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Name: Gideon Osborn Bailey

Birth: 02 Mar 1831 Seneca County, New York, USA

Death: May 22, 1909 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

Father: Benjamin Burgess Bailey

Mother: Margaret M Maxwell

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 17 Nov 1751 Haddam, Middlesex, Ct

Death: 10 May 1806 Haddam, Middlesex, Ct

Father: Gideon Bailey


Name: Gideon Oliver Bailey

Birth: 11 Jan 1863 Morgan, Indiana, United States

Death: 2 Jul 1915 Green, Morgan, Indiana, USA

Father: Benjamin C Balay

Mother: Rebecca Persinger

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 4 Aug 1725 Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA

Death: 11 May 1809 Haddam, Connecticut, USA

Father: Ephraim Bailey

Mother: Deborah Brainerd

Name: Gideon S Bailey

Birth: 26 April 1871 Albia, Monroe County, Iowa, USA

Death: 25 December 1931 Stevensville, Ravalli County, Montana, USA

Father: Augustus Ceasar Bailey

Mother: Elizabeth Virginia Bailey (Knott)

Name: Gideon P Bailey

Birth: 21 April 1851 New Brunswick

Death: 5 July 1909

Father: Abraham W Bailey

Mother: Margaret Duncan Mitchell

Name: Gideon Gibson Bailey

Birth: Mar 1864 Ontario, Canada

Death: 14 Sep 1936 Ontario, Canada

Father: William Bailey

Mother: Hannah Cruickshank

Name: Gideon Sanford Bailey

Birth: 24 January, 1838 New York

Death: 6 Jan 1912 Albany, Albany, New York, USA

Father: David Peter Bailey

Mother: Hannah Elizabeth Higbie

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 29 Dec 1770 Rhode Island, USA

Death: 23 May 1801 Warwick, Rhode Island, USA

Father: William J Bailey

Mother: Phebe Olin

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 18 August 1843 Lordstown, Trumbull, Ohio, USA

Death: 18 February 1930 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA

Father: Abraham Bailey

Mother: Amanda Weaver

Name: Gideon Howard Bailey

Birth: 31 May 1850 Virginia USA

Death: 27 OCT 1921 Taylor, West Virginia, United States

Father: Burrell Benjamin Bailey

Mother: Nancy Taylor

Name: Gideon Austin Bailey

Birth: 14 November 1898 Tennessee

Death: 28 March 1964 Weakley County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Harris Bailey

Mother: Nancy "Nannie" Mathis

Name: Gideon Dore Bailey

Birth: 25 Feb 1817 Blissville, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: May 20, 1879 Newcastle, Queens, New Brunswick, Canada

Father: John BAILEY

Mother: Mary G. DeWitt

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 11 Mar 1888 Holmfirth, Yorkshire, England

Death: 18 August 1967 Upper Agbrigg, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: Arthur Bailey

Mother: Clara Mellor

Name: Gideon Dempsey Bailey

Birth: 1815 Belmont, Belmont, Ohio, USA

Death: 30 Jul 1850 Green, Howard, Indiana

Father: Henry BAILEY

Mother: Penniah BOSWELL

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 1815 Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States

Death: 29 Oct 1884 Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut

Father: Jeremy Bailey

Mother: Dency Tibbals

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 03 Mar 1838 Goshen,Columbiana, Ohio

Death: 8 March 1911 Tipton, Cedar, Iowa, USA

Father: Nathan Bailey

Mother: Hannah Garretson

Name: Gideon Charles Smith Bailey

Birth: 12 Sep 1876 Van Buren, Iowa, USA

Death: 11 Apr 1916 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee

Father: Gideon Smith zzz2 Bailey

Mother: Anna M. Schneck

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 1716 Rhode Island

Death: 1800 Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States

Father: John Bailey

Mother: Lydia Coe

Name: Gideon Garber Bailey

Birth: 2 May 1897 Yuma, Arizona

Death: 01 Jul 1963 Eaton Rapids, Eaton County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Francis L Bates

Mother: Mary Ann Treat

Name: Gideon A Bailey

Birth: 29 Jul 1802 Rhode Island, USA

Death: 28 APR 1880 West Greenwich, RI

Father: Caleb Bailey

Mother: Elizabeth Barber Bailey

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 1843 Lordstown, Trumbull, Ohio, United States

Death: 1920 Elkhart, IN

Father: Abraham Bailey

Mother: Amanda Weaver

Name: Gideon BAILEY

Birth: Abt 1893 George's Brook, Smith's Sound, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Canada

Death: Bef 2003

Father: Peter Bailey

Mother: Amy Ann Baxter

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 23 Sep 1722 Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

Death: 29 Nov 1725 Little Compton, Rhode Island, USA

Father: John Bailey

Mother: Lydia Coe

Name: Gideon Bailey

Birth: 1764 of Providence, Providence, R I

Death: Jun 1794 At sea

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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