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Name: George Sutton

Birth: abt 1839 Ohio

Death: 31 Dec 1917 Upper, Lawrence, Ohio, United States

Father: Richard Sutton

Mother: Rispy Jane Alford

Name: George Harry Sutton

Birth: 4 Mar 1927 Chester, Morris, New Jersey, USA

Death: 26 Jan 2004 Palmyra, Fluvanna, Virginia, United States of America

Father: Paul Leroy Sutton

Mother: Anna Mattilda Becker

Name: George Carrington Sutton

Birth: 12 Nov 1859 Osawatomie, Lykins, Kansas Territory, USA

Death: 5 Dec 1945 Ellis, Missouri, United States

Father: Joseph C Sutton

Mother: Esther Jane Perry

Name: George W Sutton

Birth: 11 Dec 1833 Morton Township, Alamance Co, North Carolina, USA

Death: 15 Feb 1915 Alamance Co., North Carolina USA

Father: John F. Sutton

Mother: Mary M Cockrus

Name: george sutton

Birth: 1843 Burslem, Staffordshire, England

Death: January 1899 Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Father: Samuel Sutton

Mother: Edna Matilda Daniel

Name: George Fowler Sutton

Birth: abt 1797 Scarbrough, Yorkshire, England

Death: Oct 1868 Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England

Father: Thomas Sutton

Mother: Eleanor Fowler

Name: George Sutton

Birth: 17 Mar 1826 Willingham, Cambridgeshire, England

Death: 16 Jan 1927 Mason City, Effingham, Illinois, United States

Father: William Sutton

Mother: Sarah Wilkin

Name: George Wright Sutton

Birth: 21 Apr 1898 Kentucky

Death: 25 Nov 1978 Marion, Crittenden Co., Kentucky

Father: George William Sutton

Mother: Margaret Ophelia Richardson *

Name: George Sutton

Birth: ABT 1835 Kegworth, Leicestershire, England

Death: SEP 1893 Sheffield, Yorkshire

Father: John Sutton

Mother: Sarah Sutton

Name: George Mills SUTTON

Birth: 7 May 1918 District of Columbia

Death: 8 Jul 1987 Colorado

Father: Clarence George Sutton

Mother: Maple Elizabeth Livesey

Name: George Murphy Sutton

Birth: 16 Oct 1923 Los Angeles, California

Death: 19 Mar 2007 Eugene, Lane, Oregon, USA

Father: George Murphy Sutton

Mother: Cora Ethel Schaefer

Name: George Everette Sutton

Birth: Jun 1881 Nebraska

Death: 23 Nov 1961 Orange, Orange, California, USA

Father: Francis Marion Sutton

Mother: Nancy Jane Gee

Name: George Siegler Sutton

Birth: 10 Mar 1879 Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 16 Feb 1948 Glenside, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Zeigler SUTTON

Mother: Sophia G Humphreys

Name: George Sutton

Birth: 23 Aug 1896 Jefferson, Georgia, USA

Death: 16 Sep 1982 Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, United States

Father: Benjamin Sutton

Mother: Mary Todd

Name: George Alvin Sutton

Birth: 24 Dec 1919 Coke

Death: 06 Jul 1991 Howard, Texas, USA

Father: Arthur Lewis Sutton

Mother: Treacy Bell Musick Thompson

Name: George Washington Sutton

Birth: 12 Jun 1847 Harlan, Harlan, Kentucky

Death: 11 FEB 1900 Sebree, Ky.

Father: William M Sutton

Mother: Elizabeth Hampton

Name: George Franklin Sutton

Birth: 21 Nov 1882 Nevada, Vernon, Missouri, USA

Death: 2 Sep 1942 Hermiston, Umatilla, Oregon, USA

Father: William Sutton

Mother: Hester Temperance Decker

Name: George W Sutton

Birth: Abt. 1826 Perquimans County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 23 Jul 1900 Perquimans County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Thomas Sutton

Mother: Mary Brown Small

Name: George Sutton

Birth: 1876 167 High St, Silverdale, Staffordshire, England

Death: 1947 152 High St, Silverdale, Staffordshire, England

Father: George Sutton

Mother: Elizabeth Morgan

Name: George W SUTTON

Birth: 10 Mar 1843 White, Arkansas, United States

Death: 9 Dec 1916 San Bois, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Ephraim Sutton

Mother: Barbara Mahan Gilbreath

Name: George Sutton

Birth: 21 Mar 1871 Hastings, Ontario, Canada

Death: 28 Jun 1943 New Liskeard, Timiskaming, Ontario, Canada

Father: George Thomas Sutton

Mother: Margaret Elmira Fletcher

Name: George Sutton

Birth: abt 1833 Hoole, Lancashire, England

Death: 8 Apr 1865 Preston, Lancashire

Father: William Sutton

Mother: Alice Bamford

Name: George Cecil Sutton

Birth: 20 Jan 1919 Bryceland, Bienville, Louisiana

Death: 10 Aug 1994 Arcadia, LA

Father: George Cecil Sutton

Mother: Myrtle Tilley

Name: George S. Sutton

Birth: 11 Feb 1903 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

Death: Aug 1976 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

Father: Charles Elmer Sutton

Mother: J. Gertrude Smith

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