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Name: James Henry Russell

Birth: abt 1852 Indiana

Death: 23 May 1918 Floyd, Indiana, USA

Father: James Russell

Mother: Louisa Adeline Welsh

Name: James Rodger Russell

Birth: 5 Mar 1814 Buchannans Mill, South Carolina, United States

Death: 06 Jan 1895 Indiana

Father: Thomas Ross Russell

Mother: Mary McDowell

Name: James Alcorn RUSSELL

Birth: 17 Jan 1920 Tennessee, USA

Death: 30 Jan 2017 Lyon, Coahoma, Mississippi, USA

Father: James Russell

Mother: Velma Armistead

Name: James Russell

Birth: Jul 1848 England

Death: bef 1912 , Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Father: John Russell

Mother: Eliza Barclay

Name: James Andrew RUSSELL

Birth: 19 DEC 1866 Russell, Camden County, Missouri, USA

Death: 1 Sep 1944 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico, United States

Father: William Robert Russell

Mother: Cynthia Ann Tobey

Name: James C Russell

Birth: abt 1913 North Carolina

Death: 23 Jan 1992 High Point (P), Guilford, North Carolina, USA

Father: James mumford Russell

Mother: Adelia Spencer

Name: James T. Russell

Birth: 12 March 1932 Cleveland, Miller, Arkansas, USA

Death: 11/23/2011 Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, USA

Father: Douglas Theado Russell

Mother: Velma Lemley

Name: James R Russell

Birth: May 1872 Kentucky, USA

Death: 21 Mar 1954 Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Father: John E Russell

Mother: Elizabeth E Newton

Name: James John Russell

Birth: 26 JAN 1895 Missouri, USA

Death: Jun 1966 Florissant, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Martin J Russell

Mother: Margaret Shannon

Name: James Russell

Birth: abt 1884 Alabama

Death: 1 May 1973 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: James Russell

Mother: Jane Draper

Name: James Russell

Birth: May 1890 Texas

Death: 04 Aug 1965 Coryell County, Texas

Father: Robert Rutledge Russell

Mother: Josephine (Josie) Webb

Name: James Russell

Birth: 18 Sep 1843 Greene, Indiana, United States

Death: 1 Dec 1922 Brazil, Clay, Indiana, United States

Father: William RUSSELL

Mother: Lavina Conway

Name: James Augustine Russell

Birth: 27 Feb 1886 Pulaski, Indiana

Death: 8 Sept 1930 Anderson, Indiana

Father: Peter J. Russell

Mother: Mary Ellen Shea

Name: James Needham Russell

Birth: 24 Sep 1844 Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 5 Jan 1880 Danvers, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Father: BENJAMIN * Russell

Mother: Margaret R Needham

Name: James Brownlow Russell

Birth: 25 Dec 1810 Cabbarus, , North Carolina, USA

Death: 22 Oct 1875 Appleton, Pope, Arkansas, USA

Father: James Russell

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Zion

Name: James Russell

Birth: 8 Mar 1758 Whitwell, Isle of Wight, England

Death: 05 Feb 1839 Isle of Wight, Hampshire

Father: William Russell

Mother: Mary Woodford

Name: James C. Russell

Birth: 04 August, 1845 Marion County, Alabama, USA

Death: 17 Apr 1908 Texas, USA

Father: James G Russell

Mother: Mahulda Susan Rhodes

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