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Name: Henry Ford Peebles

Birth: 1923 Mississippi

Death: 2013 Union, Neshoba, Mississippi, USA

Father: Thomas Peebles

Mother: Martha Roberta Ray

Name: Henry R. Peebles

Birth: 1851 Connecticut

Death: 22 Apr 1917 Summit, Ohio, USA

Father: Andrew Peebles

Mother: Mercy Bates

Name: Henry W. Peebles

Birth: 18 Nov 1821 Georgia, Georgia, United States

Death: 10 Aug 1881 Linden, Cass, Texas, United States

Father: Thomas Peebles

Mother: Delilah Marchant

Name: Henry F Peebles

Birth: 1821 Hart, Kentucky, United States

Death: 27 Feb 1888 Richland, Illinois

Father: Abraham Pepple

Mother: Hannah West

Name: Henry M Peebles

Birth: 22 Apr 1859 Yancy County, North Carolina, United States

Death: 10 Jun 1933 Outville, Ohio, USA

Father: Andrew Jackson Peoples

Mother: Clarissa Helen Ray

Name: Henry Peebles

Birth: 1789 Burke (now Jefferson) County, Georgia

Death: 12 Sep 1881 Jefferson, Georgia, United States

Father: Thomas Peebles

Mother: Martha "Patsy" Lockhart

Name: Henry Allen PEEBLES

Birth: 11 Dec 1830 Florida, USA

Death: 8 Feb 1867 Coryell, Texas, United States

Father: Stephen Stainback Peebles*

Mother: LUCY Virginia Jones

Name: Henry Peebles

Birth: abt 1914 North Carolina

Death: May 16, 1990 Winston Salem, Forsyth, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Joseph Benjamin Peebles

Mother: Amanda Adline Watkins

Name: Henry Peebles

Birth: 19 Jun 1734 Longforgan, Perthshire, Scotland

Death: 01 Jul 1836 Slateford, Perth, Scotland

Father: James Peebles

Mother: Helen Begg

Name: Henry Livingston Peebles

Birth: 1818 South Carolina, USA

Death: 24 Oct 1887 Brewton, Escambia, Alabama, USA

Father: John T Peebles

Mother: Martha M. Tisdale

Name: Henry I Peebles

Birth: 24 Apr 1801 Salem, Washington, New York, USA

Death: 14 Apr 1874 Martinsburg, Lewis, New York, USA

Father: John Peebles

Mother: Deborah Safford

Name: Henry K Peebles

Birth: Nov 1885 Alabama, USA

Death: 30 Jan 1944 Dallas, Texas

Father: Francis Henderson Peebles

Mother: Sarah Sallie Abernathy

Name: Henry Hamilton Peebles

Birth: Jun 1850 Watertown, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 18 Nov 1915 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Father: George Peebles

Mother: Milicent Susan Tilton


Birth: 23 Sept 1905 Tennessee

Death: 11 Nov 1985 Fort Myers, Lee, Florida, USA

Father: William Abram Peebles

Mother: Nettie Patterson

Name: Henry Peebles

Birth: 1774 Brunswick County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 13 March 1836 Pitt County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Thomas K PEEBLES

Mother: Mary Pebbles

Name: Henry Cobb Peebles

Birth: abt 1862 Kinston, Lenoir, CountyNorth, Carolina City, Pitt, North Carolina, USA

Death: 3 OCT 1930

Father: John Henry Peebles

Mother: Harriett Cobb

Name: Henry Peebles

Birth: Mar 1870 New York

Death: 20 Sep 1937 Oneonta, Otsego, New York, USA

Father: William M Peebles

Mother: Sarah M. Peebles

Name: Henry E. Peebles

Birth: Abt 1858 Northampton County, North Carolina

Death: Not Available Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, United States

Father: Harry Peebles

Mother: Jane Deloatch

Name: Henry Peebles

Birth: ABT 1784 North Carolina

Death: Abt. 1846 Limestone Co., AL

Father: Robert Henry Peebles

Mother: Ann Nancy Taylor

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