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Name: George William Plummer

Birth: 1768 Kingston Parish, Gloucester, Virginia, USA

Death: 1811 Columbia, Maury, Tennessee, USA

Father: "Capt" George William Plummer

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Hayes

Name: George Ferdinand Plummer

Birth: 25 Jan 1856 Launceston Tas Aust

Death: 30 April 1936 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Father: Jonathan Purdy Plummer

Mother: Alice Hacking

Name: George T Plummer

Birth: Abt. 1840 Tennessee, USA

Death: 15 JUL 1885 Texas, USA



Name: George Plummer

Birth: July 1840 Leicester, Leicestershire, England

Death: Abt. 1885 Leicester,Leicestershire, England

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Jane Parker

Name: George William Plummer

Birth: 7 Jan 1912 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England

Death: 28 Feb 1999 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Rose Ethyl Deacon

Name: George E Plummer

Birth: 28 Dec 1864 Ashe, North Carolina, USA

Death: 12 April 1931 Co

Father: Linsey Plummer

Mother: Nancy Malinda (Belinda) Smith (Penmer)

Name: George W. Plummer

Birth: Mar 1868* Croyle, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 21 May 1932* South Fork, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel Plummer

Mother: Martha Long

Name: George Plummer

Birth: 24 Sep 1906 Larb Hills, Montana, United States

Death: 07 Mar 1992 Hot Springs, Sanders, Montana, USA

Father: George Plummer

Mother: Mary Ellen Doney

Name: George Plummer

Birth: 20 Mar 1850 Ringland, Norfolk, England

Death: 28 Jun 1942 Mosman, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Robert Plummer

Mother: Dinah Gill

Name: George Washington Plummer

Birth: 14 Oct 1844 Ashe County, North Carolina, USA

Death: 21 May 1937 Brown, Texas, USA

Father: Samuel Plummer

Mother: Mahala M Reeves

Name: George Plummer

Birth: 1785 Scotland

Death: 1 April 1863 Residence, "Terricks", Rosevears, West Tamar, Tasmania, Australia

Father: George Plummer

Mother: Rebecca Stewart

Name: George Washington Plummer

Birth: 6 Jul 1853 Mandarin, Duval, Florida, United States

Death: 2 April 1914 Duval, Florida, United States

Father: James Alexander Plummer

Mother: Emeline B Powers

Name: George Victor Plummer

Birth: 15 Jan 1917 New York City, USA

Death: 21 Dec 2001 Oradell, Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Father: John Plummer

Mother: Bridget Mary Potter

Name: George H. Plummer

Birth: 1744 Frederick County, Maryland, United States of America

Death: 21 Oct 1821 Fleming County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Samuel B Plummer

Mother: Sarah Miles

Name: George Wade T Plummer

Birth: 18 Nov 1853 Darlington, South Carolina, USA

Death: 03 Oct 1944 Lamar, Darlington, South Carolina, USA

Father: Ebenezer Plummer

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Mims

Name: George Plummer

Birth: 2 May 1876 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England

Death: 1927 Burwood, New South Wales, Australia

Father: George Plummer

Mother: Ellen Smith

Name: George Lane Plummer

Birth: 02 May 1877 PR of Quebec, Canada

Death: 17 Jun 1947 Sonoma, CA

Father: Israel Prescott Plummer

Mother: Marion Hill

Name: George Plummer

Birth: abt 1804 Kilmersdon, Somerset, England

Death: JUL 1886 Stratton on the Fosse, Somerset, England

Father: Charles Plummer

Mother: Martha martin

Name: George Gomel Plummer

Birth: 16 Sep 1883 Mansfield, Tarrant, Texas, USA

Death: 26 Sep 1965 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas 112077554

Father: John N Plummer

Mother: Alice Morgan Finney

Name: George Nichols Plummer

Birth: 2 August 1809 Fleming, Kentucky, USA

Death: 08 March 1892 Cedar City, Monroe, Iowa, USA

Father: Jeremiah L Plummer

Mother: Monica Chapman

Name: George Plummer

Birth: 11 Jun 1797 Kilmersdon, Somerset, England

Death: October 1865 Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Father: Alexander Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Baker

Name: George Bruce Plummer

Birth: 29 Sep 1863 Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee, USA

Death: 21 Sep 1949 Southside, Montgomery, Tennessee

Father: Carvossa Bruce Plummer

Mother: Maria Ann Talley

Name: George William Plummer

Birth: 13 Apr 1868 Anderson, Madison, Indiana, United States

Death: 15 Jan 1956 Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri, United States of America

Father: John Seth Plummer

Mother: Lousia S. Humphries Plummer

Name: George Frederick Plummer

Birth: 30 Aug 1909 Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 25 Nov 1985 Arkansaw, WI

Father: Arthur Stuart Plummer

Mother: Anna May Kuhn

Name: George Arthur Plummer

Birth: 1879 Deptford, London, England

Death: 23 Jan 1957 33 Aylton Estate, Rotherhithe, Surrey

Father: William Plummer

Mother: Jane Ellen Mattison

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