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Results for "harold plummer"

Name: Harold Waldon Plummer

Birth: 22 Dec 1921 Hartland, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada

Death: Apr 1982 Altamont, Albany, New York, USA

Father: James William Plummer

Mother: Helen Angelina Hayden

Name: Harold E. Plummer

Birth: 25 Aug 1923 , St Francois, Missouri

Death: 26 May 1995 Ironton, Iron, Missouri

Father: George Washington Plummer

Mother: Lillian Viola Bayless

Name: Harold T. Plummer

Birth: 13 Jan 1914 Adams, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 1 Nov 1984 Adams, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Roy Henry Plummer

Mother: Caroline Rose Plummer

Name: Harold Plummer

Birth: 13 Jun 1899 Chapman Lake, Lackawanna Co, Pennsylvania

Death: 29 May 1955 Philadelphia Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA

Father: William Nelson Plummer

Mother: Alice A Carey

Name: Harold Lemoyne Plummer

Birth: 29 Jan 1913 Lawton, Commanche, OK

Death: 30 Apr 1986 Wichita, Texas

Father: Perry C. Plummer

Mother: Nancy Ann Cruise

Name: Harold Otis Plummer

Birth: 7 Aug 1895 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 8 Dec 1974 Newington, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Father: Crawford H. Plummer

Mother: Elizabeth Dearing

Name: Harold Boyd Plummer

Birth: 26 Oct 1920 PA

Death: 30 Dec 1996 PA

Father: Charles Plummer

Mother: Lyda Mae Caton

Name: Harold Plummer

Birth: abt 1882 California

Death: 14 Apr 1945 Colma, San Mateo County, California, USA

Father: William P Plummer

Mother: Ella F WITHAM

Name: Harold Benjamin Plummer

Birth: 19 Dec 1907 Cambridge, Isanti, Minnesota, USA

Death: 10 Jun 1963 Hennepin, Minnesota

Father: Jesse W Plummer

Mother: Christine Dahlin

Name: Harold James Plummer

Birth: 26 October 1944 Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia, USA

Death: 15 Jul 2016 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: Harold James Plummer

Mother: Margie Lee Gilbert

Name: Harold Plummer

Birth: 1923 Kansas

Death: 24 Jul 1982 Lane, Oregon, United States

Father: Morrill Merritt Plummer

Mother: Catherine Ann Anthony Plummer

Name: Harold Omar Plummer

Birth: 21 Mar 1894 Virginia, Cass, Illinois, USA

Death: 14 Sep 1963 Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois

Father: John Wesley Plummer

Mother: Charity Arestine McLin

Name: Harold Kenneth Plummer

Birth: 25 Jul 1895 Taylorville, Illinois, USA

Death: 20 Aug 1974 Barnstable, Massachusetts

Father: Oscar Frank Plummer

Mother: Mary Catherine Meredith

Name: Harold Alfred Plummer

Birth: 20 May 1923 Los Angeles, California

Death: 25 Feb 1954 Los Angeles

Father: Earle Albion Plummer

Mother: Pearl Ethel Jamieson

Name: Harold G Plummer

Birth: 6 August 1900 Indiana, USA

Death: 22 May 1951 Boserban, Marshall, Indiana, USA

Father: Elisha Aaron Plummer

Mother: Florence R Plummer

Name: Harold H Plummer

Birth: 27 Aug 1914 Allerton, Wayne, Iowa, USA

Death: Sep 1972

Father: Lebert Earl Plummer

Mother: Myrtle Huston

Name: Harold R. Plummer

Birth: July 13, 1928 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, USA

Death: November 20, 1981 Daviess County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Roy B Plummer

Mother: Beulah May Rainwater

Name: Harold Plummer

Birth: 1909 Missouri

Death: 28 July 1977

Father: Roy Clemons Plummer

Mother: Harriet Fullenwider

Name: Harold Pierson PLUMMER

Birth: 01 SEP 1918 San Francisco, California, USA

Death: 05 JAN 1991 San Francisco, California, USA

Father: Harold Pierson Plummer

Mother: Doris Wilshire

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