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Name: Gladys Jean Westbrook

Birth: 17 May 1925 Jefferson MA, Texas

Death: 29 March 1992 Lakeway, Travis County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Walter Leon Jackson

Mother: Willie Clyde Proctor

Name: Gladys Louise Westbrook

Birth: 18 Jan 1903 Towanda, Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 15 Nov 1988

Father: Korah Westbrook

Mother: Harriet Foster

Name: Gladys Elizabeth Westbrook

Birth: 13 January 1918 Milton, Lamar, Texas, USA

Death: 20 Mar 2007 Clarksville, Red River, Texas, USA

Father: Samuel William Westbrook

Mother: Olive Campbell

Name: Gladys L Westbrook

Birth: abt 1906 Knox, Texas

Death: 21 NOV 1982

Father: Berry Westbrook

Mother: Sarah Ayers

Name: Gladys Westbrook

Birth: 01 Mar 1927 Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas, USA

Death: 29 Feb 2008 Rogers, Benton, Arkansas USA

Father: Abraham Lincoln Westbrook

Mother: Annie Mae Johnson

Name: Gladys Mae Westbrook

Birth: 15 Oct 1914 Los Angeles, Los Angeles CO, CA

Death: 31 Oct 1998 Pasadena, Los Angeles CO, CA

Father: Walter Haggai WESTBROOK

Mother: Bertha Emma Angehr

Name: Gladys Westbrook

Birth: 26 Dec 1910 Georgia

Death: 25 Oct 2012

Father: William Hudson Westbrook

Mother: Laura Jane Black

Name: Gladys Westbrook

Birth: 30 Jun 1914 Illinois

Death: May 1983 Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Christ Olson

Mother: Carrie Olson

Name: Gladys Mildred Westbrook

Birth: 03 Sep 1918 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Death: 08 Jun 2015 Powell, Park, Wyoming, USA

Father: Harold VanGorder Westbrook

Mother: Eva A Lindquist

Name: Gladys WESTBROOK

Birth: 19 FEB 1892 Chertsey, Surrey, England

Death: 16 Apr 1982 Weybridge Sy



Name: Gladys Westbrook

Birth: 24 Jan 1899 Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

Death: 24 Jan 1953 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

Father: Henry Stephen Westbrook

Mother: Lena Belle Bird

Name: Gladys Westbrook

Birth: 7 October 1913 Alabama

Death: 30 Nov 1993 Lapine, Montgomery, Alabama, United States of America

Father: James Carl Westbrook

Mother: Bessie Ola Bass

Name: Gladys Lorene Westbrook

Birth: 23 Sep 1909 Powderly, Lamar, Texas, USA

Death: 17 Jul 1990 Powderly, Lamar, Texas, USA

Father: James Walter Westbrook

Mother: Lucinda Cager Daughtrey

Name: Gladys Marie Westbrook

Birth: 17 May 1894 Missouri

Death: 26 Feb 1962 Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana

Father: Arden Austin Westbrook

Mother: Ida May Van Gorder

Name: Gladys Inetha Westbrook

Birth: February 25, 1916 Howard County, Arkansas, USA

Death: 14 Feb 2009 Stuttgart, Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Olan Westbrook

Mother: Eula May Wynn

Name: Gladys Mary Westbrook

Birth: 1896 Natal, South Africa

Death: 26 Apr 1975 Harding, Natal, South Africa

Father: James Alexander Westbrook

Mother: Gerritjen (Getrude) van Wessels

Name: Gladys W Westbrook

Birth: 22 May 1901 Bramley, Yorkshire, England

Death: Not Available

Father: George Westbrook

Mother: Janet Jessie Craig

Name: Gladys Rose Westbrook

Birth: 28 JUN 1924 Barking, Essex, England

Death: 21 September 1999 Barking, Essex, England

Father: Thomas Walter Westbrook

Mother: Jane Wright

Name: Gladys Westbrook

Birth: 4 Jul 1906 SeingDepot, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Not Available

Father: Ulyses Grant Westbrook

Mother: Mary C. Knine Westbrook

Name: Gladys B Westbrook

Birth: 18 Jan 1918 Blackton Mon, Arkansas

Death: 03 Jul 2012 Harrisburg, Poinsett, Arkansas, USA

Father: Charles Westbrook

Mother: Eda London Williams

Name: Gladys Alma Westbrook

Birth: 1 March 1927 Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas, USA

Death: 28 February 2008 Cremated Ashes unknown location

Father: Abraham Lincoln Westbrook

Mother: Annie Bolinger

Name: Gladys Catherine Westbrook

Birth: 2 Oct 1894 Vermillion, Indiana, USA

Death: 11 Jan 1989 Paris, Edgar, Illinois, USA

Father: Walter B. Westbrook

Mother: India A Bullington

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