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Name: Henry Neel

Birth: 2 Dec 1736 Steele Creek Township, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States

Death: 28 Feb 1788 Mecklenburg, NC

Father: William Neel

Mother: Hannah "Mary" Alexander (Neel)

Name: Henry Lucilious Neel

Birth: 22 Sep 1872 Sumner County, Tennessee

Death: 06 JAN 1907 Nashville, Davidson

Father: Thomas Smith Neel

Mother: Mary Ann McWhirter

Name: Henry Clay Neel

Birth: 13 Oct 1846 Jackson County, Florida

Death: 05 Mar 1917 Jackson, Florida, United States

Father: William Mitchell Cox Neel

Mother: Mary P Willis

Name: Henry West Neel

Birth: 12 Apr 1883 Aurora, Preston, West Virginia

Death: 11 Oct 1947 Grant County, West Virginia

Father: Washington Collins Neal

Mother: Emarenda Henline

Name: Henry Inch Neel

Birth: abt 1849 Pilton, Devon, England

Death: 8 Oct 1919 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales

Father: William Neals

Mother: Maria Dunsford

Name: Henry Mack Neel

Birth: 17 Mar 1882 Lamkin, Comanche, Texas

Death: 14 Jul 1970 San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas

Father: Irvan Alexander Neel

Mother: Mary Jane Woods

Name: Henry Grady (CAPT Grady) Neel

Birth: 19 Mar 1892 Bascom, Jackson, Florida, United States

Death: 16 Mar 1968 Greenwood, Jackson, Florida, USA

Father: Henry Clay Neel

Mother: Florida Americus Minchin

Name: Henry Jackson Neel

Birth: Oct 1861 Burkes Garden, Tazewell County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 26 May 1933 Tazewell, Virginia, USA

Father: Henry Jackson Neel

Mother: Martha Taylor

Name: Henry Neel

Birth: 1846 Canville Kansas

Death: 1922 Pullman, Whitman, Washington, USA

Father: William Neel

Mother: Phebe Inmon

Name: Henry Neel

Birth: 09 Apr 1779 Mecklenburg Co. N.C

Death: 8 Apr 1805 Sumner, Tennessee, USA

Father: Henry Neel

Mother: Nancy Reid

Name: Henry Harrison Neel

Birth: 19 Mar 1853 Memphis, Scotland, Missouri, USA

Death: 23 Jun 1939 Los Angeles County, California, USA

Father: William Neel

Mother: Anna "Annie" Baker

Name: Henry L Neel

Birth: 1839 Indiana, USA

Death: 19 January 1863 Indiana, USA

Father: Fredrick P Neel

Mother: Margaret M Heath

Name: Henry Eugene NEEL

Birth: 6 Aug 1886 Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA

Death: 18 Jul 1976 New London, Ohio

Father: John Lucas Neel

Mother: Mary Jane Jenkins

Name: Henry Delos "Bud" Neel

Birth: 05 Dec 1873 Nebraska, USA

Death: 07 Jan 1927 Pauls Valley, Gavin County, Oklahoma



Name: Henry Pierce Neel

Birth: 7 Feb 1915 Shraders Taz, Virginia

Death: 18 Dec 1994 North Tazewell, Tazewell, Virginia, USA

Father: John William Neel

Mother: Nannie Belle Harman

Name: Henry Homer Neel

Birth: 8 Dec 1890 Cheney, Sedgwick, Kansas, United States

Death: 19 Nov 1954 Santa Anna, California, United States

Father: Andrew Jackson Neel

Mother: Ida B Ball

Name: Henry Neel

Birth: 12/18/1821 Jefferson, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 27 March 1900 Marble Rock, Floyd County, Iowa, United States of America

Father: James Neel

Mother: Eliza Kelley

Name: Henry Neel

Birth: about 1802 Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1850 Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Henry O'Neal

Mother: Elizabeth Van Metre

Name: Henry "Harry" Neel

Birth: 30 Mar 1802 Green County, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 26 Feb 1856 Red Bluff, Tehama, California, United States

Father: Barnett O'Neil

Mother: Martha Hughes O'Neal

Name: Henry Neel

Birth: 16 August 1829 Pennsylvania

Death: 5 April 1900 Columbiana County, Ohio

Father: John Neil

Mother: Sarah Susan Hempstead

Name: Henry Hargroves Neel

Birth: 18 MAR 1892 Dade Co., Florida

Death: 23 OCT 1975 Ada, Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma, USA

Father: Albert Elias Neel

Mother: Mary Hargreaves Croskell Neel

Name: Henry Franklin Neel

Birth: 01 AUG 1836 Hollybrook On Kimmerling, Giles, Virginia, USA

Death: 06 APR 1862 Kernstown,Frederick,Virginia,USA

Father: John McDonald Neel

Mother: Martha Brown Harman

Name: Henry Neel

Birth: 1683 Scotland

Death: Apr 30 1735 Cape Fear, North Carolina

Father: Thomas Neel

Mother: Mary Greenidge

Name: Henry Kortea Neel

Birth: 14 Apr 1881 Texas, USA

Death: 20 May 1953 Oregon, USA

Father: Charles Winburn Neel

Mother: Mary Ellen Murrell

Name: Henry A Neel

Birth: 16 February 1892 Tazewell County, Virginia, USA

Death: 22 March 1921 Havaco, McDowell County, West Virginia, United States of America

Father: Private

Mother: Harriet S Niel

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