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Name: Herman Ambrose Westbrook

Birth: 5 Apr 1906 Sampson, North Carolina, United States

Death: 9 Feb 1950 Goldsboro Rt 4, Wayne, North Carolina

Father: George Westbrook

Mother: Della Abigail Hollowell

Name: Herman Westbrook

Birth: 10 Feb 1835 Northwalter, Munster diocese, Germany

Death: 1 May 1904

Father: Casper Westbruck

Mother: Anna Boelten

Name: Herman Clarance Westbrook

Birth: 19 Aug 1941 Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas, USA

Death: 29 Sep 1941

Father: Clarence Herman Westbrook

Mother: Emma Earleen Carr Westbrook

Name: Herman Mayhue Westbrook

Birth: 4 May 1900 Haralson County, Georgia, USA

Death: 18 Feb 1986 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Father: Ulysses Grant (Stringer) Westbrook Westbrooks

Mother: Talula 'Lula' S Blackman

Name: Herman Monroe Westbrook

Birth: 4 Feb 1888 Havana, Yell, Arkansas, USA

Death: 02 Jun 1960 Haskell, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA

Father: James Blanton Westbrook

Mother: Elizabeth Heffington

Name: Herman Westbrook

Birth: 1904 Minnesota, United States

Death: Not Available

Father: Gerhard Westbrock

Mother: Kety Westbrook

Name: Herman Westbrook

Birth: abt 1888 Arkansas

Death: Not Available

Father: William Harpey Holland

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Higgs

Name: Herman Clark Westbrook

Birth: 17 Feb 1901 Cordell, Oklahoma

Death: 8 Feb 1962 Plainview, Hale, Texas, USA

Father: Hardy Green Westbrook

Mother: Wilhelmina "Willie" Lou Loveless

Name: Herman L Westbrook

Birth: 20 Dec 1907 Mississippi

Death: 10 October 1977 Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi

Father: Alonzo Little Westbrook

Mother: Ella Nora Pierce

Name: Herman Westbrook

Birth: 1 Apr 1947 Robertson, Texas, USA

Death: Not Available

Father: Mose Lee Westbrook

Mother: Myrtle Christin Hendricks

Name: Herman Foster Westbrook

Birth: 16 Jul 1920 Shamrock, Texas

Death: Jun 1980 San Bernardino

Father: Robert Foster Westbrook

Mother: Carrye Wayne Laycock

Name: Herman Little Westbrook

Birth: 20 DEC 1907

Death: OCT 1977 Meridian, Lauderdale, Mississippi

Father: Alonzo Little Westbrook

Mother: Ella Nora Pierce

Name: Herman Westbrook

Birth: abt 1917 Tennessee

Death: Not Available

Father: Charles Edward Westbrook

Mother: Eva Porter

Name: Herman William Westbrook

Birth: 1914

Death: 1983

Father: William Westbrook

Mother: Martha Elizabeth Annie Draper

Name: Herman Westbrook

Birth: 1929 Illinois

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Artie Westbrook

Name: Herman Wade Westbrook

Birth: 17Feb 1941 Mississippi, USA

Death: 20May 2013

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Herman Glenn Westbrook

Birth: March 14, 1953 Pittsburg, California

Death: February 10, 2017 Santa Fe, Galveston, Texas, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Private


Birth: Not Available

Death: Not Available

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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