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Results for "james roller"

Name: James Martin Roller

Birth: 1871 Scott County, Virginia, USA

Death: 1925 Collins, St Clair, Missouri, United States .

Father: Hiram Payne Roller

Mother: Rebecca Ann Anderson

Name: James Albert ROLLER

Birth: 06 Jun 1874 Toledo, Ohio

Death: 16 Aug 1944 West Palm Beach, Florida

Father: Albert N. Roller

Mother: Caroline "Carrie" Shinaver

Name: James Henry ROLLER

Birth: 27 OCT 1863 Douglas Co., MO

Death: 10 SEP 1936 Beehler, Texas, United States

Father: Enoch Roller

Mother: Margaret Johnson

Name: James Madison Roller

Birth: 17 August 1849 VA

Death: 28 July 1892 Barry, Missouri, United States

Father: Jasper ROLLER

Mother: Lavina (Vinn) Ash

Name: James M. Roller

Birth: 25 Aug 1872 Seligman, Barry, Missouri, USA

Death: 25 Oct 1926 Berry County Missouri, USA

Father: Joshua R Roller

Mother: Nancy Skelton

Name: James R. ROLLER

Birth: 1925 , , Indiana, USA

Death: 14 Nov 1983 elwood ,indiana

Father: William Harrison Roller

Mother: Mildred Florence Vanhorn

Name: James Alexander Roller

Birth: 30 JUL 1857 McDonald County, Missouri

Death: 2 Dec 1939 Washburn, Barry, Missouri, USA

Father: Jacob Wesley Roller

Mother: Catherine Arnhart

Name: James B. Roller

Birth: 3 Oct 1927 Spokane, Washington

Death: 10 Apr 1965 Spokane City,USA.

Father: William Burton Roller

Mother: Ruth Hodges

Name: James O Roller

Birth: 17 APR 1894 Seligman, Barry County, Missouri

Death: Sept 26 1975 Seligman, Barry, Missouri, USA

Father: James Alexander Roller

Mother: Mary Edens

Name: James W Roller

Birth: 27 August 1868 McDonald, Missouri, USA

Death: 13 October 1943 Aurora, Lawrence, Missouri, USA

Father: John Roller

Mother: Minerva J. Laughlin

Name: James P Roller

Birth: 1834 Barren Co., Kentucky

Death: 1912 Barren County, Kentucky

Father: Jehu Dyer Hawkins

Mother: Elizabeth Ann O'Bannon

Name: James C. Roller

Birth: 1852 , Muskingdum, Ohio, USA

Death: 1938/02/21 Nevada, Vernon, Missouri

Father: Aaron Roller

Mother: Eliza Jane Cole

Name: James ROLLER

Birth: 15 Oct 1921 Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, United States of America

Death: 20 Jun 1986 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: Orlin H Roller

Mother: Anna A. Wagner

Name: James Albert Roller

Birth: Abt. 1933 , North Carolina, United States

Death: 22 Aug 1961 East Rockinham, Richmond, North Carolina, United States

Father: Herbert Benjamin Roller

Mother: Annie Jane Grant

Name: James W Roller

Birth: abt 1923 Illinois

Death: 2 February 1969 Nelsn, Kentucky

Father: Luther Westerfield Roller

Mother: Mabel Endora Burkett

Name: James Roller

Birth: November 22, 1922 Alabama

Death: 13 Sep 1978 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Father: Joe Arthur Roller

Mother: Sadie Sanders

Name: James D Roller

Birth: abt 1892 Kentucky

Death: 31 December 1978 Marion, Kentucky

Father: David Buchannon Roller

Mother: Lettie Margaret Willard

Name: James Roller

Birth: 6 Mar 1868 Gravel Switch, Marion, Kentucky

Death: 30 Mar 1951 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky

Father: Charles Roller

Mother: Mary Ann Smothers

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