967 Hickory, Catawba, North Carolina, United States

Father: Harrison Conrad Pitts

Mother: Flossie Evalonia Whitworth

Name: George Elbert Pitts

Birth: 5/23/1892 New York

Death: 2 Feb 1961 NEW JERSEY USA

Father: George Elbert Pitts

Mother: Hattie Raynor

Name: George Pitts

Birth: 2 July 1876 Caroline County, Virginia, USA

Death: 4 Jul 1970 Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Father: George Wilton Pitts

Mother: Elizabeth Chenault

Name: George Howard Pitts

Birth: abt 1907 Virginia

Death: June 5, 1974 Richmond, Chesterfield, Virginia, USA

Father: Leonard Augustus Pitts

Mother: Mary Jane Moss

Name: George Elbert Pitts

Birth: Oct 1856 New York

Death: 1940 Newark, Essex, New Jersey, USA

Father: George David Pitts

Mother: Eliza Hall

Name: George Alvin Pitts

Birth: 9 Nov 1890 Williamsburg, Virginia

Death: 29 Feb 1968 Newport News, Virginia, USA

Father: John Allan Pitts

Mother: Harriett Mahone

Name: George Cameron Pitts

Birth: 12 Nov 1881 King and Queen County, Virginia

Death: 27 November 1964 Tappahannock, Essex, Virginia, USA

Father: Reuben Cook Pitts

Mother: Ida Ross Patterson

Name: George Pitts

Birth: Jan 1867 Boston, Mass

Death: bef 1930 Hot Springs, Madison, Montana

Father: George Staples Pitts

Mother: Ellen Mariah CLARK

Name: George Pitts

Birth: 5 February 1884 Tennessee

Death: nov.19,1952 MT Pleasant, Maury, Tennessee

Father: Vansell Wales Pitts

Mother: Martha Canzady Parsley

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