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NAME: James Leslie Roach

BIRTH: 3 Apr 1879 Terowie, South Australia, Australia

DEATH: 11 Oct 1954 Terowie South Australia

FATHER: James Roach

MOTHER: Mary Ellen Masters

NAME: James Roach

BIRTH: 29 Nov 1851 Burra, South Australia, Australia

DEATH: 26 Mar 1930 White Hut, , South Australia, Australia


MOTHER: Mary Dunstan

NAME: James Berry Roach

BIRTH: 1831 Rabun, Forsyth County, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 1 Jul 1863 Jackson, Rankin, Mississippi, United States

FATHER: James S Roach

MOTHER: Elizabeth Sarah Dunlap

NAME: James Thomas Roach

BIRTH: 17 Mar 1890 Waterloo, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA

DEATH: Sep 1966 Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

FATHER: William Ross Roach

MOTHER: Venetta Nevada Squire

NAME: James Fredrick Roach

BIRTH: 10 May 1874 St Louis, Missouri, USA

DEATH: 26 Jan 1944 West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

FATHER: Henry E. Roach

MOTHER: Emma J Rounds

NAME: James Roach 1

BIRTH: 22 Sep 1882 Wilcannia, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 29 May 1972 Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia

FATHER: Alfred Thomas Roach

MOTHER: Catherine Mulhare

NAME: James Markham Roach

BIRTH: Aug 6, 1904 Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., Colorado, USA

DEATH: June 11, 1994 Pompano Beach, Broward Co., Florida

FATHER: William Patrick Roach

MOTHER: Mary E. "Maimie" Markham

NAME: James Richard Roach

BIRTH: Oct 1871 Ludgvan, Cornwall, England

DEATH: 16 July 1935 Kadina, South Australia, Australia

FATHER: Thomas James Roach

MOTHER: Margery Candy

NAME: James Clarence Patrick ROACH

BIRTH: 04/05/1902 Merriwa, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH: 29 Oct 1981 46 Kelvinside Rd;Noble Park,Victoria,Australia

FATHER: John Patrick Roach

MOTHER: Susan Morgan

NAME: James Roach

BIRTH: 1893 Trimdon, Durham, England

DEATH: 6 december 1915 Gallipolli Turkey

FATHER: William Roach

MOTHER: Mary Connelly or Conley

NAME: James Anderson Roach

BIRTH: 19 May 1845 Rutledge, Grainger Cty, TN

DEATH: 24 June 1920 Victor, Ravalli, Montana, USA

FATHER: John T Roach

MOTHER: Clarka "Clarky" Owens-Roach

NAME: James Lawrence Roach

BIRTH: 14 July 1929 Massachusetts

DEATH: 17 June 2016

FATHER: Lawrence A Roach

MOTHER: Helen Corinne Kernighan

NAME: James Abner Roach

BIRTH: 19 MAY 1851 Simpson County, KY

DEATH: 23 DEC 1914 Sumner County, TN

FATHER: James Roach

MOTHER: Jane McConaha

NAME: James Henery Roach

BIRTH: 06 May 1860 Lockhart, Caldwell, Texas, USA

DEATH: 15 September 1950 El Monte, Los Angeles, California, United States

FATHER: Absalom Thomas Roach

MOTHER: Melvina Jane Cardwell

NAME: James Harvie "Harve" Roach

BIRTH: 30 Aug 1887 Whitfield, Georgia, USA

DEATH: 31 Mar 1971 Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, USA

FATHER: James Dailey Roach

MOTHER: Minerva Evelyn Cagle

NAME: James Madison "Jim" Roach

BIRTH: 16 May 1899 Rising Star, Eastland, Texas, USA

DEATH: 20 Jun 1985 Henrietta, Clay, Texas, United States of America

FATHER: George Edgar Roach

MOTHER: Lula Blake Tyson


BIRTH: 1751 Gloucestershire, England

DEATH: Sep 1842 Avon, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

FATHER: Timothy Roach

MOTHER: Mary Wonman

NAME: James Clarance Roach

BIRTH: 06 Apr 1894 Daisy, Tattnall Co, GA

DEATH: 5 Sep 1947 Bay County, Florida, USA

FATHER: James Madison Roach

MOTHER: Valeria Ellen Darsey

NAME: James Roach

BIRTH: 14 Jul 1882 Queenstown, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

DEATH: 5 Nov 1957 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

FATHER: Adolphus George Roach

MOTHER: Amelia Jane Tregaskis

NAME: James Daniel Joseph ROACH

BIRTH: 08 Oct 1895 New York City, New York, New York; 159 E. 99th St

DEATH: 13 Feb 1965 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan; 3617 Lincoln St



NAME: James Elsworth Roach

BIRTH: 3 Sep 1877 Arkansas, United States of America

DEATH: 10/2/1920 Childrers Cemetery, Arkansas, Arkansas, United States

FATHER: John Littleton Roach

MOTHER: Clarissa Ellen Clara Foreman

NAME: James Roach

BIRTH: 1807 Ireland

DEATH: 1873 Nsw, Australia

FATHER: Thomas Roach

MOTHER: Julia Mellan

NAME: James Harrison Roach

BIRTH: 22 Nov 1838 DeKalb Co., AL, USA

DEATH: 27 Nov 1917 Decatur, Wise, Texas, United States

FATHER: James Roach

MOTHER: Matilda Phillips

NAME: James S Roach

BIRTH: 4 Dec 1776 Craven, North Carolina, United States

DEATH: 20 Nov 1851 Forsyth, Georgia, United States

FATHER: Littleberry Roach

MOTHER: Jane Bell

NAME: James Madison Roach

BIRTH: 28 February 1830 York county, South Carolina

DEATH: 14 March 1917 Lexington, Holmes County, Mississippi, USA

FATHER: Thomas Roach

MOTHER: Sarah E Workman Roach