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Name: Henry Adamson Dobson

Birth: 21 Apr 1828 Brinkworth, Wiltshire, England

Death: 8 May 1892 Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

Father: Joseph Dodson

Mother: Isabella Reed

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 18 February 1818 Bromhill, Northumberland Shire, England

Death: 8 Feb 1897 Learmonth, Victoria, Australia

Father: Henry DOBSON

Mother: Ann Fenwick

Name: Henry Martin Dobson

Birth: 1833 Salt Creek, Jackson, Indiana, USA

Death: Nov 1868 Jackson, Jackson, Indiana, USA

Father: John Dobson

Mother: Priscilla Arthur

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 24 December 1841 Hobart, Hobart City, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 10 October 1918 Hobart, Hobart City, Tasmania, Australia

Father: John Dobson

Mother: Kate Willis

Name: Henry Edward Dobson

Birth: 1884 Q3 Woodford, Essex, England

Death: 1935 Oct 9 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Father: William Jethro Dobson

Mother: Rosetta Milligan


Birth: Jan 1863 Welton, Yorkshire, England

Death: 16 Dec 1918 Sunderland, Cumberland, England


Mother: Jane Nicholson

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 14 Jan 1787 Whitehaven, Cumberland, England

Death: 29 Nov 1870 3 Chapel Street, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England

Father: John Dobson

Mother: Ann Wilson

Name: Henry William Boulton Dobson

Birth: 18 Jan 1898 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Death: 29 Aug 1954 General, Hospital, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Father: William Dobson

Mother: Martha Boulton

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 28 Dec 1882 Burrumbeet, Victoria, Australia

Death: 21 May 1958 Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Henry Dobson

Mother: Frances Priscilla Pennington

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: abt 1841 Lupset, Yorkshire, England

Death: ABT 1915

Father: Richard Dobson

Mother: Fanny Jubb

Name: Henry William Dobson

Birth: 31 Aug 1887 Carlton, Victoria, Australia

Death: 29 Jul 1949 Randwick, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Percy Holmes Dobson

Mother: Annie Beatrice Bradley

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: July 1848 Wheatley Ilkley, Yorkshire, England

Death: 27 December 1924 Ilkley Yorkshire England

Father: Michael Dobson

Mother: Matilda Walker

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 23 DEC 1915 Wakefield, Yorkshire

Death: 14 NOV 1990 Preston, Lancashire

Father: Oson Jackson Dobson

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Manley

Name: Henry Austin Dobson

Birth: 18 Jan 1840 29 Park Street, Plymouth, Devon

Death: 2 Sep 1921 Brentford, Middlesex, England

Father: George Clarisse Dobson

Mother: Augusta Harris

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 26 Sep 1849 Broomhill, Northumberland, England

Death: 12 May 1920 Watchupga, Victoria, Australia

Father: Henry Dobson

Mother: Isabella Colling Weightman

Name: Henry (H.) Dobson

Birth: 10 Nov. 1773 Wabberthwaite,Corney,Cumberland,England

Death: 4 Oct 1852 Kiskin, Bootle, Cumberland, England

Father: Robert Dobson

Mother: Mary Dixon

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: Sep 1851 Pickering, Yorkshire, England

Death: Dec 1939 Kirby Misperton, England, United Kingdom

Father: Robert Dobson

Mother: mary ann snowden

Name: Henry DOBSON

Birth: 30 Aug 1794 Hexham, Northumberland, England

Death: 3 Dec 1829 Willington Mine, Northumberland, England

Father: Henry Dobson

Mother: Ann Dobson

Name: Henry Milton Mills DOBSON

Birth: 8 Jan 1892 Green County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 22 Oct 1972 Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas, United States of America

Father: Peter Francis DOBSON

Mother: Melissa Jane Melissie Malissie Malissa HELM born "WILHELM"

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 25 Feb 1851 St Brides, Middlesex

Death: 13 Nov 1922 Portsmouth

Father: James Dobson

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Ratcliffe

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 1868 Walworth, England

Death: 10,October, 1938 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Father: thomas dobson

Mother: Mary Ann Hebben

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: Feb 1834 Yarbourgh, Lincolnshire, England

Death: Dec 1922 Louth, Lincolnshire, England

Father: Joseph Dobson

Mother: Maria Broddel

Name: Henry Hamilton Dobson

Birth: 19 May 1848 Hampton, Platte City, Missouri

Death: 17 Jun 1931 Colfax, Dekalb, Missouri, USA

Father: Edward "Ned" Moore Dobson

Mother: Martha Ann Hughes

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: 19 May 1917 Castle Ward, Northumberland

Death: 1987

Father: Richard Dobson

Mother: Margaret Ellen McAndrew

Name: Henry Dobson

Birth: abt 1841 Southampton, Hampshire, England

Death: 30/7/1919 Wanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand

Father: Charles Dobson

Mother: Private

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