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NAME: James Robert Haney


DEATH: 28 Oct 1911 Greenville, South Carolina

FATHER: John L Haney

MOTHER: Rebecca Rogers

NAME: James "Ted" Teodore Haney

BIRTH: 28 Aug 1910 Big Cabin, Craig, Oklahoma, USA

DEATH: 20 Aug 1997 Big Cabin, Craig, Oklahoma, United States of America

FATHER: James Taylor Haney

MOTHER: Lucy Mae Epperson

NAME: James Haney

BIRTH: 4 Mar 1804 Dayton, Greene, Ohio, United States

DEATH: 14 Nov 1900 Muscoda, Grant, Wisconsin, United States

FATHER: Abraham Haney

MOTHER: Elizabeth Bigham

NAME: James Haney

BIRTH: 1780 Lardintown, Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 1854 Old River-Winfree, Chambers County, Texas, USA

FATHER: Edward Hanney

MOTHER: Margaret Brown

NAME: James Millard Haney

BIRTH: 21 Jun 1908 Alabama, United States

DEATH: 31 March 1981 Chickamauga, Walker, Georgia, USA

FATHER: Hezekiah Haney

MOTHER: Lena Rivers Durham

NAME: James T Haney

BIRTH: 20 OCT 1922 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH: 03 APR 2006 Darby, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: Charles A. "Reds" Haney

MOTHER: Catherine McGee

NAME: James D Haney

BIRTH: 11 Jan 1870 Benton, Arkansas, USA

DEATH: 9 Jan 1947 Tahlequah, Cherokee, Oklahoma, USA

FATHER: Timothy Haney


NAME: James Haney

BIRTH: 15 Feb 1804 South Carolina, USA

DEATH: 25 Sep 1889 Hancock, Cherokee County, Alabama, USA


MOTHER: Sarah Vail

NAME: James F Haney

BIRTH: 7 June 1794 Lincoln Co, North Carolina, United States of America

DEATH: 24 Feb 1866 McDowell, North Carolina, United States

FATHER: James William (4th g-grandfather) Hanna/Haney

MOTHER: Barbara Lydia King

NAME: James Taylor Haney

BIRTH: 27 Oct 1871 Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee

DEATH: 15 Dec 1951 Big Cabin, Craig, Oklahoma, United States

FATHER: George Washington Haney

MOTHER: Katherine Caroline (Callie) Givens

NAME: James Haney

BIRTH: Mar 1850 Flynns Lick, Jackson, Tennessee, USA

DEATH: 01 May 1912 Urbana, Champaign, Illinois, USA

FATHER: William Haney

MOTHER: Jane Anderson

NAME: James Joseph HANEY

BIRTH: 27 Dec 1892 Yonkers, Westchester, New York, USA

DEATH: 8 Mar 1975 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA



NAME: James P Haney

BIRTH: 29 Dec 1876 West Virginia

DEATH: 9 Feb 1939 Isabella, Michigan, USA

FATHER: Edward Haney

MOTHER: Rebecca Jane Miller

NAME: James Harrison Haney

BIRTH: 31 Mar 1848 Athens, Mcminn, Tennessee, United States

DEATH: 12 Dec 1929 Houston, Texas, Missouri, United States

FATHER: Thomas F Haney

MOTHER: Eliza Ann Raby

NAME: James Clifford Haney

BIRTH: 11 June 1913 Tishomingo County, Mississippi, USA

DEATH: 14 MAR 2005 St Augustine, St Johns, Florida, USA

FATHER: Bradford Hunt Haney

MOTHER: Sally Muzzetta Mann

NAME: James Peter HANEY

BIRTH: 17 Mar 1867 Ruby Valley, Madison, Montana

DEATH: 5 May 1935 Moore, Butte, Idaho, United States

FATHER: James Haney or Bigelow

MOTHER: Mary Ellen Parrish

NAME: James Silas Haney

BIRTH: 21 Jul 1871 Lafayette, Mississippi, United States

DEATH: 10 Feb 1939 Nueces, Texas

FATHER: Pvt David Brantley Haney

MOTHER: Lucy Catherine Crosley

NAME: James Alexander Haney

BIRTH: 25 Jul 1865 Wallace, Perth, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 2 Dec 1949 Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Archibald Haney

MOTHER: Janet Brown


BIRTH: 18 FEB 1830 Gap, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

DEATH: 24 Feb 1900 Homeville, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, USA

FATHER: John Haney

MOTHER: Ann Andrews

NAME: James Thomas Haney

BIRTH: 28 Jan 1867 Tipton County, TN

DEATH: 28 Jun 1926 Dallas County, Missouri

FATHER: John Thomas Haney

MOTHER: Tabitha Elizabeth Filyaw

NAME: James P Haney

BIRTH: 5 Mar 1846 Randolph County, Alabama, USA

DEATH: 01 Dec 1923 Cherokee, Alabama, USA

FATHER: James Haney

MOTHER: Matilda McClure

NAME: James Edwin Haney

BIRTH: 6 Feb 1877 Sullivan, Moultrie Co., Illinois

DEATH: 22 Feb 1960

FATHER: Robert Haney

MOTHER: Annice Jaycox

NAME: James Michael Haney

BIRTH: 28 Feb 1866 Glenwood, McDowell, North Carolina, USA

DEATH: 29 May 1945 McDowell County, North Carolina, USA


MOTHER: Margaret Rebecca Mosteller

NAME: James Franklin Haney

BIRTH: 1826 Thorold, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 23 Jan 1899 Dunnville, Haldimand, Ontario, Canada

FATHER: Matthew Haney

MOTHER: Anna Maynes

NAME: James Haney

BIRTH: 8 Mar 1825 Ireland

DEATH: 6 Jul 1920 Jackson, Lee, Iowa, United States

FATHER: John A Haney

MOTHER: Private