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Name: James Vernie Whitehead

Birth: 19 April 1900 Johnson County, Illinois, United States of America

Death: 1970 Tunnel Hill, Illinois, USA

Father: John Whitehead

Mother: Moziahs Webb

Name: James B Whitehead

Birth: 1873 Tennessee

Death: February, 1944 Frederick, Tillman, Oklahoma, USA

Father: John W. Whitehead

Mother: Margaret Whitehead

Name: James Whitehead

Birth: 1825 Withnell, Lancashire, England

Death: 21 Sep 1896 Chorley, Lancashire

Father: Ralph Whitehead

Mother: Sarah Wadsworth

Name: James Calvin Whitehead

Birth: 30 May 1886 Brawley, Scott, Arkansas, USA

Death: 28 DEC 1961 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

Father: John Whitehead

Mother: Lucinda Barnett


Birth: 03 Jan 1794 Claughton, Lancashire, England

Death: 1873 Lancashire, England

Father: Henry Whitehead

Mother: Dorothy Crocall

Name: James R. WHITEHEAD

Birth: 04 May 1843 Jackson County, Georgia, USA

Death: 29 Dec 1930 Jackson, Georgia, USA

Father: Daniel Whitehead

Mother: Martha Jones

Name: James Whitehead

Birth: 30 Jun 1803 Oldham, Prestwich, England

Death: 18 March 1891 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Father: Edmund Whitehead

Mother: Jane Schofield

Name: James C Whitehead

Birth: abt 1891 Tennessee

Death: 1956 Independence, MO

Father: Isaac Taylor Whitehead

Mother: Mary Jane Gregory

Name: James D Whitehead

Birth: abt 1849 Isle of Wight, VA

Death: Sep 14, 1914 Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co., VA

Father: Benjamin A. Whitehead

Mother: Lucy Ann Floyd

Name: James Willis Whitehead

Birth: 30 October 1905 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States of America

Death: 29 Jul 1985 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA


Mother: Emma Lorena Burch

Name: James t Whitehead

Birth: 29 October 1889 Alabama

Death: 13 Jul 1967 Boaz, Marshall, Alabama

Father: George Washington Whitehead

Mother: Martha A. Pendergrass

Name: James Whitehead

Birth: Feb 1858 England

Death: 11 Aug 1940 Vandergrift, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Isaiah Whitehead

Mother: Adelaide Dunning

Name: James G Whitehead

Birth: 4 Aug 1887 Tennessee

Death: 2 Jun 1967 Roseburg, Douglas, Oregon, United States of America

Father: John Underwood Whitehead

Mother: Mariah Cradic

Name: James F Whitehead

Birth: 27 Dec 1818 Wayne, Mississippi

Death: 4 June 1900 Tunnel Hill, Johnson, Illinois, USA

Father: Matthew William Whitehead/Walker

Mother: Anne Walker

Name: James Whitehead

Birth: 1822 Bedworth, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom

Death: Jun 1894 Leicester, Leicestershire, England

Father: Thos Whitehead

Mother: Mary Marsden

Name: James Whitehead

Birth: 1830 Salford, Lancashire, , England

Death: July 1885 Prestwich, Lancashire

Father: James Whitehead

Mother: Esther Mottram

Name: James Thomas Whitehead

Birth: 28 Feb 1845 Holden Smithy, Saddleworth, Yorkshire, England

Death: Apr 1908 Oldham, Lancashire

Father: James Whitehead

Mother: Hannah Wrigley

Name: James Jay Whitehead

Birth: 2 Apr 1882 Mississippi, United States

Death: 11 Dec 1961 Fall Creek, Hood, Texas, United States

Father: Robert Neal Whitehead

Mother: Rhoda Annie Franklin

Name: James Whitehead

Birth: 4 July 1878 Mississippi, United States of America

Death: 5 November 1959 Pine, Washington Parish, Louisiana, USA

Father: Stephen R Whitehead

Mother: Mary L. Webster

Name: James Whitehead

Birth: 21 July 1943 Downsville O, Louisiana

Death: 17 Jan 2006 Point, Union Parish, Louisiana, USA

Father: Victor Lee Whitehead

Mother: Evon Johnson

Name: James Edward Whitehead

Birth: 16 September 1860 Kentucky

Death: 28 Jun 1905 Carroll Co, Kentucky

Father: John D Whitehead

Mother: Hulda Myrick

Name: James Whitehead

Birth: abt 1906 Johnson, Illinois, USA

Death: 1955 Arvada Colorado

Father: James F Whitehead

Mother: Lizzie Belle Brooks

Name: James R. Whitehead

Birth: abt 1922 Tennessee

Death: Jul 1969 Kansas City, MO

Father: James Calvin Whitehead

Mother: Hattie P. Burchfield


Birth: 20 Nov 1915 Bethel, Conn.

Death: 9 Sep 1987 Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Robert A Whitehead

Mother: Elizabeth M Tilebein

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