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Name: Hulda Elvira Petersson

Birth: 6 Aug 1884 Eke församling, Gotlands län, Sweden

Death: 16 Jan 1968 Elsmore, Allen, Kansas, USA

Father: Hans Petter Alfred Petersson

Mother: Kattarina Jakobina Carolina Jacobsdotter

Name: HULDA Josefina Christina Petersson

Birth: 27 Nov 1881 Nävelsjö, Jönköping, Sverige

Death: 15 Juli 1959 Rågsjö, Jönköping, Sverige

Father: Johannes AUGUST Petersson

Mother: Anna Lovisa Josefina Andersdotter

Name: Hulda Carolina Petersson

Birth: 24 Dec 1877 Varegården, Västra Karup, Kristianstad, Sweden

Death: February 9, 1914 Cambridge, Illinois, USA

Father: Nils Peter Persson

Mother: Johanna Aspelund

Name: Hulda Josephina Axelina Petersson

Birth: 30 Oct 1885 LOFTHAMMER, Kalmar, Sweden

Death: 20 Feb 1937 Hamilton, Ravalli, Montana, USA

Father: Svante August Schörling

Mother: Maria Louisa Svensdotter

Name: Hulda Petersson

Birth: 28 Jun 1909 Odenplan

Death: 8 nov 2008 Täby, Stockholm, Sverige

Father: Karl Ludvig Pettersson

Mother: Hulda Maria Pettersson f. Holmström

Name: Hulda Charlotta Petersson

Birth: 27 NOV 1866 tvid (E

Death: 1940/04/13 Söderfallet, Åtvid, Östergötland

Father: Carl Fredrik Petersson

Mother: Gustafva Charlotta Petersson f Kjällberg

Name: Hulda Helena Petersson

Birth: 1870/08/01 Högby, Kalmar, Sweden

Death: 21 Sep 1951 Dödevi, Högby, Kalmar, Sverige

Father: Peter Persson

Mother: Emma Nilsdotter

Name: Hulda Ingeborg Viktoria Petersson

Birth: 11 Dec 1886 Kalmar stadsförsamling, Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 19 Oct 1965 Kalmar, Sweden

Father: Peter Olaus Petersson

Mother: Jenny Nilsson

Name: HULDA Carolina Petersson

Birth: 7 Juli 1870 Högby, Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 27 Mar 1942 Högby, Kalmar, Sverige

Father: Peter Persson

Mother: Carolina HELENA Sandell

Name: Hulda Kristina Petersson

Birth: 25 Aug 1892 Bön, Bolstad, Älvsborg, Sweden

Death: 16 Jan 1961 Vänersborg, Älvsborg, Sweden

Father: Lars Pettersson Dahlbo

Mother: Katrina Jonasdotter

Name: Hulda Amanda Petersson

Birth: 20 Maj 1864 Madesjö, Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 12 Aug 1927 Pettibone, Kidder, North Dakota, USA

Father: Peter Johan Johansson Krämare

Mother: Lena Stina Johansdotter

Name: Hulda Amanda Ottilia Petersson

Birth: 23 AUG 1878 Alseda, Jönköpings län, Sverige

Death: 29 MAR 1956 Bodafors, Jönköpings län, Sverige

Father: Johan August Petersson

Mother: Christina Lovisa Blomberg

Name: Hulda Charlotta Petersson

Birth: 04 Dec 1864 Tull Södra nr 20, Uddevalla Parish, Göteborg och Bohus County, Sweden

Death: 11 Aug 1922 Naugatuck, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Father: Olof Petersson

Mother: Johanna Sofia Ryberg

Name: Hulda Mathilda Petersson

Birth: 9 Jul 1873 Aby, Östergötland, Sweden

Death: 5//8//1964 New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

Father: August Petersson

Mother: Lovisa Christina Andersdotter

Name: Hulda Maria (Johan) Petersson

Birth: 28 Mar 1869 Risinge, Östergötland, Sweden

Death: 25 Okt 1906 Finspång, Östergötlands län

Father: Johan Fredrik Petersson

Mother: Kristina Maria (Karl) Qvarfort

Name: Hulda Henriette Petersson

Birth: 18 maj 1880 Malmö Caroli, Skåne, Sverige

Death: 11 sep 1953 Malmö Sankt Pauli, Skåne, Sverige

Father: Anders Gustaf Petersson

Mother: Johanna Christina Andersdotter

Name: Hulda Emmy Theolinda Petersson

Birth: 22 juni 1892 Ekeberga, Kronobergs län, Småland, Sverige

Death: 4 juli 1959 Vedby, Klippans kn, Kristianstads län, Skåne, Sverige

Father: Algot Petersson

Mother: Johanna Lovisa Johannisdotter

Name: Hulda Matilda Petersson

Birth: 11 MAR 1878 Barva, Eskilstuna

Death: 9 FEB 1950 Kjula, Eskilstuna

Father: Per Eric Persson

Mother: Johanna Sofia Björkström

Name: Hulda Augusta Kristina Petersson

Birth: 23 December 1853 Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 13 mars 1907

Father: Lorens Petersson

Mother: Christina Gustafa Köhlberg

Name: Hulda Margareta Petersson

Birth: 10 Jul 1897 Ledsjö, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Death: 11 May 1972 Karl Johan, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Father: Axel Hugo Petersson

Mother: Anna Natalia Johansdotter

Name: Hulda Alfrida Petersson

Birth: 11 september 1892 Humlekärr Trosa

Death: 21 mars 1925 Lilla Jordbrostugan Trosa

Father: Pehr August Berg

Mother: Sofia Gustafsdotter

Name: Hulda Almida Petersson

Birth: 4 september 1872 Gaxa, Högby, Kalmar, Sverige

Death: 20 OCT 1943 Knisa 1, Persnäs, Kalmar

Father: Per August Karlsson

Mother: Karolina Larsdotter

Name: Hulda Amelie Petersson

Birth: 13 Jul 1901 stra Karup, Kristianstad, Sverige

Death: 15 Nov 1985 ngelholm, Skåne

Father: Carl Magnus Julius Petersson

Mother: Kjersti Jönsdotter Heljasson

Name: Hulda Lovisa Petersson

Birth: 26 april 1870 Bondstorp, Jönköping, Sverige

Death: 30 maj 1951 Pensionärshemmet, Markaryd, Kronoberg, Sverige

Father: Lars Magnus Peterson Mungerson

Mother: Maria Christina Johannisdotter

Name: Hulda Mathilda Petersson

Birth: 17 JUN 1873 Bjälbo

Death: 28 DEC 1953 Linköping

Father: Carl Johan Petersson

Mother: Anna Mathilda Uno

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