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Results for "henry robinson"

Name: Henry P. Robinson

Birth: abt 1834 Tn Bridgewater, Oneida Co., NY

Death: After 1900 Osborne, Osborne, Kansas (0f)

Father: Isaiah Robinson

Mother: Lucinia Emeline HARTSHORN

Name: Henry Andrew Robinson

Birth: 10 Aug 1897 Boone, Nebraska

Death: 01 Apr 1965 Colorado

Father: Schuyler Colfax Robinson

Mother: Nellie May Rickley

Name: Henry Robinson

Birth: 06 Dec 1862 Deptford, Kent, England

Death: 16 Jun 1921 West Tottenham, London

Father: George Andrew Robinson

Mother: Edith Watson

Name: Henry Robinson

Birth: 19 NOV 1850 Whitechapel St Jude, England

Death: 05 MAR 1928 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Father: Charles James Robinson

Mother: Harriet Moore

Name: Henry Laurence Robinson

Birth: 19 August 1861 Mountain Green, Morgan, Utah, USA

Death: 16 Jun 1904 Rockland, Power, Idaho, USA

Father: Lawrence Robinson

Mother: Mary Jane Stoddard

Name: Henry Clay Robinson

Birth: 8 May 1878 Texas

Death: Aug 1967 Nocona, Montague, Texas, USA

Father: Raphael Rafe Robinson*

Mother: Mariah Cotton

Name: Henry ROBINSON

Birth: 3 Apr 1853 Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England.

Death: 13 Dec 1910 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England.

Father: William Ellwood Robinson

Mother: Elizabeth ALMOND

Name: Henry Augustus Robinson

Birth: 00/00/1820 Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: before 1911 New Zealand

Father: John Robinson

Mother: Jane Robinson

Name: Henry D. Robinson

Birth: 21 Feb 1830 Sowego, Cedar Run District, Fauquier Virginia, USA

Death: 26 Nov 1893 Greenwich, Prince Willilam County, VA

Father: Jachin Nelson Robinson

Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" Anderson

Name: Henry Robinson

Birth: 14 May 1887 Cleburne, Alabama

Death: 13 Nov 1965 Carroll, Georgia

Father: John Nathaniel Robinson

Mother: Nancy Jane Crider

Name: Henry Charles Robinson

Birth: 1865 Richmond Hill, York, Ontario, Canada

Death: Jun 30, 1941 Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Father: Robert Robinson

Mother: Georgina Walkington Piercy

Name: Henry R. Robinson

Birth: 1869 Maryland, USA

Death: 1937 Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, USA

Father: John G. Robinson

Mother: Elmira

Name: Henry Lee Robinson

Birth: 06/NOV/1862 Tracie, Johnson Co, Tennessee

Death: 16 Jan 1937 Shady Valley, Johnson, Tennessee, USA

Father: Henry M Robinson

Mother: Margaret Swift

Name: Henry Irvin Robinson

Birth: 27 Nov 1880 Ohio, USA

Death: 10 NOV 1965 Coffeville, Arkansas, United States

Father: George McCormick Robinson

Mother: Samantha J Basye

Name: Henry S. Robinson

Birth: Apr 1868 Connecticut, USA

Death: 3 Mar 1926 Bahamas

Father: Henry Cornelius Robinson

Mother: Eliza Niles Trumbull

Name: Henry Robinson

Birth: 8 Feb 1815 Exeter, Oswego Co. NY

Death: 11 May 1908 Lindina, Juneau, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Darius Robinson

Mother: Betsey Read

Name: Henry Thomas Robinson

Birth: 22 August, 1916 Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: July, 1960 Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina

Father: Henry Thomas ROBINSON

Mother: Sarah SUTTLE

Name: Henry William Robinson

Birth: 6 Aug 1871 Montgomery, Missouri, USA

Death: 12 May 1943 Oakland, Alameda, California, USA

Father: William Robinson

Mother: Margaret McClintock

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