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Name: Hattie Q. Roach

Birth: Sep 16, 1923 Oconee County, SC

Death: Jan 06, 1968 Greenville, SC Greenville County

Father: Elford L. Queen

Mother: Lithia Jane Wykel

Name: Hattie Salina Roach

Birth: 1 Jan 1890 Rockingham County, VA, USA

Death: 28 Jul 1938 Stonewall, Rockingham County, VA, USA

Father: Enoch B. Roach

Mother: Lydia Margaret Strickler

Name: Hattie Charlene Roach

Birth: 29 AUG 1924 Chico, Wise County, Texas

Death: 25 January 1984 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: Charley Thomas Roach

Mother: Gertrude Anita Rodden

Name: Hattie Chloe Roach

Birth: 1 Mar 1889 Washington Court House, Fayette, Ohio

Death: 25 Aug 1969 Worthington, Franklin, Ohio

Father: Ross Robert Roach

Mother: Mary Martha Parker

Name: Hattie Belle Roach

Birth: 25 Jan 1882 Scary, Putnam, West Virginia, USA

Death: 8 Oct 1953 Page, Fayette, WV

Father: Isaac Roach

Mother: Martha Jane Racer

Name: Hattie Roach

Birth: 5 July 1906 Calhoun County, West Virginia, United States of America

Death: 28 July 1997 Ravenswood, Jackson County, West Virginia, United States of America

Father: Andrew Jackson"Jack" Roach

Mother: Arthelia Kerby

Name: Hattie Bell Roach

Birth: 16 Mar 1888 Osage County, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 25 July 1949 Ponca City, Kay, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Michael J. Roach (Roche)

Mother: Bridget Ann Godin

Name: Hattie Elizabeth Roach

Birth: 22 July 1892 Pennsylvania

Death: 17 Jun 1936 Austes, Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Daniel Roach

Mother: Christina Miller Billman Roach

Name: Hattie Lee Roach

Birth: 17 Jan 1871 Charlotte County, Virginia, USA

Death: 25 January 1956 Collin Co, Tx

Father: Elijah Thomas Roach

Mother: Cora Isabella Brightwell

Name: Hattie C Roach

Birth: 31 December 1884 Virginia, USA

Death: 8 November 1921 Kannapolis, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA

Father: James Allen Roach

Mother: Luticia Loula Miles

Name: Hattie E Roach

Birth: 15 Jul 1878 Gibbon, Buffalo, Nebraska, United States

Death: 18 Feb 1962 Gibbon, Buffalo, Nebraska, United States

Father: George Carlton Webster

Mother: Lillian N "Lillie" Webster

Name: Hattie Elizabeth Roach

Birth: 3 Dec 1924 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA

Death: 1 Jan 1990 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

Father: Hubert H Roach

Mother: Elinor "Nora" Ruth Giles

Name: Hattie M Roach

Birth: 30 Sep 1891 Washington DC

Death: 14 September 1965 Maryland, United States of America

Father: William H Roach

Mother: Hattie Marie Houghton

Name: Hattie M Roach

Birth: July 1898 Georgia, USA

Death: 22 Jan 1945 Sparta, Hancock, Georgia, USA

Father: Edd Roach

Mother: Virginia Howell

Name: Hattie Roach

Birth: 22 October 1895 Polsgrove, Franklin County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 8 March 1980 Franklin County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Daniel Roach

Mother: Mollie Harrod

Name: Hattie Jane Roach

Birth: 15 Mar 1897 Lawrence County, Ohio, USA

Death: 8 Dec 1995 Toulon, Stark, Illinois, USA

Father: George W Roach

Mother: Elizabeth Dillon

Name: Hattie Alice Roach

Birth: 07 September 1917 Winfield, Putnam, West Virginia, USA

Death: 19 October 2006 Coshocton, Coshocton, Ohio, United States

Father: Andrew Washington Roach

Mother: Deliah Mary Wallace

Name: Hattie Tressella Roach

Birth: 3 Dec 1872 Sullivan, Sullivan Co, Indiana

Death: 20 Jan 1929 Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., Ca

Father: Samuel Thompson Roach

Mother: Harriet Angeline Polson

Name: Hattie May Roach

Birth: 24 JAN 1870 Illinois

Death: 22 DEC 1957 Wichita, Kansas

Father: Joseph Alexander Roach

Mother: Evaline Eva Alvira Hood

Name: Hattie Carrie Roach

Birth: 21 Aug 1901 Texas, USA

Death: 18 July 1968 Longview, Gregg, Texas

Father: Joseph Abe Roach

Mother: Golden H "Goldie" Turner

Name: Hattie E Roach

Birth: 15 Aug 1878 Gibbon, Ne

Death: 18 Feb 1962 Gibbon, Buffalo, Nebraska, USA

Father: David E Roach

Mother: Georgia Cass


Birth: 15 Jun 1909 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Death: 09 Sep 1948 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Father: Green Roach

Mother: Louise Smith

Name: Hattie Katherine Roach

Birth: 21 Apr 1885 Mason, Lawrence County, Ohio, USA

Death: 29 Apr 1939 Gallia, Ohio, United States

Father: William E. ROACH

Mother: Nancy Catherine Dillon

Name: Hattie Roach

Birth: 24 Nov 1879 Vermont

Death: 5 Jun 1960 Chittenden, Vermont

Father: William Roach

Mother: Mary E Boyd

Name: Hattie A Roach

Birth: 25 Feb 1878 Maury, Tennessee, USA

Death: 2 Jan 1906 Maury, Tennessee, USA

Father: John H Roach

Mother: Rachel Wilson Fleming

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