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NAME: Henry Lukey Anderson

BIRTH: 30 Apr 1824 Plymouth, Devon, England

DEATH: 24 Dec 1876 Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa

FATHER: Joseph Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Ann Lukey

NAME: Henry Alvin Anderson

BIRTH: 1/1/1887 Grantsburg, Burnett, Wisconsin, USA

DEATH: 26 October 1958 Hennepin, Minnesota

FATHER: August Anderson

MOTHER: Augusta Christina Wolen

NAME: Henry Anderson

BIRTH: 17 Aug 1827 St Johns, Red River Settlement, Rupert's Land, British North America

DEATH: 27 Mar 1915 Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

FATHER: Thomas Anderson

MOTHER: Catherine Landry

NAME: Henry Clinton Anderson

BIRTH: 4 Jun 1880 Marion, Smyth, Virginia, United States

DEATH: 11/20/1926

FATHER: John Wesley Anderson

MOTHER: Martha Susan Tilson

NAME: Henry Joseph Anderson

BIRTH: 19 Feb 1903 St Louis, Gratiot, Michigan, USA

DEATH: 02 January 1980 Menominee County, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Charles Edwin Anderson

MOTHER: Margaret Edith DeMott

NAME: Henry Marion Anderson

BIRTH: 15 Jun 1874 Unionville, Putnam, Missouri, United States

DEATH: 23 Mar 1967 Laclede, Linn, Missouri, United States

FATHER: John Wesley Anderson

MOTHER: Margaret Ellen Long

NAME: Henry Milton Anderson

BIRTH: 10 Aug 1904 Atkinson, Nebraska

DEATH: 8 May 1965 Belle Fourche, South Dakota (Butte County

FATHER: Andrew A. Anderson

MOTHER: Sybilla Cassandra George

NAME: Henry Anderson

BIRTH: 02 Nov 1837 Northmavine, Shetland, Scotland

DEATH: 07 OCT 1916 2 Assembly Street, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

FATHER: Henry Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Williamson

NAME: Henry Ward Anderson

BIRTH: 7 Apr 1869 Padonia, Brown, Kansas, USA

DEATH: 25 Jan 1943 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Levi Clark Anderson

MOTHER: Mary Levina Hornbach

NAME: Henry Allen Anderson

BIRTH: 7 Nov 1877 Dexter, Stoddard, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 13 Dec 1955 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

FATHER: Allen Anderson

MOTHER: Rebecca Angeline Crews

NAME: Henry Nathanial [email protected]

BIRTH: 04 MAR 1885 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 2 Dec 1971 Gibson City, Ford, Illinois, USA

FATHER: Charles August Bard Anderson

MOTHER: Hedda Christina Maria Johnson Pettersdotter


BIRTH: 02 Mar 1908 Duluth, Minnesota

DEATH: 07 Aug 1970 Spearfish, South Dakota

FATHER: Christian Levion Anderson

MOTHER: Helga Jorgina Hanson

NAME: Henry Lorenz Anderson

BIRTH: 28 Feb 1901 Minnesota

DEATH: 10 Jul 1973 Collinsville, Madison, Illinois, United States

FATHER: Peter Anderson

MOTHER: Marie (Mary) Cary Pauline Jakobsen (Anderson)

NAME: Henry James Anderson

BIRTH: 09 Jul 1844 Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 1921 Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Robert Anderson

MOTHER: Elizabeth Winter

NAME: Henry Ellis Anderson

BIRTH: 14 Oct 1884 Florien; Sabine County, Louisiana

DEATH: 9 Oct 1969 Langdale, Chambers County, Alabama, USA


MOTHER: Mary Elizabeth BOSTICK

NAME: Henry Harvey Anderson

BIRTH: 29 Aug 1903 Sabine Pr., Louisiana USA

DEATH: 03 Nov 1977 Many, Sabine Pr., Louisiana USA

FATHER: Jesse Charnel Anderson,

MOTHER: Rebecca Louisiana HODNETT

NAME: Henry Hampton Anderson

BIRTH: 03 Mar 1874 Glennville, Tattnall, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 16 Aug 1918 Tattnall, Georgia, United States

FATHER: Raiford Washington Anderson

MOTHER: Martha Ellen Dubberly Anderson

NAME: Henry Anderson

BIRTH: 1774 Amelia County, Virginia, USA

DEATH: 28 JUL 1850 Amelia Co, VA

FATHER: Francis Anderson (OUR)

MOTHER: Sally A Blackburn

NAME: Henry Sherman Anderson

BIRTH: 16 June 1864 Henderson County, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 15 Aug 1932 Hendersonville, Henderson Co., North Carolina, USA

FATHER: John Horney Anderson

MOTHER: Margaret Elvira Reid

NAME: Henry Anderson

BIRTH: 24 Jun 1893 Chebanse, Kankakee, Illinois, USA

DEATH: 5 Sep 1960 Kingsville, Kleberg, Texas, USA

FATHER: Carl Gustave Anderson

MOTHER: Bena Larson

NAME: Henry Anderson,,,

BIRTH: 16 Nov 1856 St Giles, Durham, England

DEATH: 12 Sep 1917 Moree, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: William Anderson,

MOTHER: Margaret Scott

NAME: Henry Sanford Anderson

BIRTH: 21 February 1821 Garrard County, Kentucky, United States of America

DEATH: 20 Aug 1914 Pulaski, Kentucky, United States

FATHER: Pouncy Anderson

MOTHER: Tamar Griffin

NAME: Henry Franklin Anderson

BIRTH: 17 Feb 1908 Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY

DEATH: 27 Jan 1975 Sunman, Ripley, Indiana, USA

FATHER: William E Cook

MOTHER: Dora Alice Estepp

NAME: Henry Alexander Anderson

BIRTH: 5 Jun 1869 Grayson, Virginia, United States

DEATH: 29 Jun 1949 Bluefield, Mercer, West Virginia, United States

FATHER: John Orville Anderson

MOTHER: Celia Clementine Haga

NAME: Henry Johannes ANDERSON

BIRTH: 15 Sept 1874 Benona, Oceana, Michigan

DEATH: 13 Aug 1960 Lake City, Missaukee County, Michigan, United States of America

FATHER: Christian Anderson

MOTHER: Rise Berthea "Louisa" Olesdatter Solem