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Name: George Walter Trevett

Birth: 12 Aug 1929 Estherville, Iowa

Death: 27 May 1993 Harris County, Texas, USA

Father: George W. Trevett

Mother: Lillian Hall Smith

Name: George Albert Trevett

Birth: 3 Nov 1855 Lancing, Sussex, England

Death: 1931 Sussex County, England

Father: Francis Trevett

Mother: Sarah Jeffree

Name: George Trevett

Birth: abt 1834 West Stapleton, Dorset

Death: 1900 Fordington St George, Dorset

Father: Reuben Trevett

Mother: Mary Clarke Dimond

Name: George Trevett

Birth: 27 Apr 1707 Puncknowle, Dorset, England

Death: Jan 1783 Puncknowle, Dorset, England

Father: John Trevett 6ggf

Mother: Mary Legg

Name: George Edward Trevett

Birth: 26 Feb 1887 Broadalbin, Fulton, New York, USA

Death: 07 Apr 1966 Ilion, Herkimer, New York, USA

Father: Henry Louis Trevett

Mother: Julia C Stark

Name: George Peter Trevett

Birth: 20 May 1908 Woodford, Essex, England

Death: 20 Feb 1976 Southend on Sea, Essex, England

Father: John Trevett

Mother: Eleanor (Nelly) Barton

Name: George W Trevett

Birth: April 1889 Upway, Dorset, England

Death: 9 July 1985 Seaton, Devon, England

Father: James Trevitt

Mother: Elizabeth Lock

Name: George Trevett

Birth: 1786 Loders Dorset

Death: abt 1835 Netherbury, Dorset, England

Father: Francis Trevett

Mother: Mary Collins

Name: George Trevett

Birth: 6 Mar 1865 Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Jul 1947

Father: Ferdinand Hollinsworth Truitt

Mother: Mary Ann Willauer

Name: George Trevett

Birth: 7 March 1928 New York, USA

Death: 8 September 1970 Ilion, NY, USA

Father: George Edward Trevett

Mother: Nettie Donlan

Name: George Albert Trevett

Birth: 26 Jul 1865 English Harbour East, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Death: 01 Mar 1931 Los Angeles Co., CA

Father: John Trivett

Mother: Sarah Dodge

Name: George Albert Trevett

Birth: 12 Sep 1887 St John Westminster, London, London, England

Death: 11 Dec 1965 London, England

Father: George Trevett

Mother: Clara Trevett

Name: George Trevett

Birth: 17 Nov 1839 Puncknowle Dorset

Death: Apr 1870 Sherborne, Dorset, England

Father: Richard Trivett

Mother: Sarah Richards Trevett

Name: George Trevett

Birth: abt 1859 Abbotsbury, Dorset, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Charles Trevett

Mother: Mary Cozens Blanchard

Name: George Trevett

Birth: Jan 1822 Vermont

Death: 15 February 1901

Father: Eleazer Trevett

Mother: rebecca

Name: George Albert Trevett

Birth: 1885 Wisborough Green, Sussex, England

Death: 4 Feb 1961 Wisborough Green, Sussex, England

Father: James Shrubb

Mother: Jane Trevett

Name: George Albert - Laddie TREVETT

Birth: 15 Aug 1885 Lancing, Sussex

Death: Jan 1961 Lancing, Sussex, England

Father: George Albert TREVETT

Mother: Mary Annie Letitia Poland

Name: George Allen Trevett

Birth: 12 Apr 1926

Death: 6 Feb 2009 Arizona

Father: George Andy Trevett

Mother: Arlene Dorothea Hallock

Name: George Andy Trevett

Birth: 30 May 1905 Dougherty, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, USA

Death: 15 February 1981 Orange County, California, USA

Father: Alexander Milloy

Mother: Della May Tatum

Name: George Charles Trevett

Birth: 20 Jan 1828 Broadmayne, Dorset

Death: 09 Apr 1920 Mason City, Iowa, USA

Father: Isaac Trevett

Mother: Elizabeth Mary "Eliza" Charles

Name: George Charles Trevett

Birth: 6 Sep 1854 Kenosha, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 31 Dec 1934 Rockford, Floyd, Iowa, USA

Father: George Charles Trevett

Mother: Elizabeth Whiting

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