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Name: James N. French

Birth: 9 May 1812 South Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 2 June 1881 Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Andrew French

Mother: Sarah Nutt

Name: James French

Birth: January 5, 1887 Emmett Community, Navarro County, Texas

Death: 29 Dec 1950 Corsicana, Navarro, Texas, United States of America

Father: Moses French

Mother: Fannie Victoria Burross

Name: James Henry French

Birth: July 1843 Markham, Ontario, Canada

Death: 20 Mar 1935 York, Ontario, Canada

Father: John M. French

Mother: Harriet Jones

Name: James French

Birth: 06 Jan 1833 Toft Hill, Durham, England

Death: Dec 1877 Durham, United Kingdom

Father: Joseph French

Mother: Margaret Vasey

Name: James French

Birth: 1796 Treneglos, Cornwall, England

Death: 27 Oct 1876 Jefferson, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Stephen French

Mother: Thomasine Moyse

Name: James O French

Birth: 03 Dec 1840 Alabama, USA

Death: 28 Nov 1903 Dresden, Navarro, Texas, USA

Father: Moses T French

Mother: Lucinda Shaver/Shafer

Name: James Lewis French

Birth: 16 Sep 1899 Arkansas, USA

Death: Jan 1993 El Monte, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: Ira French

Mother: Leatha L. Stephenson

Name: James Lewis French

Birth: 18 Sep 1898 Galena, Howard, Arkansas, United States

Death: Jan 1993 El Monte, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: James Monroe French

Mother: Mary Thomas Johnston

Name: James Walter French

Birth: 09 march 1895 superior, douglas, Wisconsin

Death: 20 may 1962 Carlton, Minnesota

Father: James French

Mother: Elizabeth Wilkins

Name: James William French

Birth: 6 Mar 1894 Rush, Boyd, Kentucky, United States

Death: 8 Mar 1972 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States

Father: James William French

Mother: Hannah Stanley

Name: James French

Birth: 26 October 1838 Tennessee

Death: 17 Jun 1902 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee

Father: Michael French

Mother: Dorothy Pauline KOUNTZ

Name: James Haywood French

Birth: 23 Jul 1858 Limestone, Alabama, United States

Death: 9 Nov 1926 Limestone, Alabama, United States

Father: Amos Benjamin French

Mother: Martha Mariah Mitchell

Name: James Earl French

Birth: 18 May 1934 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio

Death: 20 Mar 1989 Ohio

Father: Theodore French

Mother: Margaret Louise Robinson

Name: James M French

Birth: Nov 1862 Indiana

Death: 1943 Hamilton County, Indiana, USA

Father: Tunis J French

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Layman

Name: James Ellen French

Birth: Mar 1851 Ohio

Death: 3 Jul 1916 Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States of America

Father: John Morris French

Mother: Lydia Brundige

Name: James Capt French

Birth: 12/10/1822 Porter, Oxford, Maine, USA

Death: 12/25/1892 Porter, Oxford, Maine, USA

Father: James French

Mother: Sally (Lunette) Smith

Name: James Percival French

Birth: abt 1878 New Hampshire

Death: 10 Sep 1936 Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA

Father: James Hamilton French

Mother: Ella Frances Darling

Name: James Alton French

Birth: abt 1914 Kentucky

Death: 22 Sep 1991 Maysville, Bracken County, Kentucky

Father: Hugh Jefferson French

Mother: Nancy Jane Buckner

Name: James E French

Birth: 1853 Sanford, Broome, New York, USA

Death: 5 Sep 1922 Colesville, Broome, New York, USA

Father: Edward French

Mother: Polly M Bronson

Name: James F French

Birth: 25 Dec 1877 Tennessee

Death: 1935 Dyer, Gibson, Tennessee, USA

Father: James Thorton French

Mother: Elizabeth McCollough

Name: James Austin French

Birth: 14 JAN 1824 of Seekonk,MA

Death: 18 OCT 1910 Pawtucket, RI

Father: 🧡Ezra French

Mother: Nancy Smith

Name: James Freeman French

Birth: 2 May 1831 Shelby, Lake, Indiana, USA

Death: 20 Dec 1901 Keokuk Falls, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Daniel French

Mother: Amy T Tingle

Name: James Pleasant French

Birth: 14 Jan 1885 Marion, Tennessee

Death: 13 Feb 1942 Whitwell, Marion, Tennessee

Father: Johnson Hackworth

Mother: Rosa Kizzart

Name: James French

Birth: May 1822 Vermont, USA

Death: 22 FEB 1905 Klamath Falls, Oregon

Father: John FRENCH

Mother: Nancy Kennedy

Name: James French

Birth: Nov 1835 Ireland

Death: 26 Sep 1920 Deepwater, Bates, Missouri, USA

Father: William French

Mother: Agnes Fleming

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