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Name: Hannah M Peebles

Birth: 1850 Maryland, Otsego, New York, USA

Death: 26 Feb 1929 Seattle, King, Washington, United States

Father: Hugh Peebles

Mother: Emeline Palmer

Name: Hannah T Peebles

Birth: 6 Aug 1802 Jefferson County, Georgia

Death: 1867 Jefferson County, Georgia

Father: Thomas Peebles

Mother: Martha "Patsy" Lockhart

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 30 Jul 1793 Kershaw, South Carolina, United States

Death: 12 Sep 1854 Bonnieville, Weldon Cemetery, Hart, Kentucky, United States

Father: John Lewis Peebles

Mother: Wilmoth Owen

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 1708 Lancaster, Virginia

Death: 19 May 1774 Northampton County, North Carolina, United States

Father: William Peebles

Mother: Elizabeth Hamlin

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 1708 Fanad, Donegal, Ulster, Ireland

Death: 19 May 1774 Donegal, Ireland

Father: Anthony Peoples

Mother: Martha Green

Name: Hannah Louise Peebles

Birth: 12 Jun 1922 Slippery Rock, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 6 August 2015 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: Robert Pollock PEEBLES

Mother: Hannah May McCUNE

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 4 Jan 1825 Hart County, Kentucky

Death: 9 May 1891 Richland, Illinois, United States

Father: Abraham2 Peebles (1812War)

Mother: Hannah West

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 30 Jul 1793 Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA

Death: 12 September 1854 Bonnieville, Hart, Kentucky, USA

Father: John Peebles

Mother: Wilmoth Owens . Peebles

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 1708 Lancaster County, VA

Death: 19 May 1774 Northampton, North Carolina, United States

Father: William Peebles

Mother: Elizabeth Hamlin

Name: Hannah Verandah Peebles

Birth: abt 1842 Talladega County, Alabama

Death: 5 Oct 1905 Kaufman, Texas

Father: Dr David PEEBLES

Mother: Mary Gibson Mallory

Name: Hannah "Jemima" Peebles

Birth: 07 Dec 1854 Kenton Co., Kentucky

Death: 25 Feb 1931 Kenton, Kentucky, USA

Father: Calvin Dilno Peebles

Mother: Florinda Cossin Souther

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 1668 Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States

Death: 1725 New Kent, New Kent, Virginia, United States

Father: Williame Pebill

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Drayton

Name: Hannah W Peebles

Birth: Oct 1831 New York

Death: Unknown

Father: Henry S Peebles

Mother: Mary Polly Coats

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 1864 Illinois, United States

Death: Not Available

Father: Henry Peebles

Mother: Lucy Ann Pope

Name: Hannah Rose Peebles

Birth: 1879 Chatton, Northumberland, England

Death: Not Available

Father: Alexander Peebles

Mother: Sarah Carr

Name: Hannah Peebles

Birth: 1698 Lancaster, Lancaster, Virginia, United States

Death: 19 May 1774 Northampton, North Carolina, United States

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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