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NAME: Harvey Greenfield Moore

BIRTH: 16 Mar 1854 Floyd, Floyd, Virginia, United States

DEATH: 30 May 1939 Lizton, Hendricks, Indiana, USA

FATHER: William S. Moore

MOTHER: Susan Nancy Hopkins

NAME: Harvey Henry Moore

BIRTH: 1855 Adams, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 18 Sep 1922 Meigs Township, Adams County, Ohio, USA

FATHER: Martin Moore

MOTHER: Ann "Annie" Shearer

NAME: Harvey Taylor Moore

BIRTH: 23 Nov 1902 York County, Virginia

DEATH: 6 Mar 1991 Newport News, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Tiberius Jones Tib Moore

MOTHER: Rhoda Lee Moore

NAME: Harvey H Moore

BIRTH: 14 May 1910 Colorado

DEATH: 26 January 1950 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut

FATHER: Merwin L Moore

MOTHER: Jennie Bridgette McMahon - Moore

NAME: Harvey Marion Moore

BIRTH: 3 Feb 1879 Catawba, Roanoke, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 22 Feb 1958 Ashton, Mason, West Virginia

FATHER: Mansfield Marion Moore

MOTHER: Ann Magdalyn Carper Moore

NAME: Harvey Moore

BIRTH: 7 July 1804 Parsonsfield, Maine

DEATH: 1885 May 14 Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

FATHER: Harvey Moore

MOTHER: Phebe Chadbourne

NAME: Harvey Luther Moore

BIRTH: 15 Feb 1867 Piatt, Illinois, United States

DEATH: 6 Apr 1947 buried Lake Fork Christian Church, south of Bement Post, Illinois, United States

FATHER: Luther Moore

MOTHER: Sarah Elizabeth Kearney

NAME: Harvey Allison Moore

BIRTH: 17 November 1873 Pozo, California, USA

DEATH: 24 December 1952 Corona, Riverside, California

FATHER: William Clarence Moore

MOTHER: Priscilla Ann Cook

NAME: Harvey L. Moore

BIRTH: 24 Jun 1920 Boyle, Kentucky, USA

DEATH: 24 Jul 1998 Keene, Jessamine, Kentucky, USA

FATHER: Samuel Moore

MOTHER: Louisa Clark

NAME: Harvey E Moore

BIRTH: 26 Jun 1885 Sumner, Lawrence, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 03 Feb 1979 Forsyth, Taney, Missouri, USA

FATHER: John A Moore

MOTHER: Martha "Mattie" Margaret Provines

NAME: Harvey W Moore

BIRTH: 12 Oct 1908 Alabama

DEATH: 11 Oct 1971 Anniston, Calhoun, Alabama, USA

FATHER: Colonel O Moore

MOTHER: Sara Ann Reaves

NAME: Harvey Moore

BIRTH: 11 Oct 1898 Littleton, Warren, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 16 Oct 1965 Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia, USA

FATHER: Mack Moore

MOTHER: Sylvia Boyd

NAME: Harvey Jewett Moore

BIRTH: 05 JAN 1806 Putney, Windham, Vermont, USA

DEATH: 29 May 1871

FATHER: Jeptha Moore

MOTHER: Zilpha Jewett

NAME: Harvey Moore

BIRTH: 21 Mar 1885 West Point, Wayne County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 14 Oct 1952 West Point, Lawrence, Tennessee, USA

FATHER: Blake Malden Moore

MOTHER: Martha Springer

NAME: Harvey Moore

BIRTH: 20 Mar 1887 Canton, Buffalo, Wisconsin, USA

DEATH: 18 March 1943 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

FATHER: William Henry 'Bill' Moore


NAME: Harvey Dewey Moore

BIRTH: 23 Aug 1898 Laurel, Kentucky, United States

DEATH: 23 Nov 1969 La Follette, Campbell, Tennessee, United States of America

FATHER: John W Moore

MOTHER: Martha Southard

NAME: Harvey Lee Moore

BIRTH: 4/11/1912 Jackson, Butts, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 9/24/2000 Lakeland, Polk, Florida, USA

FATHER: William Isaac Moore

MOTHER: Lena Estelle Barnes

NAME: Harvey Wallace MOORE

BIRTH: 27 May 1864 Fulton County, Indiana

DEATH: 19 Jan 1921 Piggott, Clay, Arkansas, USA

FATHER: Milton M. Moore

MOTHER: Mary A J Stone

NAME: Harvey Adam Brevard Moore

BIRTH: 1 Mar 1848 Lincoln, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 26 Mar 1933 Gaston, North Carolina, USA

FATHER: James Warren Moore

MOTHER: Isabella S Graham Davidson

NAME: Harvey Frederick Moore

BIRTH: 8 Feb 1897 lawrenceville, Illinois

DEATH: 20 Aug 1955 Cook County, Illinois, United States

FATHER: John P Moore

MOTHER: Lillian Dewsberry

NAME: Harvey Moore

BIRTH: 3 Mar 1873 Doddridge, WV, USA

DEATH: 6 July 1958 Parkersburg, Wood, WV, USA

FATHER: Felix Moore

MOTHER: Jemima Pernell

NAME: Harvey Boyd Moore

BIRTH: 28 Apr 1917 Williamsburg, Missouri

DEATH: 27 Mar 2001 Kingdom City, Callaway, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Homer Paul Moore

MOTHER: Eula M Thurman

NAME: Harvey Acey Moore

BIRTH: 25 Apr 1889 Sylvester ME, Michigan

DEATH: 1957 Michigan, USA

FATHER: James Fredrick Moore

MOTHER: Sarah Ann Snowden

NAME: Harvey Aaron Moore

BIRTH: 16 July 1903 Osage City, Osage County, Kansas, USA

DEATH: 27 Jun 1989 Meridian, Ada, Idaho, USA

FATHER: Aaron P Moore

MOTHER: Maud Hatfield

NAME: Harvey Andrew Moore

BIRTH: 19 Jul 1893 Kentucky

DEATH: 14 June 1974 Stamps, Lafayette, Arkansas, United States of America

FATHER: Andrew Moore

MOTHER: Rosetta B Yett